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D.C. United is a professional soccer team based in Washington, D.C. Since its establishment in 1996, the team has made a significant impact on the sports scene in the United States. As one of the founding members of Major League Soccer (MLS), D.C. United has a rich history and a loyal fan base. With a total of four MLS Cup championships and numerous other accolades, the team has cemented its place as one of the most successful franchises in the league. In this article, we will explore 17 fascinating facts about D.C. United, ranging from its iconic players and memorable moments to its passionate supporters and historic achievements. So whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about the team, get ready to delve into the exciting world of D.C. United!

Key Takeaways:

  • D.C. United, with its iconic black and red colors, has a rich history of success in MLS, boasting four championship titles and a passionate fan base known as the Screaming Eagles.
  • The team’s commitment to community outreach, strong youth development program, and dedicated ownership group contribute to its status as a powerhouse in American soccer.
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D.C. United is a professional soccer team based in Washington, D.C.

D.C. United, established in 1996, is one of the founding members of Major League Soccer (MLS). The team has a rich history and is beloved by soccer fans in the nation’s capital.

The team’s colors are black and red.

D.C. United’s distinctive black and red color scheme is instantly recognizable and has become synonymous with the team’s identity. The colors represent the passion, power, and intensity that the players bring to the field.

D.C. United has won four MLS Cup championships.

Throughout its history, D.C. United has been a dominant force in MLS, winning the MLS Cup in 1996, 1997, 1999, and These victories cemented the team’s status as one of the most successful in the league.

The team plays its home games at Audi Field.

Audi Field, located in the Buzzard Point neighborhood of Washington, D.C., is the state-of-the-art soccer-specific stadium that serves as the home of D.C. United. The stadium provides a thrilling atmosphere for fans and players alike.

D.C. United holds the record for the most consecutive playoff appearances in MLS.

The team’s consistent performance over the years has resulted in an impressive streak of qualifying for the playoffs. D.C. United made the playoffs for 13 consecutive seasons from 1996 to 2008, an achievement unmatched by any other team in MLS history.

The team’s mascot is a bald eagle named Talon.

Talon, the majestic bald eagle, serves as the official mascot of D.C. United. The mascot embodies the spirit of the team and represents the strength and resilience of the players on the field.

D.C. United has a fierce rivalry with the New York Red Bulls.

The matches between D.C. United and the New York Red Bulls are always highly anticipated and fiercely contested. The rivalry dates back to the early days of MLS and has produced many memorable and intense encounters.

The team has a strong fan base known as the “Screaming Eagles”.

The Screaming Eagles, a passionate and vocal group of supporters, are the backbone of D.C. United’s fan base. They create an electric atmosphere at home games and show unwavering support for the team.

D.C. United has had several notable players throughout its history.

From Marco Etcheverry to Jaime Moreno, D.C. United has been home to some of the greatest talents in MLS. These players have left a lasting impact on the team and helped bring success and championships to the club.

The team’s head coach is Hernán Losada.

Hernán Losada, an Argentinean former professional footballer, took over as the head coach of D.C. United in His tactical acumen and leadership have rejuvenated the team and instilled a winning mentality.

D.C. United has a strong commitment to community outreach.

As an integral part of the Washington, D.C. community, D.C. United is actively involved in various charitable initiatives and community outreach programs. The team strives to make a positive impact off the field as well.

The team’s supporters’ groups include the District Ultras and La Barra Brava.

The District Ultras and La Barra Brava are two of the prominent supporters’ groups associated with D.C. United. These groups bring energy, songs, and chants to the stadium, creating an incredible atmosphere of unity and passion.

D.C. United has a strong international fan base.

While D.C. United is based in Washington, D.C., its fan base extends far beyond the United States. The team has a global following, with fans from all corners of the world cheering for their favorite soccer team.

D.C. United has retired several player numbers.

The team has honored some of its greatest players by retiring their jersey numbers. This includes legends like Marco Etcheverry (#10), Jaime Moreno (#99), and Ben Olsen (#14), who made significant contributions to the club.

D.C. United has a strong youth development program.

The team prioritizes the development of young talent through its youth academy program. The academy provides aspiring young players with top-level coaching and opportunities to progress to the professional level.

The team has a passionate and dedicated ownership group.

D.C. United is owned by a group of investors who are committed to the team’s success and the growth of soccer in the United States. Their support and resources have helped elevate the team to new heights.

D.C. United’s passionate fan base has a well-known chant: “Vamos United!”

“Vamos United!” is a chant that echoes through the stands at every D.C. United game. It serves as a rallying cry for the team and a testament to the unwavering support from the fans.


In conclusion, D.C. United is a historic and successful soccer team with a rich legacy in Major League Soccer. With a passionate fan base, a storied history, and a commitment to excellence both on and off the field, D.C. United has cemented its place as one of the most iconic and respected teams in American soccer. From their numerous championship victories to their contributions to the community, D.C. United continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the sports world. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or just getting acquainted with the team, there’s no denying the impact and influence of D.C. United in the world of soccer.


1. When was D.C. United founded?
D.C. United was founded on June 20, 1995.

2. How many MLS Cup championships has D.C. United won?
D.C. United has won a total of four MLS Cup championships, in 1996, 1997, 1999, and 2004.

3. What is the home stadium of D.C. United?
D.C. United plays their home games at Audi Field, a soccer-specific stadium located in Washington, D.C.

4. Who is the all-time leading scorer for D.C. United?
The all-time leading scorer for D.C. United is Jaime Moreno, who scored 131 goals during his tenure with the team.

5. Has D.C. United ever won the Supporters’ Shield?
Yes, D.C. United has won the Supporters’ Shield, awarded to the team with the best regular season record, four times, in 1997, 1999, 2006, and 2007.

6. Who is the current head coach of D.C. United?
The current head coach of D.C. United is Hernán Losada, who assumed the position in 2021.

7. What is the team’s nickname?
D.C. United is often referred to as “The Black-and-Red” due to their team colors.

8. What is D.C. United’s biggest rivalry?
D.C. United’s biggest rivalry is with the New York Red Bulls, known as the Atlantic Cup rivalry.

9. How many Supporter’s Clubs does D.C. United have?
D.C. United has several supporters’ clubs, including the Screaming Eagles, La Barra Brava, and District Ultras, among others.

10. Has D.C. United ever played in the CONCACAF Champions League?
Yes, D.C. United has played in the CONCACAF Champions League multiple times, including appearances in the finals in 1998 and 2008.

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