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Gabriele Corcos is a multitalented celebrity known for his remarkable achievements in various fields. From his captivating charm as a television host to his incredible culinary skills as a chef, Corcos has left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. With his Italian roots and a passion for cooking, he has become a household name, captivating audiences worldwide with his unique flair and delicious recipes.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Gabriele Corcos and reveal 15 astounding facts about his life, career, and personal journey. From his humble beginnings in Italy to his rise to fame as a renowned chef, entrepreneur, and television personality, we will discover the intriguing details that have shaped his remarkable success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gabriele Corcos, an Italian-born chef, is known for hosting “Extra Virgin” with his wife, Debi Mazar, and is passionate about Tuscan cuisine, family, and sustainable cooking.
  • With a love for Italian traditions and music, Gabriele Corcos creates memorable dining experiences and inspires others to savor good food and create lasting memories with loved ones.
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Gabriele Corcos is an Italian-born chef.

Gabriele Corcos was born and raised in Florence, Italy, where he developed a passion for cooking from a young age.

He is best known for hosting the cooking show “Extra Virgin” with his wife, Debi Mazar.

The popular cooking show, “Extra Virgin,” follows Gabriele and his wife as they explore the culinary delights of Italy and share their love for food and family.

Gabriele is an expert in Tuscan cuisine.

Having grown up in Florence, Gabriele has a deep understanding and appreciation for the flavors and techniques of Tuscan cooking.

He studied music and acting before pursuing a career in the culinary world.

Prior to his culinary endeavors, Gabriele explored his artistic side through music and acting, which adds a unique dimension to his approach in the kitchen.

Gabriele and Debi Mazar have been married since 2002.

The couple tied the knot in 2002 and have been inseparable ever since, combining their talents and passions to create a successful partnership both on and off-screen.

He is a devoted father to their two daughters.

Gabriele puts family first and cherishes the time he spends with his two daughters, Evelina and Giulia.

Gabriele is a published author.

He has written two cookbooks, “Extra Virgin: Recipes & Love from Our Tuscan Kitchen” and “Super Tuscan: Heritage Recipes from Our Italian-American Kitchen,” which showcase his culinary expertise and personal journey.

He is an advocate for sustainable and farm-to-table cooking.

Gabriele believes in utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients and supporting sustainable farming practices to create flavorful and ethical meals.

Gabriele and Debi own a farm in upstate New York.

The couple has embraced the farm-to-table lifestyle by owning a farm where they grow their own vegetables and raise livestock to support their culinary endeavors.

He is fluent in multiple languages.

With his Italian roots and international experiences, Gabriele is fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish, allowing him to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Gabriele is a talented musician.

In addition to his culinary skills, he is a skilled guitar player and has even composed music for some of his cooking segments on “Extra Virgin.

He is passionate about Italian traditions and culture.

Gabriele takes pride in his Italian heritage and loves sharing the rich traditions, cultural practices, and flavors of Italy with his audience.

Gabriele and Debi started a line of pasta sauces.

Building on their passion for Italian cuisine, the couple launched a line of authentic pasta sauces made from high-quality ingredients, capturing the essence of Italian flavors.

He has made appearances on various talk shows and cooking competitions.

Gabriele’s charming personality and culinary expertise have made him a sought-after guest on shows like “The Rachael Ray Show” and “Beat Bobby Flay.

Gabriele strives to create memorable dining experiences.

Whether it’s through his cooking show, cookbooks, or personal appearances, Gabriele is dedicated to inspiring people to gather around the table, savor good food, and create lasting memories with loved ones.

These 15 astounding facts about Gabriele Corcos highlight his journey as a talented chef, TV personality, and family man. With his passion for Italian cuisine and commitment to sustainable cooking, Gabriele continues to captivate audiences with his culinary creations and infectious enthusiasm. So, sit back, tune into “Extra Virgin,” and let Gabriele take you on a mouthwatering journey through the flavors of his beloved Italy.


Gabriele Corcos is indeed an extraordinary individual, with a unique combination of talents and accomplishments. From his culinary expertise to his captivating on-screen presence, he has left a lasting impression on fans and food enthusiasts alike. Whether you know him from his popular cooking show or his best-selling cookbooks, there is no denying his passion for bringing Italian cuisine to the world.

With his charming personality, his impressive knowledge of food, and his devotion to family, Gabriele Corcos has become a beloved figure in both the culinary and entertainment worlds. His journey from Italy to America and his dedication to preserving traditional Italian cooking techniques have made him an inspiration for aspiring chefs and food lovers everywhere. As Gabriele continues to share his love for food and culture, we can look forward to more astounding facts and accomplishments from this remarkable celebrity.-


1. What is Gabriele Corcos famous for?

Gabriele Corcos is famous for being a renowned Italian chef, television personality, and cookbook author.

2. What is Gabriele Corcos’ cooking style?

Gabriele Corcos’ cooking style is deeply rooted in traditional Italian cuisine, focusing on fresh and simple ingredients to create flavorful dishes.

3. How did Gabriele Corcos become famous?

Gabriele Corcos gained fame through his hit cooking show “Extra Virgin” on the Cooking Channel, where he shared his love for Italian cooking and showcased his culinary skills alongside his wife, actress Debi Mazar.

4. Has Gabriele Corcos written any cookbooks?

Yes, Gabriele Corcos has authored several cookbooks, including “Extra Virgin: Recipes & Love from Our Tuscan Kitchen” and “Super Tuscan: Heritage Recipes and Simple Pleasures from Our Kitchen to Your Table.

5. Is Gabriele Corcos a trained chef?

Although Gabriele Corcos does not have formal culinary training, he learned the art of cooking from his grandmother and grew up immersed in the rich culinary traditions of Italy.

6. What is Gabriele Corcos’ approach to food?

Gabriele Corcos believes in using high-quality, seasonal ingredients and showcasing their natural flavors through simple and authentic cooking techniques.

7. Is Gabriele Corcos still active in the culinary world?

Yes, Gabriele Corcos continues to actively share his love for cooking through various culinary projects, including collaborations with renowned chefs and appearances on television shows and food festivals.

8. Is Gabriele Corcos involved in any philanthropic work?

Yes, Gabriele Corcos is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes related to food security, sustainable agriculture, and promoting healthy eating habits.

9. Does Gabriele Corcos have any signature dishes?

Gabriele Corcos is known for his delicious pasta dishes, including his signature Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, as well as his mouthwatering Tuscan-style roasted meats.

10. Can I recreate Gabriele Corcos’ recipes at home?

Absolutely! Gabriele Corcos’ recipes are designed to be approachable and easy to follow, making it possible for home cooks to recreate his delicious dishes in their own kitchens.

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