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Movies have the incredible ability to transport us to different worlds, introduce us to unforgettable characters, and evoke a wide range of emotions. One such film that captivated audiences with its unique blend of comedy and fantasy is “Ted.” Released in 2012, this hilarious and heartwarming movie directed by Seth MacFarlane introduced us to the lovable foul-mouthed teddy bear, Ted. But there’s so much more to this film than meets the eye. In this article, we’ll uncover 33 fascinating facts about “Ted” that will make you love this movie even more. From behind-the-scenes secrets to surprising cameos, get ready to dive into the world of Ted and discover what made this film a comedy classic.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Ted” was a massive box office success, grossing over $549 million worldwide, and holds the record for the most F-bombs in a mainstream film with 544 uses.
  • The film’s success led to a surge in demand for talking teddy bears and merchandise, and even inspired a “Ted”-themed theme park ride at Universal Studios.
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The idea for Ted began as a concept for an animated television series.

The original plan was to create a half-hour animated show about a talking teddy bear. However, creator Seth MacFarlane decided to turn it into a feature film instead.

The role of John Bennett was written specifically for Mark Wahlberg.

Seth MacFarlane envisioned Mark Wahlberg playing the lead role of John Bennett from the very beginning, and he tailored the character to fit Wahlberg’s comedic style.

MacFarlane is the voice actor behind Ted’s character.

Seth MacFarlane not only directed the movie but also provided the voice for the iconic character of Ted, the talking teddy bear with a crude sense of humor.

The teddy bear used in the movie was not CGI.

To create the illusion of a talking bear, a mix of techniques was employed. A teddy bear was used on set as a reference, and then CGI effects were added in post-production to animate the bear’s mouth.

The movie was a massive box office success.

Ted” grossed over $549 million worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing R-rated comedies of all time.

Mila Kunis had to act alongside an invisible bear.

Since the bear was added later through CGI, Mila Kunis had to imagine the bear’s presence and interact with it during filming.

There was a motion capture performance for Ted.

To provide a realistic reference for the animation team, Seth MacFarlane wore a motion capture suit and performed as Ted on set.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics.

While audiences loved the film’s raunchy humor, some critics found it to be crass and lacking in substance.

Seth MacFarlane’s love for ’80s pop culture is evident in the film.

The movie is filled with references to ’80s movies, TV shows, and music, showcasing MacFarlane’s nostalgic appreciation for that era.

The original Thunder Buddies song was written by Seth MacFarlane.

Seth MacFarlane not only wrote and directed the film but also composed the catchy theme song that plays throughout.

The film’s script was leaked online before its release.

Unfortunately, a copy of the script found its way onto the internet, leading to spoilers surfacing before the film hit theaters.

The movie holds the record for the most F-bombs in a mainstream film.

With a whopping 544 uses of the F-word, “Ted” broke the record for the most profanity in a mainstream movie. This achievement helped solidify its place in comedy history.

Seth MacFarlane wrote the role of Lori specifically for Mila Kunis.

Given their previous collaboration on “Family Guy,” MacFarlane wanted Kunis to play the role of John’s girlfriend, Lori, in “Ted.

The film was dedicated to John Bennett.

The end credits of “Ted” reveal that the movie is dedicated to a real-life John Bennett, who became friends with Seth MacFarlane during their time at the Rhode Island School of Design.

The Ted bear was based on Seth MacFarlane’s childhood teddy bear.

The design of Ted was inspired by Seth MacFarlane’s own teddy bear named ‘Teddy’ that he had as a child.

The movie was banned in some countries.

Due to its explicit content and offensive humor, “Ted” was banned in several countries, including Iran and Malaysia.

The voice of Ted was altered in post-production.

Seth MacFarlane’s voice for Ted was altered in post-production to give it a more distinct and bear-like quality.

The film had a significant cultural impact.

Following the success of “Ted,” there was an increase in demand for teddy bears with adult-oriented humor and merchandise related to the film.

The movie’s success led to a sequel.

Given the popularity of the first film, “Ted 2” was released in Although not quite as successful as the original, it still garnered a loyal fan base.

The movie contains numerous pop culture references.

Throughout “Ted,” there are nods to various movies, TV shows, and celebrities, adding an extra layer of entertainment for fans of pop culture.

The script took over six years to develop.

Seth MacFarlane spent years fine-tuning the script for “Ted,” ensuring that every joke and storyline was perfectly crafted.

The film’s release was delayed due to a scheduling conflict.

The release of “Ted” was initially slated for summer 2011, but it was pushed back to 2012 due to conflicts with other films and marketing strategies.

A special edition Ted bear was released in conjunction with the film.

To capitalize on the movie’s success, a limited edition talking Ted bear was released, featuring some of the iconic lines from the film.

The character of Ted sparked a trend of raunchy R-rated comedies.

Ted” opened the floodgates for a new wave of R-rated comedies that pushed the boundaries of humor and embraced more adult-oriented content.

The infamous Flash Gordon scene was improvised.

One of the most memorable moments in the film, where Ted and John bond over their love for Flash Gordon, was actually improvised on set.

The movie received a four-minute standing ovation at its premiere.

When “Ted” premiered at the 2012 South by Southwest Film Festival, it received an enthusiastic response from the audience, who gave it a lengthy standing ovation.

The film’s success led to an increase in demand for talking teddy bears.

After the release of “Ted,” the market for talking teddy bears saw a significant surge as fans wanted to own their own foul-mouthed furry companion.

The original ending of the film was changed.

The movie’s original ending involved Ted dying and coming back to life as a ghost, but the filmmakers decided to change it to a more uplifting conclusion.

Seamus, the grocery store clerk, was played by a real-life rapper.

Joel McHale, known for his comedic roles, is also an accomplished rapper who goes by the stage name “Seamus.

Seth MacFarlane used his real speaking voice for the character of John.

In contrast to his exaggerated voice acting for Ted, MacFarlane used his natural speaking voice to portray John Bennett.

The film’s success led to a theme park ride.

In 2013, Universal Studios introduced a “Ted”-themed section to their Hollywood and Singapore parks, featuring a motion simulator ride based on the movie.

The movie was shot in just 64 days.

Despite its complex visual effects and intricate sets, “Ted” was filmed in under three months, proving the efficiency and dedication of the cast and crew.

“Ted” remains a beloved comedy classic.

Years after its release, “Ted” continues to entertain audiences worldwide with its crude humor, memorable characters, and hilarious antics.

So there you have it, The 33 Facts about the movie Ted. Whether you’re a fan of crude humor, talking teddy bears, or just a good laugh, this film has something for everyone. Remember to grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the hilarity that unfolds on the screen!


In conclusion, “Ted” is a hilarious and iconic movie that has garnered a massive following since its release. The combination of a talking teddy bear, witty dialogue, and unforgettable characters makes it a must-watch for comedy lovers. From its unique concept to its talented cast, the film manages to strike the perfect balance between raunchy humor and heartwarming moments. Whether you’re a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s work or simply looking for a good laugh, “Ted” is sure to entertain and leave you quoting lines for years to come.


Q: Who directs the movie Ted?
A: “Ted” is directed by Seth MacFarlane, who is also known for his work on the animated TV series “Family Guy” and “American Dad.

Q: Is the movie Ted suitable for children?
A: “Ted” is rated R for its strong language, crude humor, and sexual content. It is not intended for children and is recommended for mature audiences.

Q: Who voices the character of Ted?
A: Seth MacFarlane, the director of the movie, provides the voice for the character of Ted. His distinctive voice adds to the charm and humor of the film.

Q: Are there any sequels to the movie Ted?
A: Yes, a sequel titled “Ted 2” was released in 2015, continuing the adventures of the foul-mouthed teddy bear and his best friend, John, played by Mark Wahlberg.

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