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Stephen King's bestseller novel 'The Shining

There’s a good reason why you stumbled on this list of Stephen King books. Whether it’s because you’re looking at all the best Stephen King books ranked out there or that you wish to learn more about Stephen King’s bibliography, it’s definitely a reason to stay. He is one of the most famous horror novelists on the planet. But who is Stephen King, really? Well, he’s a writer that has inspired many stories of both horror, sci-fi, and crime. How many books has Stephen King written? The answer is ninety-six books. These include short stories and novellas. How old is Stephen King now? As of 2022, he is seventy-five years old. And although in his senior years, nothing gets past Stephen King. Twitter is one platform you can see him active on.

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Stephen King has had so many books of his remade into films that there should even be a list of Stephen King movies somewhere on the internet. Books by Stephen King have even made readers cry because of the relatability and the right way of explaining the character’s emotions. It’s no wonder that most of his books have earned him the respect of so many avid readers and movie fans alike.

Still, only a few people know all of his books by heart. Thankfully, we have found his works and organized them into a list of books and novellas, along with their summaries.

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Carrie (Novel, 1974)

Carrie is one of Stephen King’s classic books. The story revolves around a young teenage girl named Carrie who discovers she has telekinetic powers. She deals with harsh bullies such as Chris, a popular rich girl who leads a band of bullies. Carrie also has to follow her abusive mother, who hides behind religious pretenses. What would you do if you had her problems and her powers?

Salem’s Lot (Novel, 1975)

Salem’s Lot is the story of a writer named Ben Mears. Ben returns to his childhood town named Jerusalem’s Lot (or Salem’s Lot for short). He, unfortunately, discovers that many of the town’s locals have become odd. This all begins once Richard Straker introduces himself as Kurt Barlow’s business partner, who buys the Marsten House. What made the locals’ change? And who made them change in the first place?

The Shining (Novel, 1977)

The Shining follows the Torrance family members: Jack, Wendy, and Danny. Jack is an aspiring playwright who gets a job taking care of the Overlook Hotel during the winter. Before they are left to their own devices, the Torrance family meets Dick Hallorann, who notices that Danny is a psychic like himself. Hallorann explains to Danny that he calls their powers the Shining, and that if there is ever any trouble, Danny must call him right away. Trouble appears as Jack starts getting possessed and apparitions of angry spirits start to appear.

Rage (Novel, 1977)

Rage is a novel about the violence of a school shooting led by Charlie Decker. The story begins with Charlie being expelled after he seriously injures one of his teachers, gets suspended, and refuses to apologize (even insulting the principal as a result). He gets expelled, and holds the students of the school hostage while killing the other teachers first. The novel has been named alongside various real-life school shootings from the 1980s to the 1990s, causing the book to be banned.

The Stand (Novel, 1978)

The Stand is a post-apocalyptic novel that centers on a battle between good and evil. A deadly virus infects people and those who survive band together. All survivors have prophetic dreams, either of Mother Abigail or Randall Flagg. Mother Abigail is the good-natured one-hundred-year-old woman, while Randall is the leader of the deranged psychopaths.

Night Shift (Story Collection, 1978)

Stephen King’s short story collections began in 1978 with his first published collection: Night Shift. The short stories include Jerusalem’s Lot, Graveyard Shift, Night Shift, I Am the Doorway, The Mangler, The Boogeyman, Gray Matter, Battleground, Trucks, Sometimes They Come Back, Strawberry Spring, The Ledge, The Lawnmower Man, Quitters, Inc., I Know What You Need, Children of the Corn, The Last Rung on the Ladder, The Man Who Loved Flowers, One for the Road, and The Woman in the Room.

The Long Walk (Novel, 1979)

The Long Walk is a lot similar to death marches, which are forced walks for prisoners of war. In The Long Walk, this is a source of entertainment for the dystopian version of the United States of America. Should any of the participants fail in walking, they are eliminated by being shot to death. One hundred boys compete to become the one winner who earns financial stability. The main character is Raymond Garraty, and he forms a friendship with his fellow walkers as they walk continuously.

The Dead Zone (Novel, 1979)

Johnny Smith falls into a coma and wakes up years later with a part of his brain damaged called “The Dead Zone.” As a result, other parts of his brain work to compensate for the pieces that went missing. Johnny discovers that thanks to the accident, which allows him to have visions of the future about objects and humans by merely touching them. Smith helps the police look for killers after having a failed attempt to return to normal life. Here he discovers that Greg Stillson, a politician with a questionable background, will cause an irrevocable nuclear war.

The Mist (Novella, 1979)

The Mist is part of the Dark Forces Anthology. On this list of Stephen King books, the Mist was not just made into a film, but also into a popular TV series. The story introduces the protagonist, David, and his son, Billie. The father and son are trapped in a grocery store, among other survivors, after a mysteriously thick fog surrounds the store. Inside the Mist are violent creatures willing to kill anyone who steps too close. David, his son, and his companions must figure out a way to escape from the Mist before it reaches the inside of the store itself.

Firestarter (Novel, 1980)

Andy McGee flees with his daughter Charlie from The Shop, a terrifying government agency that deals with experimentation. Andy and his wife, Victoria, took part in some experiments that gave them psychic abilities (with setbacks such as migraines and brain hemorrhages). An alarming thing is that Charlie, the product of the two, has developed pyrokinetic abilities. Andy attempts to protect his daughter from The Shop in a battle between freedom and control.

Roadwork (Novel, 1981)

Roadwork centers on the protest and rejection of the new highway extension by Barton George Dawes, and the reporter that follows the story surrounding the roadwork to be done. Dawes’ son, Charlie, had died of brain cancer. This becomes one of the biggest reasons for Dawes’ disapproval of the extension, seeing as it will demolish Charlie’s childhood home. The other reason being that the laundry shop he works at is also set to be demolished. Roadworks’ story follows Dawes’ violent protests and refusal to accept the destruction of his town. The novel was dedicated to Stephen King’s confusion about the death of his mother, who also died of cancer, as Charlie did in the story.

Danse Macabre (Non-Fiction, 1981)

The Danse Macabre is a non-fiction book written by Stephen King which discusses what frightens the everyday reader. It talks about the various influences of TV, media, and print regarding the anxieties and everyday fears of the average person. Danse Macabre is a novel that gives insight into the influences of horror stories, and is a great way to get another perspective regarding the others ones on this list of Stephen King books.

Cujo (Novel, 1981)

Cujo is a story of two families intertwined with a tragedy. The Trenton family is suffering from financial loss, which causes Vic to go out of town to take care of business matters. His wife, Donda, and son, Tad, go out to repair their Ford Pinto at the Camber’s territory. As for the Camber’s, Charity and her son, Brett, fly to Connecticut to visit Charity’s sister. This leaves Joe Camber alone as he drinks with his friend Gary. The real trouble starts when Cujo, their friendly and well-beloved Saint Bernard, is infected with rabies.

The Running Man (Novel, 1982)

The Running Man is set in the year 2025, and focuses on the usage of media to distract society from alarming human rights violations. Its main protagonist, Ben Richards, willingly competes in the Running Man because of the intense cash prizes that the competitors will receive in exchange for violent assassination attempts, betrayals, and elusive escapes from the police (including the murder of police and hunters themselves). The novel focuses on poverty, and the manipulative forces around the dystopian era that allow people to ignore pressing issues.

The Dark Tower (Novel Series, 1982–2012)

The Dark Tower is one of the longest in this list of Stephen King books. This is because The Dark Tower comprises eight books spanning from the 1980s to the 2010s. The story follows the last gunslinger, Roland Deschain, whose goal is to reach the Dark Tower, which is said to be the connecting point of all universes. As the book series progresses, Deschain’s goals and motivations become clearer on why he focuses solely on his mission towards the elusive Dark Tower.

Different Seasons (Story Collection, 1982)

Different Seasons is another collection by Stephen King. The novellas in the collection feature four seasons. This collection has nearly all of its contents made into a film. Different Seasons have a more dramatic tone compared to the others in this list of Stephen King books. Included in it are Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, Apt Pupil, The Body, and The Breathing Method.

The Body (Novella, 1982)

The Body (King novella) is a novella about the confrontation of death at a young age. Gordie LaChance, Teddy Duchamp, Chris Chambers, and Vern Tessio go out camping to search for the dead body of Ray Brower. It’s a reflection of children and their troubled upbringing as the group of friends discuss their familial homes. Once they meet Ray Brower’s body, the emptiness and lack of life in Brower haunt Gordie for a long time.

Apt Pupil (Novella, 1982)

Apt Pupil is the story of a relationship between a young teenager and a Nazi War Criminal. Todd discovers that Arthur Denker is actually Kurt Dussender, a Nazi who has escaped under falsified documents and is now living as an elderly German immigrant. Todd’s relationship with Dussender develops from Dussender becoming an interesting storyteller of the brutality in the Holocaust to an old friend, with whom he shares a similar hobby. While Todd Bowden was just a rebellious teenager, Kurt Dussender handled the lives of many Jewish people who died under his command. Todd eventually strengthens into a pupil of sorts to Dussender.

The Breathing Method (Novella, 1982)

The Breathing Method tells the story of Dr. Emlyn McCarron’s experience with a patient named Sandra Stansfield. The woman, who is pregnant with an illegitimate child, proceeds with a plan to give birth to the infant despite the protests. McCarron teaches her a new breathing method that does more than just give her an easy birthing experience.

Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption (Novella, 1982)

Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption tells the story of prisoner Andy Dufresne and his prison mate, Red. Andy is convicted of killing his wife and her lover. He is then forced to serve two life sentences. He overcomes various experiences inside the Shawshank Prison Ward and helps his close friend, Red, to adjust to life after prison. The novella has been remade into “The Shawshank Redemption” and has won many awards. It mentions the challenges of prison life and the unjust corruption that happens inside of it.

Christine (Novel, 1983)

Christine is the name of a Plymouth Fury that Arnie buys with his friend Dennis. Roland D. LeBay was Christine’s previous owner. During this time, the progression of Arnie’s personality changes to that of LeBay’s. Christine is then often seen in a string of car-related deaths. Now it’s up to Dennis and Arnie’s girlfriend, Leigh, to understand Christine’s true intentions.

Pet Sematary (Novel, 1983)

Louis Creed moves into the small town of Ludlow with his wife, Rachel, and two children: Ellie and Gage. Ellie’s pet cat, Church, dies in an accident. Jud comes to the aid of Louis and reveals the secret of Pet Sematary. Although they are never quite the same again. Pet Sematary has been remade into many films with sequels. This novel, in the list of Stephen King books, is one of the most widely known stories in horror.

The Talisman (Novel, 1984)

The Talisman is basically a story about Jack Sawyer and his journey to save his mother. Sawyer learns about “The Talisman,” an existing crystal with magical healing powers. In order to locate this, Sawyer ventures into the parallel world of The Territories, where every person on earth usually has a counterpart. Sawyer, accompanied by Speedy Parker, attempts to find the talisman in order to heal his beloved mother, and her counterpart, as well.

Thinner (Novel, 1984)

Stephen King wrote Thinner to depict his weight issues during this time. The story revolves around a morbidly obese hotshot lawyer named Billy Halleck, who kills a Romani woman in a roadside accident. Halleck escapes justice and roams free. Meanwhile, the Romani woman’s father, Taduz Lemke, curses Halleck using the word “thinner.”

The Cycle of the Werewolf (Novel, 1985)

The Cycle of the Werewolf tells the story of wheelchair-bound Marty Coslaw. Every new moon, a murder victim appears in the small town of Tarker’s Mills, Maine. Marty is the first to discover the existence of the werewolf and its identity. Though nobody believes him, Marty stops at nothing to prevent another murder by the vicious werewolf.

Skeleton Crew (Story Collection, 1985)

The Skeleton Crew is a list of Stephen King books, short stories, and even poems. Skeleton Crew is a limited edition novel collection with only one thousand copies in print. The collection features illustrations by fellow author, J. K. Rowling.

The Bachman Books (Novel Collection, 1985)

Richard Bachman is Stephen King’s alias. The books he wrote under this false name were compiled into a collection after his true identity was revealed. The novels in this collection include Rage, The Long Walk, Roadwork, and The Running Man.

IT (Novel, 1986)

Stephen King’s IT book is probably one of his most famous books to ever exist. It is also considered one of his best books. IT revolves around the story of “The Losers Club”, a group of kids that are bullied, ostracized, and have troubled family backgrounds. They band together after discovering Pennywise, an entity that may have had a hand in a series of frightening experiences.

The Eyes of the Dragon (Novel, 1987)

The Eyes of the Dragon is a novel that reached criticism from many Stephen King fans. This is because the novel isn’t in the horror genre. Instead, the Eyes of the Dragon is a fantasy epic about Peter, heir to the throne of Delain, and his nemesis, Flagg. Sasha, Peter’s mother, was the queen of the land. Her husband, King Roland, appointed Flagg as the royal court magician. Flagg felt threatened by Peter’s existence and conspired to frame him for assassinating King Roland.

Misery (Novel, 1987)

In this list of Stephen King books, Misery is one of the most brutal. Annie Wilkes is a deranged fanatic who kidnaps Paul Sheldon. The mentally ill nurse confines the famous author, Paul Sheldon, and forces him to write another book in a series that he has already finished. The story relates to the mentally draining experience King has gone through when his fans rejected his epic fantasy, Eyes of the Dragon.

The Tommyknockers (Novel, 1987)

The Tommyknockers centers on Gard, an alcoholic with a steel metal plate protecting him from the infection of an Alien spacecraft that transforms unsuspecting people in his town. The person who has discovered the spacecraft is Bobbi, with whom Gard is good friends with. Both Bobbi and Gard attempt to launch the spacecraft back into space to help the remaining survivors of the town.

Nightmares in The Sky (Non-Fiction,1988)

Nightmares in The Sky is a collaboration between F-Stop Fitzgerald and Stephen King. Compared to other titles on this list of Stephen King books, the author’s role in this book is to accompany text on the photographs only. The book is about gargoyles and grotesques that hang above buildings.

The Dark Half (Novel, 1989)

The Dark Half reflects Stephen King’s experience writing under the pen name Richard Bachman. The main character is Thad Beaumont who has been writing under the pen name George Stark. Thad and his wife decide to create the false death of George Stark. However, the burial ground unearths an actual George Stark with Thad’s physical and habitual traits.

The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition (Novel, 1990)

Stephen King released its complete and uncut edition in 1990. It’s about a deadly virus that splits between the good versus the bad. The complete uncut edition is longer and more detailed compared to its earlier release.

Four Past Midnight (Story Collection, 1990)

Four Past Midnight is a collection of novellas Stephen King wrote between 1988 and 1989. It is the second story collection he published after Different Seasons, which features four novellas that center on supernatural entities. The stories featured inside are The Sun Dog, Secret Window, Secret Garden, The Library Policeman, and The Langoliers.

The Sun Dog (Novella, 1990)

The Sun Dog tells the story of Kevin, his father John, and Pop. Kevin buys a Sun 660 camera for his birthday but notices that whatever he takes a picture of doesn’t print out. Instead, it reveals a picture of a dog behind a white fence. The sun dog gradually shows movement with every picture taken. He takes it to Pop, who owns The Emporium Galorium, and the two decipher it as a paranormal camera.

Secret Window, Secret Garden (Novella, 1990)

For this list of Stephen King books, this novella talks mostly about the subject of intellectual property. The protagonist of this story is Mort Rainey, a famous author, who is accused by a man from Mississippi named John Shooter. Mort is confronted by Shooter to have stolen his work, Secret Window, Secret Garden. Initially, Mort denies this but discovers that Shooter’s work and Mort’s are incredibly similar. Mort and Shooter go through a violent cycle of vengeance to claim that the other party is guilty.

The Library Policeman (Novella, 1990)

The Library Policeman is a supernatural ghost story about Ardelia Lortz, a dead librarian. The protagonist, Sam Pebble, does research for his speech to the Rotary Club in the library. There he meets the ghost of Ardelia, who insists he returns his borrowed books in time or else the library policeman will get him. Sam discovers he must face his fears and the trauma of his younger years to survive the library policeman.

The Langoliers (Novella, 1990)

The Langoliers tells the story of a group of people on a plane to Boston. There is news of an unnatural phenomenon, similar to an aurora occurring in the Mojave Desert. After a few moments, the nine people discover themselves alone on the plane without the crew or the other passengers. The Langoliers end up being the culprit as they try to clean up the past.

Needful Things (Novel, 1991)

Leland Gaunt is a shop owner from Ohio. He opens up a shop in Castle Rock, Maine where he has specific items that every customer needs. The prices are ridiculously low and all the customers have to do is play a small prank on another member of the town. Unbeknownst to most of his customers, Gaunt asks for these pranks not to be harmless, but to instigate further violence or chaos in Castle Rock.

Gerald’s Game (Novel, 1992)

Jessie and her husband, Gerald, take a romantic trip to a lake house in Maine. Gerald asks Jessie if he can handcuff her to the bed as they perform sexual intercourse. Gerald suffers a heart attack and dies as Jessie remains cuffed on the bed with no one to find her. People that know them are unaware of their location, and many of the locals have left for the season. Gerald’s game becomes a fight for survival as Jessie suffers dehydration and hallucination from the fear.

Dolores Claiborne (Novel, 1993)

Dolores Claiborne is a novel centered on a transcript of Claiborne’s confession to the murder of her husband, Joe St. George. Initially taken in for questioning at the death of her employer, Vera Donovan, Claiborne instead confesses to her relationship with her departed employer and her marriage with Joe.

Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Story Collection, 1993)

Nightmares & Dreamscapes is another story collection on this list of Stephen King books. The genre surrounding the collection involves horror, Viking lore, and science fiction. Included in this collection are The Beggar and the Diamond, Brooklyn August, Head Down, Umney’s Last Case, The Doctor’s Case, Fifth Quarter, The House on Maple Street, Crouch End, The Ten O’clock People, Sorry, Right Number, My Pretty Pony, Rainy Season, Home Delivery, You Know They’ve Got a Hell of a Band, Sneakers, Moving Fingers, and many more. The collection adds up to twenty-four short stories.

Insomnia (Novel, 1994)

Insomnia’s setting takes place in Derry, Maine. The same location where It and Dreamcatcher take place. The protagonist is a retired and aggressive old man named Ralph Roberts. He discovers that after experiencing extreme symptoms of insomnia; he sees people and visions that usually cannot be seen with the naked eye. After discovering that his companions, Ed and Lois, also experience the same visions, Ralph has trouble identifying which parts are in his existence and which are from another.

Blind Willie (Novella, 1994)

Willie Shearman believes that his somatic symptom disorder is penance. He goes temporarily blind and suffers memory loss. Actually, he believes that this is his punishment for merely witnessing and not defending Carol, who has been beaten in front of him. Willie also keeps a scrapbook of Carol’s achievements and resistance against government corruption. This inspires Willie and even helps him with the police officers who he bribes to escape arrest.

Rose Madder (Novel, 1995)

Rose Madder deals with domestic violence. The protagonist is Rosie, a battered woman, who escapes her husband after he physically abuses her during her second trimester. Rosie loses her baby and escapes Daniel, despite his aggressive nature and ties with the police. While doing so, she encounters relationships with various people. Rosie carries a portrait of a woman she calls “Rose Madder” because of her dress and the distorted mania on her face.

The Regulators (Novel, 1995)

The Regulators are a novel in parallel to another on this list of Stephen King Books. Desperation’s characters are also present in The Regulators, but are presented differently. Tak is an entity that has escaped its prison in Desperation by possessing the body of Seth, a boy with strong mental capabilities. The town is then changed into an Old Western town, and a string of violent deaths occur. The other characters try to escape by freeing Seth from Tak.

The Green Mile (Novel Series, 1996)

The Green Mile is just one book turned into a movie on the list of Stephen King books. Here we follow death row supervisor, Paul Edgecombe, and his relationship with inmates who are to receive the death penalty. Edgecombe writes in his nursing home of his own experience with a particular inmate named John Coffey. Paul notices how empathetic Coffey is, and has supernatural healing abilities. Despite Coffey’s good nature, he is still expected to walk towards death as the days tick by.

Desperation (Novel, 1996)

Desperation is the name of an abandoned mining town where a group of people is captured by Collie Entragian. Initially believing Collie to be a deranged psychopath, the group in the town discovers that Collie is possessed by a violent spirit named Tak. The entity was once a human being who had died inside the mining shaft, and gained the ability to possess living creatures. However, its possession causes the bodies it inhabits to decay quickly. The group must decide how to escape and what must be done so that others can survive.

Bag of Bones (Novel, 1998)

Mike Noonan is a widow who has lost his pregnant wife because of a brain aneurysm. After four years of intense writer’s block, Mike moves to his vacation house in Dark Score Lake. There he meets Mattie, a young woman, and her daughter Kyra. He sees apparitions of his dead wife warning him to solve the mystery of Dark Score Lake’s Sara Tidwell, a ghost that haunts their home.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (Novel, 1999)

While on a trip with her mother and brother Pete, Trisha argues with her brother regarding their parents’ divorce. After taking a pee break, she becomes hopelessly lost. As she tries to find her way back to her family, she listens to a recording of Tom Gordon, hoping to keep calm.

Hearts in Atlantis (Story Collection, 1999)

Hearts in Atlantis is another story collection by Stephen King with three short stories accompanied by two novellas. All of the stories revolve around the Baby Boomer Generation, and their promising, idealistic futures. Included in the collection are Blind Willie, Hearts in Atlantis, Low Men in Yellow Coats, Why We’re in Vietnam, and Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling.

Why We’re in Vietnam (Novella, 1999)

Why We’re In Vietnam is a novel about two veterans from the Vietnam War. Sullivan and Dieffenbaker were soldiers who reunited during a funeral for another. They discussed their regrets in their youth and an event during the war that almost led to another My Lai massacre. Sullivan is haunted by the war and the old woman named Mamasan who remains by his side as an apparition.

Low Men in Yellow Coats (Novella, 1999)

The Low Men in Yellow Coats describes the unlikely friendship between a boy named Bobby Garfield and a man named Ted Brautigan. Their bond becomes strong enough for Ted to confess to Bobby that he is being stalked by inferior men in yellow coats. Ted then asks Bobby to warn him if he encounters lost pet signs. Bobby, who fears losing Ted, doesn’t do so.

Hearts in Atlantis (Novella, 1999)

Hearts in Atlantis is a story about Peter Riley’s transformation, from a student with failing grades to someone who is changed for the better. Riley and his friends are exempted from the war, but find themselves addicted to playing Hearts. He meets Carol, Bobby Garfield’s childhood friend, and takes a turn for the better.

Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling (Novella, 1999)

On this list of Stephen King books, Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling is the one novella that reunites two characters with an almost bittersweet end. Bobby becomes Riley’s probate lawyer, and reunites with Carol at the same park where she broke her arm.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft (Non-Fiction, 1999)

On Writing is a non-fiction piece written by Stephen King where his sons, Joe Hill and Owen, has taken part in contributing to it. Stephen King shares his journey as a writer, and gives advice to other aspiring writers. It’s the first novel he has written after experiencing a car accident.

Secret Windows: Essays and Fiction on the Craft of Writing (Non-Fiction, 2000)

Secret Windows is a compilation of Stephen King’s speeches, essays, short stories, and book excerpts.  Most of its content focuses on his career as a writer of horror stories.

Dreamcatcher (Novel, 2001)

Gary, Pete, Joe, and Henry rescue Douglas Clavell from a group of bullies. The friends are given supernatural powers such as telepathy, seeing the “line” left psychically by humans, and shared dreaming. While on a trip at Hole-in-the-Wall, the four protagonists are thrown in between an alien invasion and a deranged US Army Colonel, Abraham Kurtz.

Black House (Novel, 2001)

Jack Sawyer goes to investigate the mysterious killer “Fisherman”, who copies Albert Fish’s cannibalism and preferred victims: children. Sawyer is brought out from retirement to search for the identity of the Fisherman while trying to avoid a suppressed memory.

From a Buick 8 (Novel, 2002)

A drunk driver kills Curtis Wilcox, a member of Troop D. Curtis’ son, Ned Wilcox, converses with Troop D regarding a particular car. A man dressed in all-black in a gas station left the Buick 8. Ned believes that the Buick 8 itself has a connection to his father’s demise thanks to the conversation he has with Troop D members. He also believes that the Buick is a connection to another reality.

Everything’s Eventual (Story Collection, 2002)

Everything’s Eventual is another collection of short stories and novellas written by Stephen King. Included in this collection are Autopsy Room Four, The Man in the Black Suit, All That You Love Will Be Carried Away, The Death of Jack Hamilton, In the Deathroom, The Little Sisters of Eluria, Everything’s Eventual, L.T.’s Theory of Pets, The Road Virus Heads North, Lunch at the Gotham Cafe, That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French, 1408, Blood and Smoke audiobook, Riding the Bullet, Luckey Quarter.

Faithful (Non-Fiction, 2004)

Faithful is the compilation of the written correspondence between Stephen King and Stewart O’Nan during the 2003 to 2004 Boston Red Sox Season. The two men dedicate this novel to Victoria Snelgrove, who died when a projectile hit her directly in the eye.

The Colorado Kid (Novel, 2005)

The Colorado Kid is a mystery novel that focuses on the main characters and one dead body. Dave Bowie and Vince Teague analyze Stephanie McCann while discussing the mystery of the Colorado Kid. His murder, location, and objectives surrounding his death remain unknown.

Salem’s Lot Illustrated Edition (Novel, 2005)

Salem’s Lot is one of King’s earlier novels. It was republished in 2005 with illustrations accompanying the story. This edition also includes two more stories involved in Salem’s Lot. It also has an introduction by Stephen King himself. Salem’s Lot (illustrated edition) was released with only a few copies, making it a limited edition.

 The Secretary of Dreams: Volume One (Novel, 2006)

The Secretary of Dreams: Volume One is a graphic novel illustrating some of the previous entries on this list of Stephen King books. Glenn Chadbourne illustrated Stephen’s written novels. Included in this volume are The Reach, Home Delivery, Jerusalem’s Lot, Uncle Otto’s truck, The Rainy Season, and The Road Virus Heads North.

Cell (Novel, 2006)

Cell focuses on the story of Clayton Riddell when the pulse triggers phone users into zombies. Riddell is joined by Thomas McCourt and Alice Maxwell as they venture to search for a way to get back to Maine and reunite with Riddell’s son, Johnny.

Lisey’s Story (Novel, 2006)

Lisey’s Story is a novel that tells the reader about Lisey Landon and her dead husband, Scott Landon. The novel is split into two parts: one part discusses Lisey’s current life after the death of her husband, Scott. The other part is the life of Scott Landon, narrated by Lisey Landon herself.

Blaze (Novel, 2006)

Blaze is the story of Clayton Blaisdell, Jr. who kidnaps a wealthy gentleman’s son in honor of his department best friend, George Thomas Rackley. Incidentally, Rackley continues to aid Blaisdell as he attempts to pull out the heist.

Duma Key (Novel, 2008)

Duma Key is the story of Edgar Freemantle and the residents of Duma Key, an island that hosts people rehabilitating from severe disabilities. He meets Jerome Wireman, a man who failed a suicide attempt, and Elizabeth Eastlake, an elderly woman with dementia whose family owns most of the land in the area. Edgar rekindles his love for sketching and eventually becomes successful at selling these paintings. However, Elizabeth seems to slowly deteriorate as she warns him of the curse of Duma Key.

A Very Tight Place (Novella, 2008)

Curtis Johnson is trapped by Tim Grunwald,  his neighbor, whose electric fence has killed Johnson’s dear pet, Betsy. Grunwald traps him in a portable toilet in vengeance. Johnson is now stuck inside a tight space in the middle of the Florida heat, trying to survive.

N. (Novella, 2008)

N is a story about Sheila and her brother Johnny. Sheila writes to a childhood friend named Charlie about the events that led to Johnny’s death and his relationship with a patient named N. During his therapy sessions with Johnny, N reveals that his obsession with order is caused by a field with a group of stones, and his belief that it’s a gateway to a doorway.

Just After Sunset (Story Collection, 2008)

Just After Sunset is another story collection on the list of Stephen King books. Included in this collection are Willa, The Gingerbread Girl, Harvey’s Dream, Rest Stop, Stationary Bike, The Things They Left Behind, Graduation Afternoon, N, The Cat from Hell, The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates, Mute, Ayana, and A Very Tight Place.

UR (Novella, 2009)

Stephen King wrote UR specifically for Amazon kindle. The story’s protagonist, Wesley Smith, receives a pink Kindle that was originally meant for an alternate Wesley Smith. Smith discovers that the pink Kindle’s special feature, UR, allows him to access multiple timelines for any data. He discovers that with the UR feature, some realities are best left untouched, and that the future holds bad news for his girlfriend.

Stephen King Goes to the Movies (Story Collection, 2009)

Stephen King Goes to the Movies is a list of Stephen King books or short stories that have been remade into films. This collection features a new introduction by King with every story. Included in this collection are 1408, The Mangler, Rita Hayworth & The Shawshank Redemption, Low Men in Yellow Coats, and Children of the Corn.

Under the Dome (Novel, 2009)

Under the Dome is a novel that hypothesizes what would become of a small town if it becomes trapped under a dome. In King’s novel, Dale “Barbie” Barbara battles against the town’s drug dealer, James “Big Jim” Rennie. The pursuit of control over the town is one thing, but Barbie must shut down the dome in order to save not just the town from terrorism, but to save their lives as well.

The Secretary of Dreams: Volume 2 (Novel, 2010)

Secretary of Dreams: Volume Two is another collaboration between Stephen King and artist Glenn Bradbourne. Featured in volume two are The Monkey, Strawberry Spring, Nona, In the Deathroom, One for the Road, and Gray Matter.

Blockade Billy (Novella, 2010)

Blockade Billy is a novel by a narrator named Granny, an elderly man who recalls his days at the New Jersey Titans, a baseball team. He tells Stephen King of the downfall of the New Jersey Titans because of a substitute player named Billy Blakely. Granny kept insisting to King that something was wrong with Billy, but none of the players or the fans seemed to notice this. Not until it was too late.

Full Dark, No Stars (Story Collection, 2010)

Stephen King dabbles with the theme of retribution in Full Dark, No Stars. The collection covers four novellas surrounding justice. Included in the collection are 1922, Big Driver, Fair Extension, and A Good Marriage.

11/22/63 (Novel, 2011)

Jake Epping is a divorced high school English teacher who is given a mission in preventing the assassination of President JFK by a time traveler named Al Templeton. Jake does Al’s request after attempting to rescue a long-time friend’s family from death. It’s a race against time as Jake ensures that his mission is completed.

Guns (Non-Fiction, 2013)

Guns is a nonfiction essay that Stephen King wrote after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting incident. In the essay, King explained why he stopped publishing his novel Rage and the Bachman Books. Christian Rummel voiced the audiobook in 2013.

Joyland (Novel, 2013)

Joyland is a novel mixing crime and the supernatural. The protagonist is Devin Jones, a young man who begins working at the theme park, befriending Tom and Erin. The trio discovers that Joyland’s attraction, Horror House, has a ghost living inside of it named Linda Gray. Devin becomes enamored with the case and tries to solve who killed Gray with the help of his new friends, Annie, and Annie’s son, named Mike.

Doctor Sleep (Novel, 2013)

Doctor Sleep is a sequel to one of Stephen King’s most popular stories, The Shining. It begins with Danny Torrance, who still relives the trauma of the Overlook Hotel, and his mother Wendy, who is treated for her wounds after they receive a settlement. As Danny grows older and treats his alcoholism and violence, he regains his psychic powers and becomes Doctor Sleep, someone who works at a hospice that comforts the dying. However, he also feels a strong connection to Abra, a young girl born in 2001, who also possesses the shining.

Mr. Mercedes (Novel, 2014)

Bill Hodges is a retired detective who receives a letter from Mr. Mercedes, a killer claiming to have killed sixteen people during a job fair event by plowing a Mercedes-Benz right directly at the event site. Mr. Mercedes also mentions the owner of the Mercedes, Olivia Trelawney, committed suicide because of her guilt. Intrigued, Hodges goes on an investigation to identify who Mr. Mercedes really is.

Revival (Novel, 2014)

The story revolves around Charles Jacobs and Jamie Morton. Jacobs was once a respected minister when his wife and son were killed in an accident. Morton reconnects with Jacobs years later as a heroin addict. Jacobs cures him with a strange experiment regarding electricity. Eventually, Morton makes a deal with Jacobs to save his girlfriend, Jamie, from terminal cancer.

Finders Keepers (Novel, 2015)

In this novel, Morris Bellamy murders a famous writer, John Rothstein. Rothstein’s famous series, the Runner, is unsatisfactorily discontinued. Morris is sentenced to life imprisonment for another crime and Rothstein’s murder (along with his missing notebooks) remains unsolved. Peter Saubers discovers Rothstein’s notebooks and money hidden by Morris. He then uses the money to financially aid his family after his father becomes disabled because of the Mr. Mercedes incident. When Morris returns to the real world on parole, he becomes enraged, targeting Peter’s family. Hodges becomes enamored with the identity of the Saubers’ financial backer.

Joyland Illustrated Edition (Novel, 2015)

The illustrated edition of Joyland features a new cover for the book by Hard Crimes Case artist Glen Obrik. Inside this edition are twenty more illustrations by Pat Kinsella, Robert McGinnis, and Mark Summers. It also features an isometric map of the park drawn by Susan Hunt Yule.

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (Story Collection, 2015)

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams comprises twenty short stories. Included in this collection are Mile 81, Premium Harmony, Batman and Robin Have an Altercation, The Dune, Bad Little Kid, A Death, The Bone Church, Morality, Afterlife, Ur, Herman Wouk Is Still Alive, Under the Weather, Blockade Billy, Mister Yummy, Tommy, The Little Green God of Agony, That Bus Is Another World, Obits, Drunken Fireworks, and Summer Thunder.

End of Watch (Novel, 2016)

Hodges and his sidekick, Holly, discover he has pancreatic cancer. The retired police officer now only has a few months to live. However, he remains focused on a particular string of suicides. All the victims have, at some point, come in contact with Brady Hartsfield, a man who plotted to kill thousands in a rock concert. Hartsfield is left in a vegetative state, but is recuperating at an alarming rate. Many of those who believed that Hartsfield was faking his injury, would commit suicide.

Charlie the Choo-Choo (Children’s Book, 2016)

Stephen King, under the false name Beryl Evans, wrote Charlie the Choo-Choo. This novel was found in The Dark Tower series by a character named Jake. Charlie the Choo-Choo is appropriate for young readers. The book was released at San Diego Comic-Con with only 150 limited edition copies signed by actress Allison Davies, who portrayed Beryl Evans.

Gwendy’s Button Box (Novella, 2017)

The year is 1974, and Gwendy Peterson is on a mission to lose weight on Suicide Stairs. She meets Richard Farris, a man dressed in all-black. Farris invites Gwendy to a game of palaver. The result allows Gwendy to turn into a beautiful teen living in a happy home. The trouble starts with a row between her and her best friend, Olive. Still, life continues forward, depending on the box.

Sleeping Beauties (Novel, 2017)

Lila Norcross arrested Eve Black for the murder of two men who ran a meth lab. Meanwhile, women of the town of Dooling are infected by Aurora, a disease that causes them to fall into a deep sleep and encases them into a cocoon. As a result, most of the women attempt to stay awake. The lack of sleep causes the women to have fits of homicidal rage.

The Outsider (Novel, 2018)

Frankie Peterson was a young child who was murdered and raped. Many witnesses point to Terry Maitland, who claims to have been out of town at the time of Peterson’s murder. In a twist of events, District Attorney Bill Samuels, and Ralph, discover that Maitland’s alibi is proven to be factual. It becomes a race to prove Maitland’s ties to the murder or his innocence. 

Elevation (Novella, 2018)

Elevation is the story of Scott Carey and his relationship with a lesbian couple. Carey is diagnosed with a mysterious disease that makes him lose weight. His doctor tries to find a cure for him as he cooperates. Carey tries to help out a lesbian couple who are attempting to open a restaurant in their conservative town.

The Institute (Novel, 2019)

The Institute kidnaps Luke Ellis and murders his parents. Inside the facility, he meets Avery Dixon and Helen Simms. All of the children in The Institute have a gift. Either telepathic or telekinetic (known as TPs or TKs). The staff claims that once the children “graduate” they will be sent to the back half. Unfortunately, no one knows what happens in the back half. Luke meets with decorated police officer Tim Jamieson after his escape, hoping to rescue his comrades from the facility.

If It Bleeds (Story Collection, 2020)

If It Bleeds is another collection of short stories for the year 2020. The stories inside the novel are Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, The Life of Chuck, If It Bleeds, and The Rat.

Red Screen (Short Story, 2021)

Stephen King begins 2021 with three more to add to his collection. He collaborates with Humble Bundle in September 2021 for the release of his short novel Red Screen. It talks about Frank Wilson, a New York City Police Department detective, who interrogates Leonard Crocker after the death of his wife Arlene. Crocker explains that his wife changed personalities and died after aliens had taken her body. Unfortunately, Wilson also notices Arlene’s symptoms in his wife Sandi. If Crocker is speaking the truth, is Sandi also doomed to die?

Later (Novel, 2021)

The first 2021 novel for the list of Stephen King Books is Later. It tells the story of Jamie Conklin and the secret ability that his single mother wishes to be kept hidden. Jamie can learn and see things most people can’t. All the young man wants is a childhood that resembles everyone else’s. However, his ability is discovered by the NYPD, who use him to learn more about a killer with supernatural origins.

Billy Summers (Novel, 2021)

The last 2021 novel for Stephen King is about Billy Summers. Our protagonist is a skilled assassin with an impressive resume. Unlike other assassins who are paid to kill, Billy will only complete a mission if the target is a danger to society and evil. In King’s novel, Billy wishes to retire. However, he only has one more target to finish off: Joel Allen. But is Allen the bad guy in this story? Or is there a conspiracy behind this target?

Finn (Short Story, 2022)

One of the latest on the list of Stephen King books is Finn. Stephen released the short story in 2022 for availability on Scribd as an ebook and an audiobook.  We find our main protagonist, Finn, in an existential crisis as he navigates through conspiracies, bullies, misguided advice, extremely bad luck, and mistaken identity. The 19-year-old gets kidnapped after a lookalike he comes across punches him in the face. He is then subjected to torture and interrogation regarding bombs, blueprints, and plans he’s unaware of.

Gwendy’s Final Task (Novel, 2022)

The last published novel by Stephen King is the third installment of Gwendy’s Button Box. In this new novel, Gwendy Peterson is now a successful novelist and politician. However, Richard Farris’ button box enters her life once more. The temptation of the box is critical on its own, but now Gwendy has to deal with outside forces who wish to use the button box for selfish means. This leads to Gwendy’s journey in looking for a place to safely keep the box in order to save not just one world, but all of them.

Fairy Tale (Novel, 2022)

Fairytale is the latest of Stephen King’s novels. He wrote it during the pandemic after an unforgettable dream of abandoned but thriving areas. Stephen wanted to make a novel that would make him and his readers happy during a bleak part of our lives. This resulted in Charlie Reade, an ordinary high school student, and Howard Bowditch, a recluse on top of a hill. Reade discovers a secret inside Bowditch’s shed backyard, something that Bowditch kept secret throughout his life. Something that, after Bowditch’s death, only Reade knows.

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