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chemistry facts

Chemistry is a subject most students often loathe. But while it might seem boring, it is quite an interesting field. Here are a couple of interesting chemistry facts that you may have missed out on during your last chemistry lesson. Take note of these chemistry facts!

  1. DNA is a flame retardant.
  2. Vitamin B12 is the toughest total synthesis.
  3. Helium and hydrogen account for 98% of all matter.
  4. There is no phosphorus in the head of matches.
  5. The idea of Friedrich Kekulé’s dream helped form the benzene structure.
  1. Theine is the term used to refer to the caffeine in tea.
  2. Vanadium oxide is not a heat source but a conductor of electricity.
  3. Olympic gold medals are 95% made of silver and only have around 6g of actual gold.
  4. Nucleation is the term used to describe the reaction when you add mentos to coke.
  5. Onions release propanethial s-oxides when cut which is what causes your eyes to water.
  6. Table salts can adopt other stoichiometry than sodium chloride.
  7. The Churchane, Housane, and Padogane structure resembles real constructions.
  8. Copper has higher electric conductivity than gold.
  9. The Scoville scale measures spices that contain the capsaicin molecule.
  10. The only pure elemental compound that is liquid at room temperature is mercury.
  1. You can put out a candle with homemade carbon dioxide.
  2. Alloys are a combination of two or more different kinds of metals.
  3. Carbon atoms found in graphite can absorb high amounts of kinetic energy.
  4. Research on NanoPutians was first published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry.
  5. The Amazon rainforest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen.
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