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North Carolina facts, map

North Carolina is a state that has a lot to offer not only to its residents but also to its tourists. May it be a day at the beach or a trek in the wild, it is undeniably a place that would keep you up all day for an adventure. Wine and craft beer drinkers will also agree that it is a place to be as it is one of the leading producers of wine and craft beer, not to mention it also has the largest concentration of wineries and vineyards. However, North Carolina goes beyond these things because it comprises more wonderful and interesting aspects that a week is not enough to know them all. We could say that it is noteworthy for a person to visit it even once in a lifetime, so in the meantime, just learn more about this state with our 80 North Carolina facts.

  1. Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina.
  2. People call North Carolina Tar Heel State.
  3. Pepsi-Cola was born in this place.
  4. The state ranks 9th in terms of population.
  5. North Carolina has 100 counties.
  1. A lot of astronauts have trained in North Carolina.
  2. Mount Michell stood as the highest point in North Carolina.
  3. The state possesses a lot of unique lakes.
  4. North Carolina is one of the original colonies.
  5. It is home to the tallest dam in the Eastern United States.
  6. A fall line divides the whole state.
  7. The state houses the oldest public university in the United States.
  8. Many dinosaur bones have been excavated by the state.
  9. The Wright Brothers took their first flight in Kitty Hawk.
  10. North Carolina produces more potatoes than other states.
  1. Krispy Kreme originated from North Carolina.
  2. Dellview, North Carolina has more or less than 13 residents.
  3. You can find venus flytraps anywhere in the state.
  4. People in North Carolina are crazy about their barbecue.
  5. The state got its flag in 1861.
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