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Oh, to be in love! It’s a heavenly feeling. From young couples in the middle of courtship to older couples celebrating their golden anniversary, there is no doubt that to love and to be loved is simply blissful. Of course, not every love is exclusive to couples. There are different kinds of love such as familial love between parents and offspring, and philia love for friends, to name a few. Is love an emotion from the brain? Do wedding rings symbolize ownership? Will keeping pets keep the love alive? Read these 70 love facts, its history, and more, to find out!

  1. Love stimulates 12 areas of the brain.
  2. Vena amoris (vein of love) is located at the fourth finger of the left hand.
  3. People fall in love seven times before getting married.
  4. Men fall in love on an average of 88 days.
  5. The heart symbol was first used in 1250.
  1. Eros is the Greek god of love.
  2. Oxytocin produces the love hormone.
  3. Husbands who kiss their wives in the morning tend to live five years longer.
  4. It only takes a person four seconds to decide whether they like someone or not.
  5. Women are more responsive to romance after a meal.
  6. Honest couples are more likely to last longer.
  7. People in love heal from injuries twice as fast.
  8. Someone’s scent can determine another person’s attraction to them.
  9. People who experience whirlwind romance are more likely to divorce.
  10. The fear of falling in love is called philophobia.
  1. A Rabbi invented speed dating in 1999.
  2. Most people fall in love with someone similar to their parents.
  3. The “butterflies in your stomach” feeling is related to stress.
  4. One in 50 travelers found their soulmate onboard a plane.
  5. A couple’s heartbeat may synchronize over time.
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