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Anatola Zajac

Modified & Updated: 25 Jan 2024


Pokémon is a beloved franchise that has captivated fans of all ages for decades. With a vast array of unique and fascinating creatures to choose from, there is always something new to discover in the Pokémon world. One such Pokémon that has garnered attention is Avalugg. Avalugg is an Ice-type Pokémon introduced in the sixth generation of the game. Its imposing size and icy exterior make it a force to be reckoned with in battles. In this article, we will delve into 13 interesting facts about Avalugg that will help you uncover the hidden depths of this icy behemoth. From its evolution process to its battle prowess, there is so much to learn about Avalugg. So, grab your Poké Balls, bundle up, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of Avalugg!

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Avalugg is known as the Iceberg Pokémon.

Aptly named, Avalugg resembles a gigantic floating iceberg with its sturdy ice shell and imposing presence. Its size is truly awe-inspiring, making it one of the largest Ice-type Pokémon in existence.

It possesses an incredible defense stat.

If you’re facing off against Avalugg in battle, be prepared for a formidable opponent. With its high defense stat, Avalugg can withstand even the most powerful physical attacks.

Avalugg’s icy shell can crush mountains.

Don’t let its slow movements fool you! Avalugg’s immense strength lies within its ice-covered body. It has been known to effortlessly crush mountains beneath its glacial weight.

This Pokémon can create powerful hailstorms.

Avalugg has the unique ability to generate intense hailstorms. These storms can create a harsh environment for its opponents, hindering their movements and causing gradual damage over time.

Avalugg’s ability, Ice Body, allows it to heal in hailstorms.

While hailstorms affect most Pokémon negatively, Avalugg benefits from them. Its Ice Body ability enables it to gradually regain its health when battling in hail-filled conditions.

It has an impressive base experience yield.

Avalugg rewards trainers handsomely with its high base experience yield. This means that when you defeat an Avalugg in battle, your Pokémon will gain a significant amount of experience points.

Avalugg has a unique move called “Heavy Slam”.

Watch out for Avalugg’s signature move, Heavy Slam! By using its massive weight to its advantage, Avalugg can inflict devastating damage on opponents based on their weight.

It can learn a variety of powerful Ice-type moves.

Avalugg’s movepool includes a range of potent Ice-type attacks, such as Blizzard, Ice Fang, and Avalanche. These moves can freeze opponents and cause significant damage in battle.

Avalugg’s design is inspired by an icebreaking ship.

The designers of Avalugg took inspiration from icebreaking ships, which are designed to navigate through icy waters by breaking apart ice formations. This explains its unique and imposing appearance.

Its pre-evolution is Bergmite.

Avalugg evolves from Bergmite, a smaller ice cube-like Pokémon. This evolution showcases the growth and development of Bergmite, transforming it into the colossal Avalugg.

Avalugg is believed to have lived in icy regions for centuries.

Legend has it that Avalugg inhabited frigid regions for countless centuries, adapting to extreme cold environments and evolving into the powerful Pokémon we know today.

It is a prime Pokémon for battling on icy terrains.

With its ice-based abilities and incredible physical strength, Avalugg thrives in icy terrains. Trainers who explore such environments often have Avalugg as their trusted companion.

Avalugg’s name is a combination of “avalanche” and “lug.”

The name “Avalugg” perfectly captures the essence of this Pokémon. It combines the destructive force of an avalanche with the strength and durability of a mighty lug, symbolizing its powerful presence and icy nature.

In conclusion, Avalugg is a force to be reckoned with. With its gigantic size, exceptional defense, and ice-based abilities, it is an invaluable asset in battles and a fascinating addition to the Pokémon world.

So, next time you encounter an Avalugg, remember these 13 facts and appreciate the marvel of this icy behemoth Pokémon!


In conclusion, Avalugg is a fascinating Pokémon with a unique design and impressive abilities. It is known for its incredible strength and defensive capabilities, making it a formidable opponent in battles. With its ice typing and sturdy Iceberg Shell ability, Avalugg can withstand powerful attacks and dish out devastating ice-based moves. Its high HP stat and access to reliable recovery moves make Avalugg a reliable tank on any team.

Whether you’re a fan of its ice-cold appearance or its strategic potential in battles, Avalugg is a Pokémon worth knowing about. Its interesting facts, impressive stats, and unique abilities make it one of the standout Ice types in the Pokémon world. So, next time you encounter an Avalugg in your Pokémon journey, remember these facts and unleash its power!


1. What type is Avalugg?

Avalugg is an Ice-type Pokémon.

2. How do I evolve Bergmite into Avalugg?

To evolve Bergmite into Avalugg, you need to level up Bergmite to at least level 37.

3. What is Avalugg’s signature ability?

Avalugg’s signature ability is Iceberg Shell, which boosts its defense when it is hit by a physical move.

4. Can Avalugg learn any moves from other types?

Yes, Avalugg can learn a few moves from other types, such as Earthquake and Stone Edge.

5. How strong is Avalugg in terms of its base stats?

Avalugg has a base HP stat of 95, which is quite high for a defensive Pokémon, and its base Defense stat is an impressive 184.

6. Is Avalugg a good choice for competitive battles?

Avalugg can be a solid choice for competitive battles due to its high defense and access to recovery moves like Recover and Roost.

7. Are there any weaknesses that Avalugg has to be aware of?

Avalugg is weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel-type moves, so it’s important to strategize accordingly and watch out for these types of attacks.

8. Can Avalugg be found in the wild, or is it exclusive to certain games?

Avalugg can be found in the wild in various Pokémon games, depending on the region and game version.

9. Can Avalugg learn any powerful Ice-type moves?

Yes, Avalugg can learn moves like Avalanche, Blizzard, and Ice Beam, which can deal significant damage to opponents.

10. Does Avalugg have any pre-evolutions?

Yes, Avalugg is the evolved form of Bergmite, which can be found in various icy areas in Pokémon games.