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The types of skateboards you find in your everyday life are all uniquely different. It’s possible that you often see a group of people riding their skateboards across the city or in a skate park. You could’ve even Googled how to skateboard once in your life just to have an idea on how they could make those stunts and defy gravity.

Street skateboarding is popular with the youth and they often use their skateboards to travel from one place to another. Some even have custom skateboards made just for them. Since the 2021 Olympics officially approved skateboarding as an Olympic sport, there will be a definite increase in skate shops or skate warehouses in all parts of the globe.

Though if you’re a beginner, it’s not that easy to start from scratch. This is especially true if you don’t have any friends who can skate. You will never know how to ride a skateboard if someone doesn’t teach you, but it’s even more difficult if you can’t choose the best skateboard for you. This is where we come in with our trusty list of skateboards you can choose from, plus, a few fun facts about them.

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Origin of Skateboards

The first time anyone ever decided to build a skateboard was around the late 1940s to the early 1950s in California and Hawaii. They can actually be traced back to surfing. Surfers created the skateboard so that they could take the feeling of riding the waves to the ground, thus, the birth of street skateboarding.

The vintage skateboards that they used to create were made of metal wheel bearings and shorter surfboards. The economy gained a steady increase after the war, and Roller Derby built the first skateboard with improved advancement. Their first step jumpstarted the skateboard industry.

Now that we know the basics of the skateboard’s origin, it’s time we see the complete skateboard list. Now, keep in mind that there are many skateboard sizes and this should be important if you are looking to own one.

Types of Longboards

There are a lot of differences between a skateboard and a longboard. But the biggest and most noticeable one is that longboards are larger than an average skateboard. Longboards are often used for long distances and are perfect for downhills. Keep in mind that they are still a type of skateboard.

Man riding on longboard skate on road
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Cruising Longboard

This classic longboard is a type of skateboard that is built for cruising long distances. It’s also a perfect beginner skateboard, thanks to its wide length, giving more room to attain balance. They’re usually eight to twelve feet long, but some customized longboards can even be longer.

Downhill Longboard

The downhill longboard skateboard is basically a lot like the classic longboard, but with a twist. It was created specifically for steep mountain roads. It’s also a lot faster than the classic longboard, and is even used in racing as well. The controlled speed is to allow more space for the wheels to gain even higher momentum.

Carving Board

Carving is the closest skateboarding can get when it comes to surfing. A carving board is built to help skateboarders perform carving thanks to its wide reach. The biggest difference between carving boards from other longboards is their large body and heavy wheels. These are important to create the perfect balance when changing direction. Take note that carving may look simple to the audience, but it takes a lot of diligence and practice to perform carving without any flaws.

Pintail Longboard

pintail longboard
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Remember when we said that choosing the right size of skateboard matters? This is where it comes in. Pintail longboards are one of the best of the best for cruising on flat surfaces. They’re also a brilliant choice for anyone trying their hand at beginner skateboard lessons. But there’s a catch: since the pintail longboard is wide, high mounted, and long, the person using it should also be of proportionate size. It’s important that your feet remain inside the board.

Bamboo Longboard

Bamboo longboards are a favorite among traveling youths. This is because of their weightless and flexible material. Bamboo longboards are organic, which makes them friendly to the environment. They’re also very cheap compared to the other longboards listed here. Their wheels may draw a bit of a setback, but the pros of having a bamboo longboard outweigh the cons by a mile.

Fishtail Longboard

Fishtail longboards are named after their bottom parts, having a cleft shape similar to the tail of a fish. They’re actually just as similar as pintail longboards but can make sharper turns than the pintail. It’s because of their steeper concave, compared to the pintail, that they can do this. Remember to check a skateboard size chart to see if the Fishtail you’re eyeing is proportionate to you.

Blunt Longboard

Blunt longboards are the most durable of all longboards listed here. Unlike the downhill longboard, blunt longboards aren’t suitable for skating in the hills. This is because it’s slow to take sharp turns. Thanks to its stability, it’s also another recommended skateboard for beginners.

Twin Longboard

The twin longboard was designed for street skateboarding. It’s easier on movement and allows the rider to make sharp turns and tricks. Most professionals use this longboard because of its stability. Take note that if you are to buy a twin longboard, you should buy one with large soft wheels.

Top Mount Longboard

Top mounts rely on attaching the trucks to the deck. Its purpose is to help with sharp turns. The downside for top mounts is that it’s unstable. In fact, it’s really not advisable for beginner skateboarders. Should you buy a top mount, however, it’s possible to experiment with different trucks, wheels, and bushings to help with its fragile stability.

Cut Out Longboard

Types of Skateboards: Cut Out
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Cut Out longboards have large wheel space to help with movement. Preferably, for downhill movement. These are called cutouts because of the way the board is cut to make narrow edges. It’s a lot similar to Drop Down Longboard but with higher stability.

Drop Down Longboard

Drop Down Longboards have a dip on the board with wide wheel clearance. Compared to Cut Out Longboards, the Drop Down Longboard allows for long rides. Moreover, the drop down’s board helps the rider push for more speed.

Speed Board Longboard

Speed Board is used for zipping. It has both impressive stability and speed. There are many sizes available for speed boards. It’s also important to note that the tail end of a speed board longboard is blunt and sharp at the same time.

Dancer Longboard

You’ve probably seen videos of riders twirling around while riding a longboard. In fact, many of these videos have gone viral. The first person to do this was Rodney Mullen. There are old clips of Mullen dancing on a longboard in 1986. Meanwhile, dancer longboards are longer than most of the longboards on this list to allow extra room for stepping. It is tricky to find a dancer longboard since it’s important that it’s light and lengthy.

Double Drop Longboard

Double Drop Longboards can be easily identified by the board’s low height. They’re also a favorite of riders who enjoy skateboarding on hills. In addition, they have extreme speed capability. Double drop longboards are basically dropped through longboards that have been changed to prioritize speed.

Freeride Longboard

You can tell a person is using a Freeride Longboard by the thane lines it leaves, thanks to the urethane wheels they use. Freerides are aggressive with speed and sliding, making it difficult for beginners. That’s why it takes extreme discipline to master Freeride Longboards.

Commuter Longboard

Commuter Longboards are pretty self-explanatory. They’re used for everyday commuting, using mid-sized wheels. The commuter longboard is close to the ground as well.

Electric Longboard

Electric longboard
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Electric Longboards are longboards that use motorized technology so that you don’t have to push or kick the board. It’s basically an automatic longboard. There’s a lot to take in for electric longboards, though. First off, there is a weight limit, which is always written on their manuals. You also have to consider buying a powerful motor on the longboard depending on the weight they carry.

Types of Shortboards

Mini Cruiser

mini cruiser
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Mini cruisers are the best cruiser skateboards of all time. They’re basically mini skateboards with soft wheels. They’re better to use for travel, thanks to their compact figure and light feel. Mini cruisers are also filled with speed, but take note you can’t do any tricks with them. Another term for mini cruisers is penny boards.

Mini Board

Mini skateboards were the most common back in the early days of skateboarding. It’s more common to find a child using a mini skateboard now. They are perfect for toddlers preparing to learn to skateboard since it’s a small skateboard that children can use to train for tricks.

It’s the best skateboard for children learning to become pro skaters. Although they grow out of it easily, the training they can achieve with it is worth the pay.

Old School Skateboard

old school skateboard
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Old school skateboards are stout and look similar to a fish’s tail. They also have a tinier nose tip but a larger deck and wheels. Their rails are put there to help you keep balance. It allows the rider to not worry about balancing the front and back wheels. Another interesting note is that an old-school skateboard helps you stabilize around uneven terrain.

Cruiser Board

You can spot a cruiser board by the wheels. Skateboards of all types can be transformed into cruiser boards just by changing the wheels to the softer type. It’s got great speed and is easy to use for commuting or far off distances.

Freestyle Skateboard

Freestyle skateboards have no rules or limitations. They’re perfect for mastering beginner tricks and practicing stability and speed. Freestyle skateboards are the oldest type of skateboard. Depending on whether you want to focus on sliding tricks or footwork, the freestyle skateboard can easily adjust to you.


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Hoverboards are considered the future of skateboarding. It’s a self-balancing electric skateboard. They were released in the 2010s, gaining steady popularity. They’re not to be confused with the science fiction term of hoverboards that are supposed to lift a person above the air.

Where to Buy Skateboards

When buying skateboards, it doesn’t just depend on your size or whether you’re a beginner. It’s also important to take note of your budget. If you’re looking for a cheap one, Walmart skateboards are good skateboards for beginners to use. If you’re more advanced, Amazon skateboard parts are also available. You can even customize them to your liking. If you’re looking for used skateboards, try looking them up on Craigslist. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the perfect one for you.


Now that you have a clear grasp of all the different types of skateboards, it’s time to learn how to skate. Whether you choose the best skateboard for beginners, build your own, or discuss what size you should get, is all on you. Good luck and have a blast out on the wheels!

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