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Modified: 31 May 2023

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We usually look for different Libra facts to learn about the lifestyle of the Librans we encounter. They have this natural charm and kindness that we can’t help but notice when we’re near them. Most of us enjoy confiding or hanging out with our Libra friends due to their understanding nature. Because of this, it’s understandable why we’re curious about their fair and diplomatic personalities.

If you’re born with a Libra zodiac sign, you may relate yourself to the different qualities that astrologers use. Our list tackles the reason why we commonly turn to our Libran friends when we need someone to confide our problems with. This also applies to Librans turning to fellow Librans for comfort. They might be facing the same problems and you’re equally offering a shoulder to cry on. As Librans, you and other Libra babies stand out for being great listeners to friends.

Libra horoscope
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Looking at various Libra facts, you can discover how Librans find fairness and balance in different things. What makes them so trustworthy when it comes to romantic relationships and close friendships? Why are Librans determined to seek justice in what they believe in? Why do they easily fall in love after going through hard breakups or ending serious relationships? What qualities make Libran politicians stand out and receive respect throughout history? Find the answer to all those questions by checking out the 50 Libra facts we’ve compiled below.

  1. Libra means “scales” in Latin.
  2. Librans are sociable, diplomatic, respectful, and artistic. Their flaws include being indecisive and overly kind.
  3. Libra Sun babies commonly seek harmony, equality, and balance.
  4. Librans find compatible qualities and relationships with Scorpio babies.
  5. Librans can easily notice if you like or dislike something.
  1. People born on and between September 23 to October 22 belong to the Libra Sun Sign.
  2. Libra is under Air like Gemini and Aquarius.
  3. In medical astrology, kidneys are associated with the Libra sign.
  4. In Ancient Rome, appointed judges must be born under the sign of Libra.
  5. Rome was founded during the alignment of a Libra Moon.
  6. Libra’s glyph represents the setting sun while resembling an equal (=) sign.
  7. Copper serves as Libra’s metal representative.
  8. Most Librans like to keep up with the trends and dress fashionably.
  9. Devoted Libra babies aim to live in their ideal utopia or “perfect world.”
  10. Famous Librans include Kim Kardashian, Lilly Singh, and Bella Hadid.
  1. The perfect stones for Librans are diamonds, marbles, and quartz.
  2. Librans thrive when leading teams or departments in their chosen careers.
  3. When your Sun is in Libra, you may be very sociable and intelligent.
  4. In romance and friendships, Librans crave harmonious relationships.
  5. Librans offer their ears to friends whenever they need to vent.
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We associate the Libra scales not just for the zodiac signs but also Lady Justice.

A list revolving around the Libra facts isn’t complete without discussing its renowned symbol, the scales. The symbol is also known as one of the most important instruments held by Lady Justice. Throughout history, we used scales to measure things to ensure that we get everything equally. Because of this, we automatically associate the scales in bringing out justice, harmony, and balance. In turn, you often see those said qualities in most people born with a Libra sign.

However, the mentioned characteristics don’t define every Librans. You must learn about other alignments involved in each person’s birth. Most Libra Sun babies may demonstrate equality in a give-and-take perspective. Plus, instilling balance in things may turn out negatively. Not everyone can be as understanding as Librans. Some may prefer to hold a position above all instead of keeping everything balanced.

In mythology, experts associate Libra with Themis, the goddess of divine order and law.

Aside from the scales, Libra and Themis symbolize order and justice. The goddess manages divine law and also gained fame for being the Lady of Good Counsel. As one of the twelve Titan children, Themis served to watch over meetings between the gods. Like Librans today, she did her best to avoid misfortunes that she foresaw as an oracle.

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Venus hails as Libra’s ruling planet.

All the main planets in our galaxy play important roles in the alignment of our natal charts. If you’re a Libran, your ruling planet is Venus. We usually associate the mesmerizing planet with the keywords pleasure, love, and beauty. It also lives up to its meaning in Roman mythology where the goddess Venus represents love and fertility.

If you’re not a Libran, your Venus alignment stays true to its representation and revolves around your love life. Despite its variation in house placements, your Venus determines how you handle romantic and meaningful relationships. If you find your Venus in Libra, you seek harmonic and eye-pleasing romantic relationships. You tend to avoid almost any form of conflict like intense fights and arguments with your partner. Seeking this type of relationship may seem peaceful on the outside but it may also result in a toxic affair.

When it comes to love, Librans fall fast.

Since Libra is ruled by Venus, we understand why most Librans fall prey to “love at first sight.” Their observant nature causes them easily find a meaningful connection with almost any romantic prospect. If you’re like most Librans, you tend to choose to see the inner good of every person. Because of this, you might find yourself garnering deep feelings despite only going on a few dates. This quality plays as an advantage and a curse, depending on how your romantic interest perceives you.

Whenever you find a meaningful link, you tend to ignore a few red flags along the way. Your goal of seeking a harmonious relationship may not be shared with the person you like. However, this doesn’t stop you from finding someone who can keep up with your routine. Breakups may hurt but they won’t stop you from trying to love again in the future.

Libra serves as the seventh zodiac sign.

In astrological calendars, you’ll see Aries as the first zodiac sign of the year. With that said, Libra serves as the seventh zodiac sign following Virgo and preceding Scorpio. This placement also means that Libra serves as the main sign of the Seventh House in natal chart readings. You may learn more about your Libran or other zodiac house placements by checking out elaborate daily horoscopes online.

True to its position, the Seventh House rules over the majority of serious relationships in our lives. Depending on the sign ruling over your Seventh House, you’ll receive incoming news or information about your significant other or possible business partners. People who focus on these readings usually aim to know the possible outcome of nuptials or business ventures.

Most astrologers associate roses with Libra babies while others choose bluebells and daffodils.

The language of flowers plays an important role when comparing the qualities of people born under certain zodiac signs. When talking about Libra facts, people often argue about the best flower to describe those born under the balanced sign. Known for their loving character, Libra babies have a lovable reputation associated with the classic red rose. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that roses are enough to describe the complexity of people born under Libra. Those in favor of the rose, however, compare the warmth of roses to the friendly nature of Librans.

Aside from the rose, some astrologers prefer to associate Libra babies with bluebells and daffodils. Bluebells represent sweet personalities like humility and everlasting love. They also go well with the outgoing and welcoming aura of most people born under the Libra Moon sign. Meanwhile, daffodils serve as one of the main flowers related to the seventh zodiac sign. Apart from being just and fair, the narcissus symbolizes respect, chivalry, and a brightness that we often see in Librans.

As the Cardinal Air Sign, Libra signifies the start of autumn.

We can’t complete a Libra facts list without discussing the sign’s role as the cardinal air sign. When you follow a zodiac calendar, each sign signifies a certain period in a year. Those dubbed as “cardinal” represent the beginning of a certain season. In Libra’s case, the seventh zodiac sign reminds people of the coming of autumn. In truth, we witness the falling of leaves during the start of Libra season around September 23. We often use the date to prepare ourselves for the months leading to the holidays of winter.

In astrology readings, we usually expect people born under the cardinal air sign to showcase fair leadership. In the case of Librans, the title “cardinal” also applies to their ability to lead groups or initiate projects. It’s understandable because most people with any Libra sign in their charts feature admirable diplomatic qualities. As we mentioned earlier, these common characteristics lead ancient Romans to only elect lawmakers born under Libra.

Various ancient civilizations called the Libra’s scales the Scorpion’s Claws.

Ancient civilizations learned to travel and trade thanks to their respective methods of studying the stars. To distinguish each constellation, people often associate stars with different objects to keep them from getting lost. Most historical accounts dubbed the Libra’s scales as the Scorpion’s Claws. When you look at old star maps, you can easily see why they call it so. Scorpio following Libra explains why the seventh zodiac sign got its name. In Babylonian astronomy, the Libra’s scales are alternatively known as the Claws of the Scorpion. Meanwhile, rough and direct translations from Ancient Greeks and Arabians also call Libra “Scorpion’s Claws.”

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Famous Libran political figures include Mahatma Gandi, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Margaret Thatcher, and Vladimir Putin.

Some known political figures stayed true to being Librans and gained fame for serving their respective countries. Born on October 2, Indian lawyer Mahatma Gandhi became known anti-colonial nationalist and political ethicist. His controversial views on non-violent resistance inspired various international movements aiming for freedom and civil rights. In contrast to Gandhi’s peaceful views, former president Dwight Eisenhower served his country as a politician and as a military officer.

The most familiar October Librans in the political scene are Margaret Thatcher and Vladimir Putin. Both receive great praise for the feats they achieved from their respective countries. As the first female British Prime Minister, Thatcher served as an inspiration to many women hoping to take up careers in politics. Putin, on the other hand, gained great acclaim for restoring the hierarchy of power in Russia while leading the country.

Musicians born under the Libra sign include John Lennon, Bruno Mars, Halsey, and BTS member Park Jimin.

Apart from their diplomatic nature, most Libra facts compilations include the creative skills of those born under the sign. Most Librans can’t help but feel drawn to anything related to beauty, harmony, and love. Because of this, their creative prowess usually revolves around peace, romance, and deep connections. With those subjects in mind, we automatically imagine musicians who produce and write songs that can withstand the test of time. Some of the timeless Libra musicians you might know are John Lennon, Bruno Mars, Halsey, and BTS member Park Jimin.

“Imagine” remains as one of John Lennon’s most iconic songs that define his Libran roots. After coming up with a catchy and mesmerizing melody, Lennon incorporated lyrics that urge listeners to mind the political message within the song. The whole ordeal showcases the musician’s Libran qualities of advocating equality using his exceptional creative talent. Meanwhile, pop artists like Bruno Mars, Halsey, and Park Jimin attract fans with their upbeat and catchy tunes. The songs they release gain fame for focusing not just on deep relationships but also their toxicity. You may notice it from hits like Brunos Mars’ “Grenade,” Halsey’s “Without Me,” and BTS’s “Lie.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Oscar Wilde hail as historic Libran literary figures.

Aside from music, the extraordinary creativeness of Librans also applies to writing. You might be familiar with the literary works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Oscar Wilde. But, did you know that they’re both Librans? This small detail may explain why they wrote topics that you most Librans to be passionate about. F. Scott Fitzgerald gained fame for writing the tragic romance of The Great Gatsby. The novel’s main message centers on the unattainable American dream. The main character, Jay Gatsby, grew up in an impoverished household before attaining immense wealth and status. Despite his exceptional achievements, he never got the future he wished with his beloved Daisy.

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On the other hand, we mostly know Libran Oscar Wilde for writing The Portrait of Dorian Gray and Salome. However, those titles only show a fragment of Wilde’s prowess as a Libran writer. To fully associate the poet with fellow Librans, we suggest reading about The Importance of Being Earnest. The play revolves around the double lives of the main characters Algernon and Jack. It showcases the frustrations of married couples living the lavish lifestyle of English upper-class citizens. Even if you don’t experience their emotions firsthand, you’ll find yourself feeling sympathetic for the characters. As the plot progresses, you’ll relate and understand why they decided to proceed with the complications of two lives.

Lunar Librans are hopeless romantics.

When learning about Libra facts, we must discuss the meaning behind its Moon alignment. Every person is born under distinct Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Using your place and time of birth, you may identify the zodiac signs that shape you as a person.

If your Moon is in Libra, you may find yourself yearning for a stable relationship. Ever since you learned how to date, you’re barely single. You find joy in being in love all the time. Because of this, you and your fellow Lunar Librans usually marry young. On some occasions, you may start living together with your significant other at a young age.

When it comes to friendships, you usually agree to your friends’ demands to keep everything peaceful. You do your best to maintain the harmony in your circle by initiating frequent meet-ups to keep yourselves in touch.

Having a Libran Rising Sign makes you the best peacemaker.

If you don’t relate to the characteristics of your Sun sign, we suggest you look up your rising sign. If your Ascendant is in Libra, you may find yourself being the instant peacemaker in various situations. You’re the random guy in movies that steps in to stop a fight from ensuing further.

After reading about those with Sun in Libra, Libra rising babies may not relate to being diplomatic. They usually display easygoing and sociable personalities. People can’t help but feel calm or attracted to them. No matter what you think of their looks, they still come off as beautiful or handsome to the people they encounter.

With this quality, you and fellow Libran Ascendants may find it easy to sweet talk to almost anyone. Your powers of persuasion are to be reckoned with.

Natural diplomats usually grew up with their Mercury in Libra.

Like those born with their Sun in Libra, those with their Mercury in Libra often become successful diplomats. They welcome any challenge if it means they can achieve their goal. Being born with a Mercury in Libra may make you strive for various forms of equality.

Women with the sign usually aim to be seen as equals with their male counterparts. If you’re like them, you may find yourself sparking debates when you notice something unfair. You’re not afraid to speak your mind when you witness something unjustly judged. Your cleverness helps you win arguments because you easily find the faults of your contender.

With your Venus in Libra, you aim to impress almost anyone.

People born with their Venus in Libra usually find it hard to admit their goal of impressing strangers. Determined to show pristine reputations, these Librans often showcase polished mannerisms. You may consider them as notorious suck-ups who aim to please any person who shows interest in them.

When it comes to their love life, calling them hopeless romantic is an understatement. They don’t mind going to extreme lengths for the ones they love. Unfortunately, their dedication to their significant other may also cause their downfall. The kind nature of Venus Librans also makes them the perfect targets of bullying. They easily concede to others as long as it avoids further conflicts.

Libra constellation, Urania Mirror
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Those with Mars in Libra dedicate themselves to their beliefs.

If your Mars aligns in Libra, you may find yourself determined to find fairness in all things. Defending your opinion and your beliefs comes naturally to you. Using your keen observation skills, your practically mastered applying passive-aggressiveness in conversations and arguments. Despite these aggressive qualities, you still aim to live peacefully, keeping any conflict at bay. In some cases, you channel your aggression to prepare for incoming problems that you sensed beforehand.

In true sidereal astrology, Librans showcase both charming and manipulative qualities.

Unlike tropical astrology, those born under Libra in sidereal astrology feature specific characteristics. Earlier, we can understand and compare the negative qualities of most Librans under the tropical system. With sidereal astrology, we learn that the natural charm of Librans comes with manipulativeness.

Additionally, finding fairness in all things tends to make you indecisive. Upon knowing these characteristics, we understand if you compare sidereal Librans with tropical Scorpios. Those under Libra in sidereal astrology are born between November 4 and November 22. These dates coincide with the Scorpio season that we’re used to in the tropical system.

As a Libran, colors like pastel green, indigo blue, and rose pink best match your personality.

The meanings associated with these shades of green, blue, and pink best define the overall personality of most Librans. Pastel green emits a calmness that we can relate to the friendliness of Libra Sun babies. Meanwhile, indigo blue stands for integrity and fairness that we often associate with the diplomatic qualities of Librans. Finally, rose pink represents gratitude and grace that we find in the romantic approach or loving Librans.

Librans may clash with those born under Capricorn.

Both Libra and Capricorn babies aim to find lasting relationships in romances in friendships. Despite this similarity, people born under the two signs strive for their goals in completely different methods. Librans tend to trust people easily due to their love for forming partnerships. In contrast, Capricorns put up a wall and automatically become wary of people before they share anything personal. Librans struggle with indecisiveness while Capricorns weigh their options well to make wise decisions. With that said, these main characteristics often cause people born under the two signs to clash in various settings.

Most Librans enjoy being in romantic relationships.

Those born with a Libran Sun or Moon tend to never be single. They find happiness and function well only when they’re in a relationship. This quality often leads most Librans to gain a flirty reputation. Most don’t mind it because they hate the concept of being alone. This causes them to fully rely on their partners for emotional support.

Their obsession over keeping things in order may lead to their downfall.

Most Librans can’t help but obsess over maintaining peace in anything they encounter. This passionate quality usually leads them to seek jobs in politics or established businesses. However, their reluctance to engage in confrontations may lead to their downfall. Nowadays, higher positions of power require people to go against the norm for the better of their jurisdiction. Librans in politics can only succeed if they can let go of the obsession of refusing change for peace.

Librans tend to obsess over the appearance of this skin and hair.

Apart from the kidneys, Libra rules over our skin and hair. This makes them obsess over the continuous changes in skin and haircare trends. They value sleep and exercise and keep themselves updated on fashion trends to maintain their physical attractiveness.

Most Librans relax after getting rid of lower back pain.

Another human body part that Libra rules over is the lower back. This causes the lower backs of Librans to be delicate compared to other body parts. Those who work in offices will usually feel pain in the lower lumbar of their spine. Their obsession with mannerisms and posture serves as a factor for pain from their lower back. With that said, Librans enjoy lower back massages or chiropractic adjustments.

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Libra babies tend to be self-absorbed.

A Libran’s goal of keeping everything in balance may lead them to become self-absorbed. Their dedication to keeping the peace may only apply to their view of things. They stand by their opinions because they refuse to be in the wrong even if they are. Their determination sometimes leads them to play the victim and claim that everyone aims to conspire against them.

Librans may often find themselves competing against people with Cancer signs.

In terms of relationships, the brutal honesty of Cancers matches with the quick trusting quality of Librans. However, these qualities may also tend to clash when it comes to opinions and arguments. The biased view of Cancers goes against the fair quality of Librans. They can only unite if they follow the same beliefs.

Various Libra babies form long-lasting and trustworthy friendships with people borns under Aquarius.

People born with Libra and Aquarius usually form deep bonds after meeting in close friend groups. Both signs are known for being popular for being natural social butterflies. However, the difference lies in each sign’s goal in the relationships they form. Librans aim to find their forever significant other while Aquarius babies hope to find best friends for life.

Aside from Scorpio, Librans feel attracted to those born with Pisces signs.

Most Librans find themselves attracted to the genuine charm of Pisces babies. Those born under the 12th astrological sign gain meaningful relationships for being great listeners. Librans, on the other hand, love ranting and talking about their opinions. This makes Pisceans the ideal partner for Librans who need patient lovers who can understand their views.

People born under Libra commonly form meaningful relationships with each other.

Despite everything we discussed, only Librans can fully understand themselves. Because of this, people born under the seventh zodiac sign end up forming meaningful relationships with each other. If you’re a Libra baby, a fellow Libran commonly matches well with your sense of justice. Being passionate about similar views is also an added advantage in your relationship.

As a Libra baby, you may notice yourself forming strong relationships with those born under Aries.

Another soulmate-type of friendship can be formed between Librans and Aries babies. People born under the two signs hope to lead peaceful lives and surround themselves with harmonious relationships. Their common goal when meeting new people makes them the best of friends on most occasions. They also value finding acquaintances wherever they may go.

A Gemini baby’s wit can catch up with a Libran’s cleverness.

Gemini babies stand out for their mental rapport and exceptional wit. These qualities fit with a Libran’s clever and fair nature. If you form Gemini-Libra friendships, you and your companions often find yourselves getting lost in deep conversations. You never seem to run out of things to talk about no matter how much time has passed.