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Lord Hater, the main antagonist in the animated series “Wander Over Yonder,” is a character beloved by fans for his comically exaggerated villainous antics. Voiced by Keith Ferguson, Lord Hater is the embodiment of evil, constantly plotting to conquer the galaxy and defeat his arch-nemesis, Wander the Traveler.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Lord Hater and explore 16 fascinating facts about this iconic cartoon character. From his distinct appearance to his memorable catchphrases, Lord Hater has left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers young and old. So, whether you’re a fan of Wander Over Yonder or simply curious about the misadventures of this comical antagonist, get ready to discover some intriguing details about Lord Hater!

Key Takeaways:

  • Lord Hater is the menacing antagonist in Wander Over Yonder, constantly foiled by the cheerful Wander, and known for his catchphrase “I hate you!” His character evolves throughout the series, showing vulnerability and growth.
  • Lord Hater’s desire for power and dominance drives his quest for galactic conquest. He commands an army of loyal minions, the Watchdogs, and possesses a powerful spaceship, the Skullship, in his pursuit to be feared and respected by all.
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Lord Hater is the primary antagonist of the animated series Wander Over Yonder.

In the show, Lord Hater is depicted as a powerful and ruthless villain who seeks to conquer the galaxy and become the ruler of all. His main goal is to defeat his nemesis, the optimistic and wanderlust-filled character named Wander.

Lord Hater is voiced by actor Keith Ferguson.

Keith Ferguson provides the voice for Lord Hater, bringing to life the character’s menacing and villainous personality. His voice acting adds depth and intensity to Lord Hater, making him a memorable and iconic character in the series.

Lord Hater’s signature color is black.

In the show, Lord Hater is often portrayed in black attire, symbolizing his dark and sinister nature. The color reflects his desire for power and dominance, creating a visually striking contrast with the vibrant and colorful world of Wander Over Yonder.

Lord Hater is known for his tall and spiky black hat.

One of Lord Hater’s distinctive features is his tall and spiky black hat, which adds to his menacing appearance. The hat serves as a visual representation of his authority and villainous status, making him instantly recognizable among fans of the show.

Lord Hater commands an army of loyal minions called the Watchdogs.

The Watchdogs are Lord Hater’s devoted followers, always ready to carry out his evil plans and assist him in his quest for galactic domination. They are a diverse group of characters, ranging from small robots to powerful warriors, each bringing their unique skills to the table.

Lord Hater possesses a powerful spaceship known as the Skullship.

The Skullship is Lord Hater’s menacing and imposing spacecraft, which he uses to travel through the galaxy and carry out his conquests. The ship’s design reflects its owner’s personality, with its dark and intimidating appearance.

Lord Hater has a hatred for anything cute and optimistic.

Lord Hater’s character is defined by his dislike for all things happy, cute, and optimistic. He sees these qualities as weaknesses and constantly tries to crush the spirits of those around him, especially his arch-nemesis, Wander.

Lord Hater is constantly foiled by the optimistic and cheerful Wander.

Despite Lord Hater’s best efforts, Wander’s positive attitude and unwavering belief in the goodness of the world always manage to thwart his plans. Wander’s counterbalancing influence serves as a continuous source of frustration for Lord Hater and adds comedic elements to the show.

Lord Hater has a sidekick named Commander Peepers.

Commander Peepers is Lord Hater’s right-hand minion, assisting him in his schemes and offering advice when needed. Although Commander Peepers is loyal to Lord Hater, he sometimes questions his decisions, leading to humorous interactions between the two characters.

Lord Hater has a crush on the character named Dominator.

Lord Hater’s character takes an unexpected turn when he develops a crush on Dominator, a powerful villainess who enters the series later on. This unrequited love adds a new layer of complexity to Lord Hater’s personality and provides further comedic moments.

Lord Hater’s catchphrase is “I hate you!”

Lord Hater frequently utters his catchphrase, “I hate you!”, which has become synonymous with his character. This line showcases his intense disdain for Wander and serves as a recurring comedic element throughout the series.

Lord Hater’s design draws inspiration from classic villains.

The creators of Wander Over Yonder drew inspiration from various classic villains when designing Lord Hater’s appearance. His character evokes elements of iconic villains from both animated and live-action films, creating a visually striking and memorable antagonist.

Lord Hater has a special power called Energy Blasts.

Lord Hater possesses the ability to shoot powerful energy blasts from his hands, which he uses to attack his enemies or obliterate obstacles. This power adds to his formidable nature and ensures that anyone who crosses him will face dire consequences.

Lord Hater’s character evolves throughout the series.

As the series progresses, Lord Hater’s character undergoes development and growth. He experiences moments of vulnerability and self-doubt, providing a deeper understanding of his motivations and humanizing him to some extent.

Lord Hater has a complex relationship with his minions.

Lord Hater’s relationship with his loyal minions, the Watchdogs, is multi-dimensional. While he demands unquestioning loyalty from them, there are moments of camaraderie and genuine affection between Lord Hater and his minions, showcasing a more compassionate side to his character.

Lord Hater’s ultimate goal is to be feared and respected by all.

A central driving force behind Lord Hater’s actions is his desire to be feared and respected throughout the galaxy. He craves recognition and believes that ultimate power and control will earn him the status he craves, making him a formidable adversary for Wander and his friends.


In conclusion, Lord Hater from the animated series Wander Over Yonder is a fascinating and complex character. As the main antagonist, he brings a unique blend of villainy and comedy to the show. Through his charismatic personality, powerful abilities, and deep-seated desire for ultimate power, Lord Hater has captivated audiences of all ages. The show’s clever writing and exceptional voice acting bring this character to life, making him a memorable part of the cartoon landscape.


1. Who is Lord Hater?

Lord Hater is the main villain in the animated series Wander Over Yonder. He is a powerful and egotistical ruler of the galaxy, constantly seeking conquest and recognition.

2. What are Lord Hater’s character traits?

Lord Hater is known for his immense ego, dramatic flair, and a burning desire for power and control. He has a distinctive appearance, with his tall and skeletal frame, glowing eyes, and a flaming head.

3. What is Lord Hater’s relationship with the protagonist, Wander?

Lord Hater sees Wander as a nuisance and is constantly trying to defeat or get rid of him. Wander, on the other hand, sees Hater as someone who needs friendship and kindness, often trying to win him over with his positive attitude.

4. Does Lord Hater have any special abilities?

Yes, Lord Hater possesses various impressive abilities, such as laser eye beams, flight, teleportation, and incredible strength. He also has an army of loyal minions at his disposal.

5. What makes Lord Hater a memorable character?

Lord Hater’s unique blend of exaggerated charm, over-the-top personality, and comedic timing have made him a standout character in the world of cartoons. His hilarious interactions with the other characters and his relentless quest for power make him both entertaining and intriguing.

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