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Andrew Whitworth, a name synonymous with excellence on the football field, has carved out a stellar career as one of the most remarkable players in the National Football League (NFL). Known for his exceptional skills as an offensive tackle, Whitworth has left an indelible mark on the game with his exceptional strength, agility, and unwavering determination.

In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Andrew Whitworth and uncover 22 astonishing facts about the man behind the helmet. From his early life and humble beginnings to his remarkable achievements and philanthropic endeavors, get ready to learn more about this extraordinary athlete and celebrate his passion for the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Andrew Whitworth, a football star, played for the Bengals and Rams, earning Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl appearance. He’s a leader on and off the field, with a philanthropic heart and a royal family connection.
  • Known for his exceptional leadership and versatility, Andrew Whitworth is not only a football legend but also a dedicated family man, successful entrepreneur, and a respected mentor in the NFL community.
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Early Start in Football

Andrew Whitworth, born on December 12, 1981, in Monroe, Louisiana, showed a passion for football from a young age.

College Football Success

Whitworth played college football at Louisiana State University, where he became a standout offensive lineman.

NFL Career Beginnings

In the 2006 NFL Draft, Whitworth was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round, 55th overall.

Longest tenured Bengals player

Whitworth spent 11 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, establishing himself as a leader both on and off the field.

Team Captain

Throughout his career, Whitworth has shown exceptional leadership skills, earning the role of team captain for multiple seasons.

Versatility on the Field

Whitworth has played at both offensive tackle and guard positions, showcasing his versatility and adaptability.

Super Bowl Appearance

In 2018, Whitworth played in his first Super Bowl as a member of the Los Angeles Rams, solidifying his place among the NFL’s elite.

Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year nominee

Whitworth’s exceptional contributions on and off the field earned him a nomination for the prestigious Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Off the field, Whitworth has been actively involved in various charitable causes, particularly focusing on education and children’s welfare.

Royal Family Connections

Whitworth is distantly related to the British royal family through his great-great-great-grandfather, King Edward III.

Pro Bowl Selections

Whitworth has been selected to the Pro Bowl numerous times throughout his career, further cementing his status as one of the best in the league.

Perfect Snap Streak

During his tenure with the Bengals, Whitworth recorded a remarkable streak of 839 consecutive offensive snaps without committing a penalty.

Leadership in the Locker Room

Whitworth has been praised by teammates and coaches alike for his leadership skills, providing guidance and mentorship to younger players.

All-Decade Team

In 2010, Whitworth was named to the NFL All-Decade Team for his outstanding contributions and performances during the 2010s.

Family Man

Whitworth is a dedicated family man, prioritizing his wife Melissa and their four children, who constantly support him throughout his career.

Footwear Entrepreneur

Outside of football, Whitworth co-founded a footwear company called “Proper Football” that specializes in stylish and comfortable shoes for athletes.

Recognized for Sportsmanship

Whitworth has been recognized for his display of sportsmanship on and off the field, earning the admiration of players and fans alike.

Football Mentorship

Whitworth takes his role as a mentor seriously and has mentored several young offensive linemen, shaping them into successful professionals.

Impactful Community Engagement

Whitworth actively engages with the community, organizing events and programs aimed at empowering and uplifting the people around him.

Outstanding Academic Record

During his college days, Whitworth excelled both on the field and in the classroom, earning Academic All-American honors.

Commitment to Fitness

Whitworth places great importance on maintaining a high level of fitness, which has contributed to his longevity in the NFL.

Respected by Peers

Whitworth is widely respected by his peers, with many considering him as one of the top offensive linemen in the history of the NFL.


In conclusion, Andrew Whitworth is truly an astonishing figure. From his impressive football career to his contributions off the field, Whitworth has captured the hearts of fans and established himself as one of the most respected individuals in the industry. His dedication to the sport, his remarkable skill set, and his philanthropic endeavors make him a true role model and inspiration for aspiring athletes. Whether it’s his record-breaking achievements or his admirable character, there is no doubt that Andrew Whitworth’s legacy will continue to thrive for years to come.


1. How long has Andrew Whitworth been playing in the NFL?

Andrew Whitworth has been playing in the NFL for over 15 years. He was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2006 and spent 11 seasons with the team before signing with the Los Angeles Rams in 2017.

2. Has Andrew Whitworth ever won any championships?

While Andrew Whitworth has not won a Super Bowl, he has achieved great success throughout his career. He has been selected for multiple Pro Bowl appearances and has been recognized as a leader both on and off the field.

3. What charitable work has Andrew Whitworth been involved in?

Andrew Whitworth is deeply committed to giving back to the community. He established the Big Whit 77 Foundation, which aims to provide support and resources to improve the lives of at-risk youth. Additionally, he has been involved in various charitable initiatives throughout his career.

4. How has Andrew Whitworth’s leadership impacted his teams?

Andrew Whitworth is widely regarded as a leader in the NFL. His experience, knowledge, and work ethic have made him a valuable mentor to his teammates, both on and off the field. His leadership has played a crucial role in the success of the teams he has been a part of.

5. What are some of Andrew Whitworth’s notable achievements?

Andrew Whitworth has achieved numerous milestones throughout his career. He has been named to the NFL’s All-Pro Team, has received the Ed Block Courage Award, and has been recognized as one of the top offensive linemen in the league. His consistency and skill have earned him a stellar reputation in the football world.

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