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Are you a movie enthusiast looking for your next comedy fix? Look no further than “They Came Together,” a hilarious movie that will leave you laughing from start to finish. This romantic comedy, directed by David Wain, is filled with witty banter, outrageous situations, and a star-studded cast that will keep you entertained throughout.

In this article, we will delve into 41 fascinating facts about “They Came Together” that will enhance your viewing experience. From behind-the-scenes trivia to interesting tidbits about the cast and production, you will discover a whole new level of appreciation for this fantastic film. So, grab your popcorn, get ready to laugh, and let’s dive into the wacky world of “They Came Together!

Key Takeaways:

  • “They Came Together” is a hilarious spoof of romantic comedies, featuring Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd, and it cleverly mocks classic rom-com clichés with top-notch performances and witty humor.
  • This hidden gem of a movie is a perfect choice for a fun movie night with friends, offering a blend of romance and comedy that appeals to a wide audience, and it’s a must-watch for fans of Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd.
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They Came Together is a romantic comedy film released in 2014.

They Came Together is a hilarious spoof of romantic comedies, directed by David Wain.

The movie stars Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd as the lead characters.

Amy Poehler plays Molly, a quirky candy store owner, and Paul Rudd portrays Joel, a corporate executive.

They Came Together parodies classic romantic comedy tropes.

The movie cleverly satirizes and exaggerates common themes found in romantic comedies.

The film received positive reviews from critics.

They Came Together was praised for its clever writing, hilarious performances, and satirical take on the genre.

The movie features an ensemble cast of talented actors.

In addition to Poehler and Rudd, the film includes appearances from Bill Hader, Ellie Kemper, and Cobie Smulders.

They Came Together was filmed in New York City.

The movie showcases iconic locations in New York City, adding to the film’s charm and authenticity.

The film’s screenplay was written by David Wain and Michael Showalter.

Wain and Showalter, who previously collaborated on Wet Hot American Summer, brought their comedic talents to They Came Together.

The movie’s plot centers around Molly and Joel’s unconventional romance.

Molly and Joel initially dislike each other but eventually fall in love, despite the obstacles they face.

They Came Together incorporates various subplots and comedic elements.

The film intertwines hilarious subplots involving Molly’s quirky employees and Joel’s insensitive girlfriend.

They Came Together pays homage to romantic comedies of the 80s and 90s.

The movie includes references to classic films like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail.

The film’s script went through several revisions before production.

Wain and Showalter worked tirelessly to craft a script that perfectly captured the essence of romantic comedies while mocking their clichés.

They Came Together combines physical comedy with clever wordplay.

The movie blends slapstick humor with witty dialogue, resulting in continuous laughs throughout.

The movie’s soundtrack features a mix of romantic and comedic songs.

The soundtrack includes both popular romantic ballads and humorous tracks that perfectly complement the film’s tone.

They Came Together was a box office success.

The film performed well at the box office, attracting audiences with its unique blend of satire and comedy.

The movie’s tagline is “He came…she came…they both came.”

The tagline perfectly captures the playful and provocative nature of the film.

They Came Together was inspired by real-life romantic experiences.

Wain and Showalter drew inspiration from their own dating mishaps and funny anecdotes.

The film’s editing process involved fine-tuning the comedic timing.

The editors worked closely with the director to ensure that each joke landed just right.

They Came Together was nominated for several comedy awards.

The film received nominations for Best Comedy Film and Best Comedy Screenplay at various award shows.

The movie features memorable one-liners and quotable dialogue.

They Came Together is filled with comedic gems that have become fan favorites.

The cast improvised some of the film’s funniest moments.

The talented cast was given room to improvise, resulting in spontaneous and hilarious scenes.

The movie’s production design captures the essence of a romantic comedy.

The sets and visual elements reflect the charm and aesthetic of classic romantic comedies.

They Came Together explores themes of love, fate, and finding true happiness.

Underneath the comedic surface, the film delves into deeper messages about relationships.

The film’s costume design adds to the character’s personalities.

The costumes reflect each character’s quirks and individuality, enhancing the comedic effect.

They Came Together received a cult following.

The film has gained a devoted fan base that appreciates its clever humor and satirical approach.

The movie’s release was accompanied by a witty marketing campaign.

The marketing team embraced the film’s satirical nature, creating humorous promotional materials.

The film is a perfect choice for a movie night with friends.

They Came Together guarantees laughs and is an excellent choice for a fun and lighthearted movie experience.

They Came Together had a limited theatrical release.

The film initially had a limited run in theaters before gaining popularity through word of mouth.

The movie’s runtime is approximately 84 minutes.

They Came Together delivers laughs without overstaying its welcome, making it an ideal choice for a quick and entertaining watch.

They Came Together explores the ups and downs of modern relationships.

The film reflects the complexities of love and provides a refreshingly honest take on romance.

The movie’s comedic timing is spot-on.

They Came Together expertly balances humor and heart, leaving audiences thoroughly entertained.

The film’s script contains clever Easter eggs for fans of romantic comedies.

Wain and Showalter filled the dialogue with subtle references that loyal rom-com viewers will appreciate.

They Came Together is the perfect antidote for a bad day.

The movie’s witty humor and light-hearted story can cheer you up and bring a smile to your face.

The film’s performances are top-notch.

Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd showcase their comedic talents, delivering hilarious and memorable performances.

They Came Together celebrates the joy and absurdity of love.

Through its clever satire, the film reminds us to embrace the unpredictability of romance.

The movie cleverly subverts romantic comedy clichés.

They Came Together turns typical tropes on their head, challenging the conventions of the genre.

The film’s screenplay was inspired by classic romantic comedies.

Wain and Showalter drew inspiration from their favorite romantic comedies to create a parody that pays homage to the genre.

They Came Together is a hidden gem in the romantic comedy genre.

The film may not have received mainstream attention, but it has garnered a strong following of fans who appreciate its unique humor.

The movie’s ensemble cast has fantastic chemistry.

The actors’ comedic timing and rapport with each other elevate the film’s humor.

They Came Together is a perfect date night movie.

The film’s blend of romance and comedy makes it an ideal choice to watch with your significant other.

The film’s quirky humor appeals to a wide range of audiences.

Whether you’re a fan of romantic comedies or enjoy clever satire, They Came Together offers something for everyone.

They Came Together is a must-watch for fans of Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd.

This dynamic duo’s comedic chemistry is on full display, making the film a true treat for their fans.


They Came Together is a hilarious and satirical film that parodies the romantic comedy genre. With its clever writing, talented cast, and brilliant direction by David Wain, the movie delivers a fresh and entertaining take on the clichés and tropes found in traditional romantic comedies. From the witty dialogue to the over-the-top characters, They Came Together offers a unique and refreshing cinematic experience.

Whether you are a fan of romantic comedies or simply enjoy a good laugh, They Came Together is a must-watch. It is sure to leave you in stitches with its sharp humor and clever references to iconic rom-com moments. So grab some popcorn, gather your friends, and get ready to laugh out loud with this hilarious and quirky film.


1. Who directed They Came Together?

They Came Together was directed by David Wain, known for his work on comedy projects such as Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models.

2. Who stars in the movie?

They Came Together features a talented ensemble cast including Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Cobie Smulders, and Ed Helms, among others.

3. Is the movie suitable for all ages?

They Came Together is rated R for strong sexual content, language, and some drug material. It is recommended for mature audiences.

4. What makes They Came Together different from other romantic comedies?

This film is a hilarious parody of the romantic comedy genre, cleverly mocking its clichés and stereotypes. It offers a fresh and unique perspective on the genre, making it stand out from traditional rom-coms.

5. Can you enjoy They Came Together if you’re not a fan of romantic comedies?

Absolutely! They Came Together’s humor transcends the romantic comedy genre. Even if you’re not a fan of traditional rom-coms, the witty writing and talented performances will still make you chuckle.

6. Is the movie available for streaming?

Yes, They Came Together can be streamed on various platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

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