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peppa pig and family playing with mud

Peppa Pig, the show about the eponymous pig and her family’s adventures, is one of the most beloved British cartoons ever made. Since its start in 2004, it has spawned merchandise, video games, and even its own theme park. Whether it’s Peppa herself, her brother George, or even her friends like Suzy Sheep, this cast is endeared by many.

Like many fanbases, fans of Peppa Pig like to speculate on unstated things about the show. Perhaps one of the most bizarre things that fans have wondered is the question, how tall is Peppa Pig? And for that matter, how tall are her friends? The answers to these questions are below!

Peppa Pig Has No Official Height

Let us get this out of the way. If you wanted to hear official confirmation of how tall Peppa Pig is, sorry. She does not have an official height. None is listed on the official website, and none have been stated by the series’ creators.

Despite this lack of official confirmation, this has not stopped fans from speculating. Without any official word from the show’s creators, fans turned to other ways to answer their burning questions. They may have found their savior in the most peculiar but unsurprising place: Google.

Google Gave A Surprising Answer

Back in 2019, someone decided to search for Peppa’s height on Google. The answer they got was surprising: 7 feet and 1 inch. For those who speak metric, that’s 215.9 centimeters. Yes, according to Google, Peppa is about as tall as a professional basketball player.

Peppa pig and George

The Internet Went Crazy

Understandably, the internet went nuts. People couldn’t believe the idea that their lovable pig friend is taller than them! We mean, she doesn’t look tall in the cartoon, and what purpose does it serve that she is?

The original tweet that sparked it all eventually got over 200,000 likes and 40,000 likes on Twitter. Responses varied, but given tall heights’ association with basketball, many reactions were unsurprisingly basketball-related. Some Twitter users thought that Peppa would give players like Shaquille O’Neal a run for their money. Others said that she could probably be an NBA Draft pick if she applied.

Reactions were not just limited to Peppa. Assuming that Peppa is indeed over 7 ft tall, the implication is that her parents would be even taller. If you’ve watched the cartoon, you would know that Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig are much bigger than Peppa and, of course, George. By implication, this means that Peppa’s parents are giants. Indeed, some fans did the math and concluded that Peppa’s parents are at or over 11 feet tall. In metric terms that’s 335.28 centimeters! To put that into perspective, 10 ft is about the height of a basketball stand! Surely, if all of these were true, the Pig family are titans!

So How Tall is Peppa Pig, Exactly?

Despite all the fun that the internet had, we do not have any official confirmation of her height. And indeed, we probably never will, since the creators do not seem interested in answering the question. Perhaps one day they will put the issue to rest, but right now, it’s not happening.

Still, it would not be surprising if Peppa turns out to be less than 4 ft (121.92 cm) tall. It would make sense considering the proportions shown in the series.

How About Peppa’s Family?

peppa pig and her family

As mentioned earlier, their height would depend on how tall Peppa herself actually is. For example, assume that Peppa is indeed 7 ft tall. According to calculations done by fans, that would mean that Daddy Pig is around 14 ft (426.72 cm) tall. Meanwhile, Mummy Pig would be around 11 ft (335.28 cm). This is because Mummy Pig is slightly smaller than Daddy Pig. Meanwhile, George is around 4 ft (121.92 cm) tall. That would make him pretty tall for a baby!

Ultimately, these estimates are based on the assumption that Peppa is some monstrous superhuman creature. Unfortunately, the truth is probably more mundane and Peppa’s true height, although not officially confirmed, is something more sensible and closer to an actual pig’s.

What About Peppa’s Friends?

Peppa Pig With Her Brother George Pig And Classmates

Unfortunately, it appears that the internet’s love of Peppa’s height did not extend outside her family. Indeed, there is barely any speculation about her friends‘ heights online. Thus, fans of Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit, and others will just have to speculate for themselves.

Falling Back Down To Earth

So what have we learned from all of these? We do not know how tall Peppa Pig is. Neither do we know the heights of her family and friends. However, this did not stop the internet from having those burning thoughts. And when they thought they finally got the answer, everything went crazy. Who would have thought that a cartoon about a young pig created by a trio of budding British animators would eventually lead to puzzling but otherwise funny internet buzz?

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