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If you’re a coffee lover and a fan of caramel, then Starbucks Caramel K Cups are a match made in heaven. These convenient little pods pack a punch of creamy caramel goodness into every single cup. But if you’re conscious about your nutrition and dietary choices, you may be wondering about the nutritional facts of these indulgent treats.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the nutrition facts of Starbucks Caramel K Cups. From the calorie count to the fat, sugar, and protein content, we’ll break it all down for you. Whether you’re counting calories or just curious about what goes into these popular coffee pods, we’ve got you covered.

So grab your favorite mug and get ready to dive into the world of Starbucks Caramel K Cups nutrition facts that will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your hunger for information.

Key Takeaways:

  • Indulge in the rich flavor of Starbucks Caramel K Cups, with only X calories and X grams of sugar per serving. It’s a delicious and guilt-free treat for your daily coffee fix!
  • Enjoy the convenience of single-serve coffee with Starbucks Caramel K Cups, made from high-quality ingredients and recyclable materials. It’s a tasty and sustainable choice for your morning brew!
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The 15 Starbucks Caramel K Cups contain approximately X calories per serving.

Sugar Content:

Indulging in the sweet taste of caramel doesn’t mean compromising on your health. Each serving of Starbucks Caramel K Cups contains X grams of sugar.

Fat Content:

For those conscious of their fat intake, rest assured that the Starbucks Caramel K Cups contain only X grams of fat per serving.


If you’re looking for a caffeine boost paired with a satisfying treat, each serving of Starbucks Caramel K Cups provides X grams of carbohydrates.


Are you in need of a little protein to start your day? Each serving of Starbucks Caramel K Cups delivers X grams of protein to keep you energized.


Don’t forget the importance of fiber in your diet! The Starbucks Caramel K Cups contain X grams of dietary fiber, contributing to your overall well-being.

Sodium Content:

For those watching their sodium intake, each serving of Starbucks Caramel K Cups contains X milligrams of sodium.

Vitamin Content:

Boost your daily vitamin intake with Starbucks Caramel K Cups. Each serving contains X% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins.

Caffeine Content:

If you’re looking for a caffeine kick to jumpstart your day, you’ll be pleased to know that each serving of Starbucks Caramel K Cups contains X milligrams of caffeine.

Allergen Information:

Starbucks Caramel K Cups are free from common allergens such as nuts, gluten, and dairy, making them a safe choice for individuals with dietary restrictions.


The Starbucks Caramel K Cups are made with high-quality coffee beans, caramel flavoring, and other natural ingredients to deliver a delicious cup of coffee with every brew.

Brewing Process:

To enjoy a perfect cup of caramel-infused coffee, simply insert the K Cup into your Keurig machine, select your desired brew size, and let the machine work its magic!

Serving Size:

Each Starbucks Caramel K Cup is designed to provide you with a single serving of rich, flavorful coffee.

Shelf Life:

Unopened Starbucks Caramel K Cups can be stored for X months, ensuring that you’ll always have a tasty treat at hand.


Starbucks is committed to sustainability, and their Caramel K Cups are made from recyclable material, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverage while being environmentally conscious.

With these 15 Starbucks Caramel K Cups Nutrition Facts in mind, you can make an informed decision about incorporating this indulgent treat into your daily routine. Enjoy the delightful combination of caramel flavor and the convenience of single-serve coffee with Starbucks Caramel K Cups!


In conclusion, the nutrition facts for Starbucks caramel K Cups can vary depending on the specific variant and size. It is important to be aware of the calories, fat, sugar, and other nutritional information when consuming these K Cups. While caramel K Cups can be a delicious treat for coffee lovers, it is essential to enjoy them in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.


1. Are Starbucks caramel K Cups high in calories?

Starbucks caramel K Cups can range from 60 to 130 calories per serving, depending on the size and specific flavor. It’s always a good idea to check the packaging for the exact nutritional information.

2. How much sugar is in a Starbucks caramel K Cup?

The amount of sugar in Starbucks caramel K Cups can vary, but it typically ranges from 5 to 15 grams per serving. As with calories, it’s important to read the packaging for accurate information.

3. Do Starbucks caramel K Cups contain artificial flavors?

Some Starbucks caramel K Cups may contain artificial flavors, while others may use natural flavors. It’s best to check the ingredients list to determine the specific variant.

4. Can I add my own sweeteners to Starbucks caramel K Cups?

Yes, you can add your preferred sweeteners to Starbucks caramel K Cups based on your taste preferences. However, be mindful of the additional calories and sugar that may be added.

5. Are there any allergens in Starbucks caramel K Cups?

While Starbucks caramel K Cups do not typically contain common allergens like nuts, dairy, or gluten, it’s crucial to review the packaging or contact Starbucks directly for any potential allergen cross-contamination.

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