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Maine makes up one of the oldest American states. It was technically already around when the US declared its independence from Britain in 1774. While it is not one of the bigger states, Maine has played various important roles throughout American history. Even today, it still plays an important role in the US. Learn more with these 50 Maine facts.

  1. Maine covers an estimated area of 35,000 km².
  2. Water makes up an estimated 14% of the state.
  3. An estimated 1.34 million people live in the state.
  4. This gives the state an estimated population density of 17 people for every km².
  5. On average, a household in Maine makes an estimated $56,000 a year.
  1. Native Americans settled in what would become Maine millennia after the last Ice Age.
  2. The French became the first Europeans to settle in the region, at Saint Croix Island, in 1604.
  3. The English followed the French with a colony of their own in 1607.
  4. Britain eventually took control of the region completely in the 1740s.
  5. The British and the revolutionaries fought over Maine during the American War of Independence in the 1770s.
  6. Maine originally started out as part of the state of Massachusetts.
  7. The British briefly occupied Maine during the War of 1812.
  8. After the war ended, Britain returned Maine to the USA.
  9. Maine later seceded from Massachusetts in 1820.
  10. In that same year, they joined the Union as a state of their own, the 23rd.
  1. Maine keeps its capital at Augusta, but its biggest city remains Portland.
  2. On average, the state stands 180 meters above sea level.
  3. At its lowest point, the state lies flat at sea level along its Atlantic coast.
  4. The state’s citizens call themselves Mainers.
  5. The state lies in the USA’s Eastern Time Zone, or GMT-5.
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