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When it comes to the world of entertainment, there are few celebrities who have made as big of an impact as Dan Levy. From his breakout role as David Rose on the critically acclaimed show “Schitt’s Creek” to his work as a writer, producer, and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, Dan Levy has become a household name. With his wit, charm, and undeniable talent, Levy has captured the hearts of fans around the world.

In this article, we will explore 30 fascinating facts about Dan Levy that you may not have known. From his early life and career to his personal achievements and inspirations, we will delve into the life of this talented actor and discover what makes him one of the most beloved figures in Hollywood today. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to get to know Dan Levy on a whole new level.

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Dan Levy comes from a famous showbiz family.

Dan Levy is the son of renowned comedian and actor Eugene Levy and his mother is screenwriter and producer Deborah Divine. Showbiz runs in his veins!

Dan Levy was born on August 9, 1983.

On this day, the world welcomed the talented actor and writer who would go on to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Dan Levy is a Canadian actor, writer, and television host.

He hails from Canada, proudly representing the Canadian talent that has taken Hollywood by storm.

He is best known for his role as David Rose in the sitcom “Schitt’s Creek.”

The character of David Rose, with his eccentric personality and unique fashion sense, became a fan favorite and propelled Dan Levy to new heights of fame.

“Schitt’s Creek” was co-created by Dan Levy and his father Eugene Levy.

The father-son duo joined forces to bring this heartwarming and hilarious series to life, creating a show that captured the hearts of millions around the world.

Dan Levy won numerous awards for his work on “Schitt’s Creek.”

His exceptional performance as David Rose earned him several accolades, including four Emmy Awards and a Canadian Screen Award.

He started his career as a host and presenter on MTV Canada.

Before making his mark in acting, Dan Levy became a familiar face on MTV, entertaining audiences with his wit and charm.

Dan Levy has appeared in several films and television shows.

Aside from “Schitt’s Creek,” he has showcased his versatility in projects like “Admission,” “Stage Fright,” and “Modern Family.”

He has a passion for fashion.

Dan Levy’s unique sense of style has made waves in the fashion industry, earning him a spot on numerous best-dressed lists and turning heads on red carpets.

Dan Levy is openly gay.

He has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has used his platform to raise awareness and promote inclusivity in the entertainment industry and beyond.

He has a strong social media presence.

Dan Levy engages with his fans through platforms like Twitter and Instagram, sharing behind-the-scenes insights and spreading positivity.

Dan Levy has written for various publications.

His witty and insightful writing has been featured in publications like Vogue and The New York Times, showcasing his talent beyond acting and hosting.

He has a love for dogs.

Dan Levy is an avid dog lover and has a furry companion named Redmond, who often steals the spotlight in his social media posts.

Dan Levy has a tattoo on his right forearm.

The tattoo features an image of a bee, which symbolizes hard work and community, two values that hold great meaning to him.

He has made guest appearances on various talk shows.

From late-night shows like “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to daytime talk shows like “Ellen,” Dan Levy has charmed audiences with his charismatic personality.

Dan Levy is a philanthropist.

He has used his platform to support various charitable causes, including organizations focused on LGBTQ+ rights and mental health awareness.

He has been recognized as a powerful influencer.

Dan Levy’s impact goes beyond his acting career, as he has been included in the TIME 100 Next list of influential people shaping the future.

Dan Levy is a talented voice actor.

He has lent his voice to animated films and TV shows, including “Arrested Development” and “The Simpsons.”

Dan Levy collaborated with Valentino on a fashion campaign.

His fashion sense caught the attention of renowned fashion brand Valentino, leading to a partnership for their pre-fall 2021 campaign.

He is passionate about representation in the media.

Dan Levy actively advocates for diversity and inclusion, promoting the importance of authentic and inclusive storytelling.

Dan Levy is a talented writer.

In addition to writing for television, he has also published a book titled “Schitt’s Creek: The Farewell.

He has a strong bond with his “Schitt’s Creek” co-stars.

Dan Levy formed close friendships with his on-screen family, including Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, and Annie Murphy.

He has appeared as a guest judge on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

As a lover of drag culture, Dan Levy brought his expertise and enthusiasm to the iconic reality show, delighting fans with his appearances.

Dan Levy is multilingual.

He can speak English, French, and Hebrew, showcasing his linguistic talents.

He is an advocate for mental health.

Dan Levy has openly shared his own experiences with anxiety and has encouraged conversations surrounding mental well-being.

He is involved in environmental activism.

Dan Levy takes steps to reduce his carbon footprint and has supported initiatives promoting sustainability.

He has a great sense of humor.

Dan Levy’s wit and comedic timing have contributed to the success of “Schitt’s Creek” and endeared him to fans worldwide.

Dan Levy’s work on “Schitt’s Creek” has left a lasting impact.

The series has been praised for its positive LGBTQ+ representation and has become a source of inspiration for many.

He hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 2020.

Dan Levy showcased his hosting skills on the iconic sketch comedy show, earning praise for his memorable performance.

Dan Levy’s future projects are highly anticipated.

After the success of “Schitt’s Creek,” fans are eagerly awaiting his upcoming projects, excited to see what creative ventures he will embark on next.


In conclusion, Dan Levy is a talented actor, writer, and producer who has captured the hearts of many with his wit, charm, and unique sense of style. From his breakout role in Schitt’s Creek to his philanthropic work and activism, Levy continues to make a lasting impact both on and off the screen. With a loyal fan base and a growing list of accomplishments, there is no doubt that Dan Levy’s star will continue to rise in the entertainment industry.


Q: What is Dan Levy’s most famous role?

A: Dan Levy is best known for his role as David Rose in the hit TV series Schitt’s Creek, which he co-created and co-wrote with his father, Eugene Levy.

Q: Has Dan Levy won any awards for his work?

A: Yes, Dan Levy has received numerous awards and nominations for his outstanding performance in Schitt’s Creek, including several Emmy Awards and a Critics’ Choice Television Award.

Q: Is Dan Levy involved in any social causes?

A: Absolutely! Dan Levy is actively involved in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and has been vocal about his support for equality. He has also used his platform to raise awareness and funds for various charitable organizations.

Q: Does Dan Levy have any upcoming projects?

A: While specific projects may not be announced yet, Dan Levy has expressed his interest in branching out into different creative endeavors. Fans can expect to see him in more exciting roles as both an actor and a writer.

Q: Who are some of Dan Levy’s inspirations?

A: Dan Levy has cited iconic comedians such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Gilda Radner as inspirations for his work. He admires their ability to blend humor with social commentary.