Miller Lite Nutrition Facts



Published: 15 May 2023

Two bottles of Miller Light on a bed of ice

Craving a light and crisp beer for your next summer shindig? Miller Lite has been around since the 70s, and it’s still one of the most popular beers out there! Not only is this classic brew great for a get-together with friends, but it has some nutritional benefits you might not know about. In this post, we’ll share 17 Miller Lite nutrition facts that will make you appreciate their famous light lager even more—read on to learn all about them!

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Caloric Content

Miller Lite is known for its low-calorie count. One 12 fl oz (355 ml) serving contains just 96 calories, making it a more calorie-conscious choice for those who enjoy a cold beer without consuming too many extra calories.

Alcohol Content

Miller Lite has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4.2%. This is relatively low compared to many other beers on the market, making it a lighter option for those who want to enjoy a beer without the higher alcohol content.


A 12 fl oz serving of Miller Lite contains 3.2 g of carbohydrates. This is significantly lower than the carbohydrate content in many regular beers, making it a more suitable choice for individuals following a low-carb diet.

Sugar Content

Miller Lite contains less than 1 g of sugar per 12 fl oz serving. This low sugar content can be appealing to those watching their sugar intake or looking for a beer that doesn’t contribute significantly to their daily sugar consumption.

Sodium Content

Miller Lite contains 5 mg of sodium per 12 fl oz serving, which is a negligible amount. This low sodium content makes it a suitable option for individuals watching their sodium intake.

Fat Content

Miller Lite is a fat-free beverage, making it a suitable choice for those monitoring their fat intake or looking for a lighter beer option.

Cholesterol Content

Miller Lite is a cholesterol-free beverage, which can be a good choice for individuals keeping an eye on their cholesterol levels.

Protein Content

Miller Lite contains 0.6 g of protein per 12 fl oz serving. While this is a small amount, it still contributes to the daily protein requirements.

Gluten Content

Miller Lite is brewed with barley malt, which contains gluten. Individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease should avoid Miller Lite and opt for gluten-free beer alternatives instead.

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Miller Lite is brewed with a combination of water, barley malt, corn syrup, yeast, and hops. The corn syrup used in the brewing process is consumed by the yeast and does not remain in the finished product.

Additives and Preservatives

Miller Lite does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. It is brewed using traditional brewing methods that rely on natural ingredients for flavor and preservation.

Vitamin and Mineral Content

Miller Lite does not contain significant amounts of vitamins or minerals. As a result, it should not be relied upon as a source of essential nutrients.


As mentioned earlier, Miller Lite contains gluten from barley malt. Those with allergies or sensitivities to gluten should avoid Miller Lite and opt for gluten-free alternatives.

Caffeine Content

Miller Lite is a caffeine-free beverage, making it suitable for those avoiding or limiting their caffeine intake.

GMO Status

Miller Lite does not make any claims regarding the use of genetically modified ingredients. It is possible that some ingredients, such as corn syrup, may be derived from genetically modified organisms.

Vegan Status

Miller Lite is considered vegan-friendly as it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients or use animal products in the brewing process.

Kosher Status

Miller Lite is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, which means that it adheres to the dietary guidelines and requirements of Jewish dietary laws.


Now that you know 17 facts about Miller Lite and its robust nutrition profile, it’s easy to see why it’s been a trusted and beloved beer for over 40 years. Not only do more than one million barrels of Miller Lite fly off the shelves each year, but the low-calorie beer also offers some great health benefits for those watching their waistlines. Grab a few of your friends and a case of Miller Lite next time you want to celebrate—it’s the perfect brew that goes down easily. With its light body and crisp taste, Miller Lite is guaranteed to bring good times! Cheers!