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When it comes to colossal Pokémon, Wailord is undoubtedly one of the most impressive. Standing at a staggering height of 47 feet and weighing in at over 877 pounds, this Water-type Pokémon is a true behemoth in the Pokémon world. With its distinct blubbery appearance and its ability to glide effortlessly through the ocean, Wailord has captured the hearts of trainers and fans alike.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the fascinating world of Wailord and uncover 18 interesting facts about this majestic Pokémon. From its origins and evolutionary line to its unique characteristics and powerful moves, we will explore everything there is to know about Wailord. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an incredible adventure through the vast waters that this Pokémon calls home!

Key Takeaways:

  • Wailord is the largest and most majestic Pokemon, known for its gentle nature and ability to create powerful tidal waves with its water-based attacks.
  • With its massive size and unique abilities, Wailord has captured the hearts of Pokemon fans and trainers worldwide, making it a popular choice for battles and adventures.
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Wailord is known as the “Float Whale Pokemon.”

With its massive size and ability to float effortlessly in the water, Wailord is truly a sight to behold.

Wailord is the largest Pokemon in existence.

Measuring at a staggering length of 47’07” (14.5 meters) and weighing approximately 877.4 pounds (398 kilograms), Wailord is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the Pokemon world.

Wailord is a Water- and Flying-type Pokemon.

Its dual typing makes it not only formidable in battle but also allows it to traverse both the seas and the skies with ease.

Wailord’s Pokedex number is #321.

It is a part of the Hoenn Pokedex and can be found in various Pokemon games.

Wailord has the ability to dive to incredible depths.

It can reach depths of over 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) in search of its favorite food, plankton.

Wailord can store an enormous amount of water in its body.

It can hold up to several hundred gallons of water, which allows it to survive in the ocean for long periods.

Wailord’s cry can be heard from miles away.

Its deep, booming voice can travel across great distances and is often used to communicate with other Wailord.

Despite its massive size, Wailord is surprisingly gentle and docile.

It is known to be friendly towards humans and other Pokemon, making it a popular choice for trainers seeking a powerful yet kind-hearted companion.

Wailord’s main attack move is “Surf.”

With its immense weight and water-based abilities, Wailord can create powerful tidal waves to crush its opponents.

Wailord’s species is based on the blue whale, the largest animal on Earth.

Its design and characteristics are inspired by the majestic marine mammal, showcasing its real-life counterpart’s awe-inspiring size and grace.

Wailord is a popular Pokemon in competitive battling.

Its impressive HP stat and access to a wide range of powerful moves make it a formidable force in online battles and tournaments.

Wailord can be found in various regions across the Pokemon world.

Whether it’s in the oceans of Hoenn, the Alola region, or even the Galar region, trainers have the opportunity to encounter and capture this magnificent Pokemon.

Wailord’s signature move is “Water Spout.”

This powerful Water-type move unleashes a torrent of high-pressure water that can wreak havoc on opponents.

Wailord is featured in several Pokemon movies and TV episodes.

Its imposing presence and unique abilities make it a captivating character to watch and learn about in the Pokemon animated series.

Wailord has a reputation for accidentally capsizing boats.

Due to its massive size, unsuspecting sailors and trainers have been taken by surprise when Wailord surfaces near their vessels, causing quite a stir.

Wailord’s evolution line starts with Wailmer.

Wailmer, a smaller water-type Pokemon, eventually grows into the gigantic Wailord when it reaches a certain level.

Wailord’s immense size can create powerful waves.

Its movements in the water can cause massive tidal waves, often mistaken as the result of earthquakes or tsunamis.

Wailord’s appearance in the Pokemon games has garnered a loyal fan following.

Trainers and fans alike have been captivated by its impressive size, unique design, and engaging gameplay mechanics.


Wailord, the majestic Pokémon, is truly a fascinating creature. Its enormous size and unique characteristics make it a standout among its peers. From its impressive height to its gentle nature, Wailord captures the imagination of Pokémon enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you are a fan of its incredible size or its intriguing biology, Wailord is undoubtedly a Pokémon worth exploring. Its presence in the Pokémon world adds depth and variety to the overall experience, making encounters with this gentle giant all the more memorable.

So, next time you come across a Wailord in your Pokémon journey, take a moment to appreciate its magnificence and the wonders of the Pokémon universe.


1. How big is Wailord?

Wailord is the largest known Pokémon, measuring an incredible height of 47 feet and weighing around 877 pounds.

2. Can Wailord fly?

No, Wailord is a Water and Whale Pokémon, so it primarily swims in the water. It has a sleek body built for swimming and cannot take to the skies.

3. Where can I find Wailord in the Pokémon games?

In most Pokémon games, Wailord can be found in various locations near bodies of water, such as oceans or seas. It is generally a rare and elusive Pokémon, so encountering one might require patience and persistence.

4. Does Wailord have any unique abilities?

Yes, Wailord has the ability to expel water from its blowhole on its head, creating a powerful Water-type attack called “Water Spout.” This move becomes stronger the more HP Wailord has.

5. Is Wailord a friendly Pokémon?

Despite its massive size, Wailord is known to possess a gentle and calm nature. It rarely shows aggression unless provoked, making it generally friendly towards humans and other Pokémon.

6. Can Wailord evolve?

No, Wailord does not have a pre-evolved or evolved form. It is the final stage of its evolutionary line.

7. What is Wailord’s role in Pokémon battles?

Due to its high HP and access to powerful Water-type attacks, Wailord is often used as a bulky special attacker or a defensive pivot in competitive battles. Its massive size also makes it an intimidating presence on the battlefield.

8. Are there any mythical or legendary Wailords?

No, Wailord is considered a regular Pokémon and does not have any mythical or legendary variants.

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