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Adventure Time, the beloved animated series that captured the hearts of both kids and adults alike, introduced a slew of unforgettable characters throughout its run. And one of the most eccentric and entertaining characters to grace our TV screens was none other than Lumpy Space Princess. Voiced by the talented Pendleton Ward, Lumpy Space Princess quickly became a fan favorite with her sassy attitude, unique speech patterns, and larger-than-life personality.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Lumpy Space Princess and uncover 12 fascinating facts about this iconic Adventure Time character. From her origin story to her memorable moments, we will delve into the depths of Lumpy Space Princess’s quirks, powers, and relationships. So grab your can of beans and get ready to embark on a lumpy adventure through the whimsical world of Lumpy Space Princess!

Key Takeaways:

  • Lumpy Space Princess is a sassy and melodramatic character from Adventure Time, known for her unique voice and catchphrases like “Oh my glob!”
  • Voiced by Niki Yang, LSP hails from the Lumpy Space and has a complex relationship with Finn and Jake, often using the word “lump” excessively.
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Lumpy Space Princess is a character from the animated series Adventure Time.

Lumpy Space Princess, or LSP for short, is a popular character from the beloved animated series Adventure Time.

LSP is known for her unique and melodramatic speaking style.

One of the most distinguishable traits of Lumpy Space Princess is her exaggerated and dramatic way of speaking.

She is voiced by actress and comedian Wardell “Niki” Yang.

Niki Yang brings Lumpy Space Princess to life with her comedic timing and distinctive voice acting.

LSP is a princess from the Lumpy Space, a realm inhabited by lumpy creatures.

In the Adventure Time universe, Lumpy Space Princess hails from the Lumpy Space, a dimension filled with lumpy beings.

Lumpy Space Princess has a strong, sassy personality.

Known for her sassy and sometimes self-centered attitude, Lumpy Space Princess is never afraid to speak her mind.

She often refers to herself as the “most lumpin’ awesome” princess.

One of LSP’s catchphrases is proudly proclaiming herself as the “most lumpin’ awesome” princess in the land.

Lumpy Space Princess has a distinctive appearance with her lumpy purple skin and star-shaped eye.

LSP’s unique design includes her purplish lumpy skin and a star-shaped eye, which adds to her overall charm.

She has a complicated relationship with Finn and Jake, the main protagonists of Adventure Time.

Throughout the series, Lumpy Space Princess shares a complex dynamic with Finn and Jake, sometimes becoming friends and other times causing mischief.

LSP has a habit of using the word “lump” excessively in her vocabulary.

One of the characteristics that make Lumpy Space Princess memorable is her frequent and enthusiastic use of the word “lump” in her sentences.

She occasionally displays moments of vulnerability and insecurity.

Beneath her tough exterior, Lumpy Space Princess has moments where she shows her vulnerabilities and struggles with her own insecurities.

LSP is often seen wearing a tiara and a purple dress.

Lumpy Space Princess regularly sports a tiara atop her bumpy head and is typically seen wearing a purple dress that matches her lumpy appearance.

She has her own catchphrase: “Oh my glob!”

LSP’s iconic catchphrase, “Oh my glob!” has become famous among Adventure Time fans and is frequently used by the character herself.

In conclusion, Lumpy Space Princess is a beloved character from the Adventure Time series, known for her sassy personality, unique voice, and memorable catchphrases. Whether she’s causing trouble or revealing her vulnerable side, LSP never fails to entertain and bring laughter to Adventure Time fans.


In conclusion, Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time is a unique and memorable character. From her iconic voice to her snarky personality, she has captured the hearts of fans all over the world. With her Lumpy Space abilities and strong-willed nature, she adds a fun and dynamic element to the show. Whether you love her or find her annoying, there’s no denying that Lumpy Space Princess has made a lasting impact on the world of cartoons.


1. Who voices Lumpy Space Princess in Adventure Time?

Lumpy Space Princess is voiced by actress and comedian, Pendleton Ward.

2. What are Lumpy Space Princess’ superpowers?

Lumpy Space Princess has the ability to float and transform into a giant bouncy ball. She can also speak in a high-pitched, dramatic voice.

3. Is Lumpy Space Princess a main character in Adventure Time?

While not a main character, Lumpy Space Princess is a recurring character in the show. She often appears in episodes with her sassy and outspoken personality.

4. What does Lumpy Space Princess love to say?

Lumpy Space Princess is known for her catchphrase “Oh my glob!” which she exclaims in moments of surprise or excitement.

5. Does Lumpy Space Princess have any friends?

Lumpy Space Princess is friends with other characters in Adventure Time, including Finn and Jake. However, she often finds herself in hilarious and dramatic situations due to her unique personality.

6. What is Lumpy Space Princess’ personality like?

Lumpy Space Princess is self-centered, dramatic, and has a tendency to gossip. She is confident and isn’t afraid to express her opinions, often with a humorous and sarcastic tone.

7. Is Lumpy Space Princess a hero or a villain?

Lumpy Space Princess is neither a hero nor a villain. She is a complex character with her own set of quirks and flaws, adding depth to the Adventure Time universe.

8. Does Lumpy Space Princess have any character development throughout the show?

Throughout the series, Lumpy Space Princess goes through moments of growth and self-reflection. While still maintaining her sassy and outspoken nature, she learns valuable lessons and shows moments of vulnerability.

9. What are some of Lumpy Space Princess’ most memorable moments?

Some memorable moments include her quest to become a true princess, her relationships with other characters, and her unique take on life’s challenges.

10. Are there any spin-off shows or movies featuring Lumpy Space Princess?

As of now, there are no spin-off shows or movies specifically centered around Lumpy Space Princess. However, Adventure Time fans can still enjoy her appearances in the original series.

11. Can I cosplay as Lumpy Space Princess?

Absolutely! Lumpy Space Princess has a distinct and iconic appearance, making her a fun choice for cosplayers. With her purple skin, lumpy physique, and tiara, you can recreate her look and have a blast at events or conventions.

12. Will Lumpy Space Princess make any future appearances in other shows or media?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding Lumpy Space Princess appearing in other shows or media. However, the world of cartoons is full of surprises, so never say never!

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