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In this day and age, smart devices are found in an estimated 7 out of 10 homes in Europe, 8 out of 10 in the United States, and 6 out of 10 across Asia. Compare this to 15 years ago, when the only smart devices were available were the earliest smartphones and it’s clear to see that a pattern is emerging. For anyone that has a home, they’ll undoubtedly be keen to upgrade the functionality of their day-to-day tasks and in this article, we’ll be exploring some of the most effective ways to convert a traditional property into one packed with smart features the likes of which could make life far more convenient and enjoyable.

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is one that has been carefully integrated to work with particular devices that can make life easier. From robotic vacuums, right through to sensors, doorbell cameras and more – smart devices come in all shapes and sizes and can be a great way to reduce stress and automate particular tasks, such as lights turning on and off at specific times, or heating activating when a certain low temperature has been detected.

Robotic Vacuums

With the average person working for 8 hours a day, and then needing to factor in commute times – being able to get home, tidy up, cook dinner and settle down for the evening can sometimes be a challenge. Robotic vacuums might not be able to prepare a meal, but they can certainly help to keep floors neat and tidy. These devices are available in a range of styles including those that auto-empty when finished and some can even be programmed using text to speech software that comes with the app associated with the bot.

There are a variety of options available, with prices starting from entry level right through to more expensive alternatives. Once set up and programmed, these robotic vacuums can get to work at set times and the only maintenance that they will require is emptying their internal compartment from time to time, and a quick wipe-over with a cloth to stay looking clean and fresh. Some of these devices even know how to map the layout of a home and they can navigate around obstructions as standard.

Doorbell Cameras

These handy little devices are fairly new to the market, being just a few years old for the most advanced versions, but they all do pretty much the same thing. They work by being installed on the outside of a home and most devices come with a camera and microphone built-in to their structure. They will usually be waterproof for convenience and when pressed, the homeowner will receive a notification via an app.

Once opened, they can see who is at their door without even needing to answer. This can be especially beneficial if the homeowner is at work and a delivery driver stops by – and there are even features that can be programmed to activate should the camera detect any movement. Throw in the fact that these devices are also a deterrent for burglars and parcel thieves, and they offer an effective smart solution for all budgets.

Personal Assistants

These devices run using AI, or artificial intelligence and their sole purpose is to make life easier for their owner. They come in a range of sizes, with a multitude of features to choose from depending on the manufacturer and brand, but in general, they are intended to provide personal assistance when needed.

They might not be good at coloring pictures like the software available through CapCut is, which is used by countless individuals to create some of the most iconic media available online, but they can provide advice on where to buy coloring pencils, the nearest restaurant, or the weather predictions for the week ahead. CapCut can also enhance these images and photos, and as some smart devices can display pictures, they could even showcase a selection of personalized artwork on their screens, as is the case with some Alexa products.

Even older, monochrome images can benefit from colorization as the AI used by CapCut can identify the key traits of a photo and then begin enhancing it, pixel by pixel. This can be done by visiting the website, uploading the file after logging in when an account has been registered, and then sitting back while the AI takes care of the technicalities.


Many homeowners find that these devices are convenient because of their small size and access to a huge database of information that is updated frequently. They can even be personalized with their own names and will even refer to their owner with a title of their choice, making them as fun and enjoyable to use as they are beneficial to have around the house.

Smart Lighting

Being able to control lighting with an assistant can be very beneficial, especially if the homeowner wants to turn lights on while they are out, or schedule lighting to activate at a specific time. Smart lighting does exactly this and there are even some products that have built in microphones that recognize particular commands.

In most other cases, however, the lighting will need to be controlled using an app or a personal assistant device, and both options are very beneficial when it comes to saving time and effort. Smart lighting is also available as LEDs, traditional bulbs with upgraded software inside, and a wide variety of other styles, making matching a theme of a home all the more simple.

Smart Controls for Heating and Cooling

Smart devices don’t just stop at those that can be used for lighting and cleaning. There are even pieces of hardware that can be integrated within heating and cooling systems, allowing them to be activated remotely with the push of a button. For those within hot countries, being able to ensure that their air conditioning is active by the time they return home can be convenient, and the same can be said for HVAC units whereby heating may be required.

There are typically options to keep track of energy usage as well, not to mention features that allow a scheduled turn-on time for these types of devices, allowing a homeowner to relax in the knowledge that their property can pretty much run itself when they aren’t there.

These are just a selection of 5 methods to upgrade to a smart home, and there are many more options on the market. These include automatic pet feeders, automated watering solutions for plants, door access products to allow pets inside and out at set times, and a host of other solutions expected to enter the industry in the very near future.

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