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The Oviatt Library, located on the campus of California State University, Northridge, is not just a typical library. It is a hub of knowledge, resources, and inspiration for students, faculty, and the community. With its striking architecture and vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources, the Oviatt Library provides a welcoming and enriching environment for academic pursuits.

But there’s more to the Oviatt Library than meets the eye. From its intriguing history to some surprising features, this article will take you on a journey through 17 extraordinary facts about this iconic landmark. So, let’s dive in and discover the hidden gems of the Oviatt Library!

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The Oviatt Library is located on the campus of California State University, Northridge.

The Oviatt Library is an iconic landmark situated on the picturesque campus of California State University, Northridge. Serving as the main library for the university, it is a hub of academic resources and a vibrant center for learning and research.

The library was named after Delmar T. Oviatt, the university’s founding librarian.

Delmar T. Oviatt was a visionary librarian who played a crucial role in the development of the library. In recognition of his contributions to the university, the library was named after him, honoring his legacy and commitment to education.

It first opened its doors in 1973.

The Oviatt Library has a rich history that dates back to its opening in Since then, it has been a cornerstone of academic life and a vital resource for students, faculty, and staff at California State University, Northridge.

The library spans over 234,712 square feet.

With its massive size, the Oviatt Library offers an extensive collection of books, journals, electronic resources, and study spaces to accommodate the needs of the university community. Its expansive layout provides ample space for students to explore, study, and collaborate.

It houses over 1.4 million volumes.

The Oviatt Library boasts an impressive collection of books, magazines, journals, and other materials. With over 1.4 million volumes, it offers a vast range of resources across various disciplines, supporting research and learning in diverse fields of study.

The International and Language Learning Center is located within the library.

As a multicultural and inclusive institution, the Oviatt Library is proud to host the International and Language Learning Center. This center provides resources and support for students learning languages and promotes cultural understanding and global engagement.

The Oviatt Library is home to the Creative Media Studio.

For students interested in multimedia projects, the Oviatt Library is the place to be. The Creative Media Studio offers equipment and software for video and audio production, graphic design, and other creative endeavors, empowering students to unleash their artistic talents.

It features the Helen Hunt Jackson Native American Collection.

The Oviatt Library houses an extensive collection of Native American literature, art, and artifacts known as the Helen Hunt Jackson Native American Collection. This unique collection provides valuable insights into Native American culture, history, and contributions.

The library has a dedicated Special Collections and Archives department.

The Special Collections and Archives department at the Oviatt Library preserves and showcases rare and unique materials that offer a glimpse into the past. From historical manuscripts to photographs, these collections provide valuable resources for researchers and historians.

The library offers various instructional workshops and research assistance.

Recognizing the importance of information literacy, the Oviatt Library provides workshops and research assistance to help students navigate the vast sea of information effectively. Librarians are available to guide students through the research process, ensuring they develop crucial skills for academic success.

The Oviatt Library underwent a major renovation in 2014.

In 2014, the Oviatt Library underwent a significant renovation to enhance its facilities and improve the overall learning environment. The renovation included the creation of additional study spaces, updated technology, and a more modern and welcoming design.

It offers 24/7 access during the academic year.

The Oviatt Library understands that learning can happen at any time. Therefore, during the academic year, it provides 24/7 access to its resources and study areas, ensuring that students have the flexibility to study at their convenience, day or night.

The library has an extensive online collection.

Recognizing the importance of digital resources, the Oviatt Library offers an extensive online collection of e-books, scholarly journals, databases, and other digital materials. Students can access these resources from anywhere, making research and learning more accessible.

The library has a WISE Owl Virtual Reference Service.

To assist students with their research needs, the Oviatt Library offers the WISE Owl Virtual Reference Service. This online platform allows students to chat with librarians in real-time, providing assistance and answering questions from the comfort of their own homes.

It offers study rooms and collaborative spaces.

The Oviatt Library provides a variety of study rooms and collaborative spaces to cater to different learning styles and preferences. From quiet individual study rooms to group study areas equipped with technology, students can find the perfect space to study, research, and collaborate.

The library hosts art exhibitions and events.

With its commitment to fostering creativity and cultural engagement, the Oviatt Library regularly hosts art exhibitions, lectures, and other events that showcase diverse artistic perspectives. These events contribute to the vibrant intellectual and cultural life on campus.

The Oviatt Library is a symbol of knowledge and academic excellence.

As a cultural icon on campus, the Oviatt Library represents the pursuit of knowledge, academic excellence, and the power of ideas. It stands as a testament to the university’s commitment to providing a rich learning environment for its students and fostering a community of scholars.

With its rich history, expansive collection, and commitment to supporting academic success, it is no wonder that the Oviatt Library has become a beloved institution on the California State University, Northridge campus. Whether students are seeking research materials, collaborative spaces, or expert assistance, the library provides a wealth of resources and services to meet their needs. The Oviatt Library continues to uphold its legacy as an extraordinary place of learning, exploration, and inspiration.


In conclusion, the Oviatt Library is a truly remarkable institution that offers a wealth of resources and services to its visitors. From its stunning architecture to its extensive collection of books and archives, the library is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. Whether you’re a student, a scholar, or simply a curious individual, the Oviatt Library is a place where you can immerse yourself in the world of learning and discovery.

With its commitment to innovation and community engagement, the library continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its users. It serves as a hub for intellectual exploration, research, and collaboration, fostering an environment that promotes education and critical thinking. The Oviatt Library truly embodies the power of libraries as transformative spaces that can shape the minds and futures of generations to come.


1. How do I get access to the Oviatt Library?

To access the Oviatt Library, you need to be a student, faculty, or staff member of California State University, Northridge. Simply present your valid CSUN ID card at the entrance for entry.

2. Can non-CSUN affiliated individuals visit the Oviatt Library?

Yes, non-affiliated individuals are welcome to visit the Oviatt Library. However, some services may be limited for non-CSUN visitors. It is recommended to check the library’s website or contact them directly for more information.

3. Can I borrow books from the Oviatt Library?

Yes, CSUN students, faculty, and staff can borrow books from the library using their CSUN ID cards. There are also interlibrary loan services available for obtaining materials from other libraries.

4. Is there Wi-Fi available at the Oviatt Library?

Yes, the Oviatt Library provides free Wi-Fi access for its visitors. You can connect to the network using your personal devices.

5. Are there study spaces available at the Oviatt Library?

Absolutely! The Oviatt Library offers a variety of study spaces, including individual study carrels, group study rooms, and open seating areas. You can choose the environment that best suits your study needs.

6. Can I print or make copies at the Oviatt Library?

Yes, printing and copying services are available at the library. There are designated areas with printers and photocopiers where you can conveniently fulfill your printing needs.

7. Does the Oviatt Library have special collections or archives?

Yes, the library houses several special collections and archives, including the International Guitar Research Archive, the Urban Archives Center, and the Tom and Ethel Bradley Center. These collections provide valuable resources for in-depth research and exploration.