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Minnesota United FC is a professional soccer team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The club, commonly known as the Loons, was established in 2010 and currently competes in Major League Soccer (MLS). With a strong fan base and an exciting style of play, Minnesota United FC has quickly become a prominent team in the league.

In this article, we will explore 18 fascinating facts about Minnesota United FC. From its humble beginnings to its achievements on the field, there is much to discover about this beloved soccer team. Whether you are a die-hard fan or new to the world of soccer, these facts will give you a deeper understanding of the history, culture, and success of Minnesota United FC.

Key Takeaways:

  • Minnesota United FC, also known as The Loons, joined the MLS in 2017 after starting in the NASL. They play at Allianz Field and have a passionate fan base called the “Dark Clouds.”
  • The team’s mascot is “PK the Loon,” and they have a strong partnership with Minnesota United FC Women. They reached the MLS Cup Playoffs for the first time in 2019 and have a dedicated supporters’ section called the “Wonderwall.”
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Minnesota United FC was founded in 2010.

Minnesota United FC, commonly known as The Loons, was established in 2010 and began playing in the North American Soccer League (NASL) in 2011.

They joined Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2017.

After a successful stint in the NASL, Minnesota United FC was granted entry into the MLS for the 2017 season, becoming the 22nd team in the league.

The team plays its home games at Allianz Field.

Allianz Field, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, serves as the home stadium for Minnesota United FC. It has a seating capacity of 19,600 and is known for its striking modern design.

The team’s colors are black, gray, and light blue.

Minnesota United FC’s official colors are black, gray, and light blue, which are represented in their logo, jerseys, and overall branding.

The club has a passionate fan base known as the “Dark Clouds”.

The “Dark Clouds” is the name given to the dedicated supporters of Minnesota United FC. They are known for their passionate chants, colorful displays, and unwavering support for the team.

Minnesota United FC has a heated rivalry with Sporting Kansas City.

One of the fiercest rivalries in MLS is between Minnesota United FC and Sporting Kansas City. The matches between these two teams are often intense and draw significant attention from fans and media alike.

The team’s head coach is Adrian Heath.

Adrian Heath, a former professional footballer, is the head coach of Minnesota United FC. He has been with the team since their NASL days and played a pivotal role in their transition to the MLS.

Minnesota United FC’s mascot is “PK the Loon”.

The team’s lovable mascot is named “PK the Loon,” representing the bird species commonly found in Minnesota. PK can be seen engaging with fans and adding a touch of fun to matchday experiences.

The club has a development academy for aspiring young players.

Minnesota United FC places a strong emphasis on youth development and has an academy system in place to nurture talented young players and provide them with a pathway to professional soccer.

The Loons have a strong partnership with Minnesota United FC Women.

Minnesota United FC has developed a close relationship with the women’s team, known as Minnesota United FC Women. Together, they promote and support the growth of soccer in the region.

Minnesota United FC’s first MLS goal was scored by Christian Ramirez.

In their inaugural MLS match, striker Christian Ramirez made history by scoring the first-ever goal for Minnesota United FC in the league.

The team’s biggest win in MLS came in a 7-1 victory over FC Cincinnati in 2019.

Minnesota United FC recorded their biggest victory in the MLS in a dominant 7-1 win over FC Cincinnati in June 2019.

The Loons reached the MLS Cup Playoffs for the first time in 2019.

In the 2019 season, Minnesota United FC clinched their spot in the MLS Cup Playoffs for the first time, marking a significant milestone in the team’s history.

The club’s designated players include Emanuel Reynoso and Robin Lod.

Minnesota United FC has invested in talented players to strengthen their roster, with Emanuel Reynoso and Robin Lod being notable designated players who have made significant contributions.

The team has a dedicated supporters’ section called the “Wonderwall”.

The “Wonderwall” is a special section in Allianz Field where the most passionate fans of Minnesota United FC come together to create an infectious atmosphere of excitement and support.

Minnesota United FC has an official partnership with Black & Decker.

Black & Decker, the renowned power tool manufacturer, is an official partner of Minnesota United FC, showcasing the team’s growing popularity and appeal to various industries.

The Loons have had international players from various countries in their squad.

Over the years, Minnesota United FC has boasted a diverse roster, featuring talented players from countries such as Argentina, Finland, Colombia, Serbia, and many more.

Minnesota United FC has a strong social media presence.

The team actively engages with fans through social media platforms, providing updates, behind-the-scenes content, and exclusive interviews, further solidifying their connection with supporters.

Minnesota United FC has quickly cemented its place in the MLS, capturing the hearts of fans with its passionate performances and commitment to the sport. With Allianz Field as its fortress and a dedicated fan base, the team continues to make strides in the league. Whether it’s the electrifying atmosphere in the “Wonderwall,” the iconic black, gray, and light blue jerseys, or the thrilling moments on the pitch, Minnesota United FC is a force to be reckoned with in American soccer.


In conclusion, Minnesota United FC is a remarkable soccer team with a rich history and a strong presence in Major League Soccer. With a passionate fan base, a dedicated roster of players, and a commitment to success both on and off the field, Minnesota United FC has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the soccer world. From their humble beginnings in the NASL to their transition to MLS, the team has grown and evolved, creating a deep connection with their loyal supporters. As the team continues to write their story, it is clear that Minnesota United FC is poised for a bright and successful future.


1. When was Minnesota United FC founded?

Minnesota United FC was founded in 2010 as the Minnesota Stars FC. They adopted their current name in 2013.

2. Where does Minnesota United FC play their home matches?

Minnesota United FC plays their home matches at Allianz Field, a state-of-the-art soccer-specific stadium located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

3. How many championships has Minnesota United FC won?

Minnesota United FC has won two championships: the NASL Soccer Bowl in 2011 and the MLS Western Conference in 2020.

4. Who are some notable players who have represented Minnesota United FC?

Some notable players who have represented Minnesota United FC include Kevin Molino, Ozzie Alonso, Ethan Finlay, and Darwin Quintero.

5. How can I purchase tickets to Minnesota United FC matches?

Tickets for Minnesota United FC matches can be purchased through the team’s official website or through authorized ticketing platforms.

6. Does Minnesota United FC have a youth academy?

Yes, Minnesota United FC has a youth academy that focuses on developing young soccer talents through structured training and competitive matches.

7. How many seats does Allianz Field have?

Allianz Field has a seating capacity of approximately 19,400 for Minnesota United FC matches.

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