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Elna Scully

Modified & Updated: 07 Oct 2023

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Passimian, the powerful primate Pokémon, has captivated trainers around the globe with its unique abilities and impressive stats. This Fighting type Pokémon made its debut in the Alola region and has quickly gained a reputation as a formidable opponent in battles. From its physical prowess to its fascinating behavior, Passimian is a Pokémon that never fails to intrigue trainers and researchers alike. In this article, we will delve into 20 fascinating facts about Passimian, shedding light on its evolution, abilities, habitat, and much more. So get ready to dive into the world of Passimian and discover why this primate Pokémon is a force to be reckoned with!

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Passimian is a Fighting-type Pokémon that made its debut in the seventh generation.

This agile and powerful Pokémon entered the stage in the amazing Alola region, providing Trainers with a fresh new Pokémon to add to their teams.

Its signature ability is called “Receiver.”

Passimian has the unique power to inherit the ability of a fallen teammate during battle, making it a fantastic support Pokémon in group battles.

Passimian resembles a monkey dressed as a rugby player.

With its muscular build and sporty appearance, this Pokémon stands out with its unique and comical design.

It is known for its exceptional teamwork.

Passimian is often seen in groups, displaying remarkable coordination and cooperation while battling opponents.

Passimian communicates through rhythmic patterns of drumming its chest.

This fascinating behavior is not only a form of communication but also a way to display dominance and attract potential mates.

Male Passimian have distinctive blue face paint.

It is believed that the patterns on their faces are used to intimidate rivals and assert their dominance in the group.

Passimian’s primary habitat is Melemele Island.

In the tropical paradise of Alola, Passimian can be found swinging from trees and engaging in playful antics.

It is a proficient user of the move “U-turn.”

This move allows Passimian to swiftly retreat from battle while dealing damage to the opponent, making it a valuable tactical maneuver.

Passimian has an exclusive Z-Move called “All-Out Pummeling.”

By utilizing its unique fighting skills, Passimian can unleash an incredibly powerful attack that leaves opponents in awe.

Passimian has a strong rivalry with Oranguru.

These two Pokemon often compete for territory and resources, leading to epic battles and intense power struggles.

Passimian is highly sought after by collectors and trainers.

Due to its captivating personality and valuable abilities, Passimian is a popular choice among those who seek to expand their Pokémon collection.

It is said that when Passimian sports a blue face paint, it is signaling readiness for battle.

These fierce facial markings serve as a warning to adversaries that they are about to face a formidable opponent.

Passimian often groom each other as a form of social bonding.

These gentle gestures reinforce the unity within a Passimian group and strengthen their teamwork even further.

Passimian’s speed and agility make it an excellent performer in Pokémon competitions.

With its ability to execute impressive acrobatic moves and launch devastating attacks, Passimian never fails to captivate audiences.

Passimian’s favorite berries are the Sitrus Berries.

These delicious and nutritious fruits provide Passimian with the energy it needs to perform at its best during battles.

Passimian has a unique form of play that resembles organized sports.

Whether it’s a game of catch or a friendly wrestling match, Passimian’s playful nature shines through in its interactions with fellow Pokémon.

Passimian is known for its excellent memory skills.

Once it learns a particular battle strategy or technique, it can flawlessly execute it in future battles, surprising opponents with its adaptability.

Passimian’s incredible strength allows it to launch opponents high into the air.

With a single powerful punch, Passimian can send even the heaviest of opponents soaring through the sky.

Passimian’s magnificent fur coat acts as natural armor.

Not only does it protect Passimian from harsh weather conditions, but it also provides added defense during battles.

Passimian’s unwavering loyalty to its trainer makes it a beloved companion.

Once it forms a bond with its trainer, Passimian will go to great lengths to protect and support them, making it an invaluable ally.

Now that you’ve delved into the world of Passimian, you can see why this quirky and powerful Pokémon has captured the hearts of trainers around the globe. Whether you’re a collector, a battler, or simply a fan of adorable and hilarious creatures, Passimian is sure to bring a smile to your face. So, go out there and join forces with Passimian on your Pokémon journey!


Passimian is a fascinating Pokémon with a unique set of characteristics and abilities. It is known for its teamwork and strong sense of camaraderie, making it a valuable asset in battles and competitive Pokémon battles.

With its powerful moves and strategic nature, Passimian has secured its place as a fan-favorite among Pokémon enthusiasts. Its distinct appearance and strong physique make it a formidable opponent to face in any Pokédex.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon trainer or just starting your journey, Passimian is definitely a Pokémon to consider adding to your team. Its impressive stats and interesting backstory will provide hours of entertainment and excitement.

So, go out there and catch yourself a Passimian. Train it, evolve it, and unleash its true potential. Happy hunting!


Q: What type of Pokémon is Passimian?

A: Passimian is a purely Fighting-type Pokémon.

Q: How can I obtain a Passimian?

A: Passimian is an exclusive Pokémon that can only be found in certain areas of the Alola region in Pokémon Sun and Moon. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it can be found in the Ultra Space Wilds.

Q: What is Passimian’s signature move?

A: Passimian’s signature move is “Close Combat.” It is a powerful physical Fighting-type move that lowers the user’s Defense and Special Defense after use.

Q: Are there any famous Passimian trainers?

A: One notable trainer who uses Passimian is the Island Kahuna of Ula’ula Island, Hapu. She relies on Passimian’s strength and teamwork in battles.

Q: Can Passimian evolve?

A: No, Passimian does not have any evolution forms. It remains in its base form throughout its existence.

Q: What are Passimian’s abilities?

A: Passimian has two abilities: “Receiver,” which allows it to inherit the ability of a fainted ally, and “Defiant,” which raises its Attack stat when its stats are lowered.