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Number 11:11

The 1111 meaning is as mysterious as it is rare to encounter. For many, the 1111 number does more than just tell you the time or another numerical value. The number 1111 is filled with mysterious and spiritual symbolism that thousands of people look up to. But what does 1111 mean and what do we do when we see the number?

Humans tend to make sense of patterns. That is why when you consistently see the number 1111 everywhere, you begin to question the meaning behind it. People do the same with other numbers, colors, and shapes. Finding meaning in patterns with numbers is called numerology. Pythagoras, one of the fathers of mathematics and an important figure in philosophy, astronomy, and music theory, was the founder of this belief. Pythagoras declared that numbers were the real masters of the universe and that every number has meaning.

Today, people don’t need to know about Pythagoras to know about numerology. Since it’s human instinct to search for patterns, people look for meaning in their own way. People search for the 1111 number for two big reasons: to make a wish and to gain strength or confidence. While there’s no science proving the correlation between 1111 and these claims, it doesn’t hurt to attempt to add the number into our lives. As a result, it is regarded to be a harmless life choice to believe in the 1111 number.

Learning about the 1111 number is a great way to interact with other people. Whether you believe in its superstition or not, it can become a great topic during a get-together. Even more so, you can also tell a person about this superstition to give them hope or confidence. Luckily, we did our research for you to learn about 1111 below.

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What Does 1111 Mean?

People can tell you a wide variety of meanings for the 1111 number. This is because its symbolism varies depending on someone’s religion, lifestyle, and beliefs. The 1111 number represents a specific personality in the Pythagoras square. The Bible and Hinduism also have their own 1111 meaning.

In general, the 1111 number is a sign of good fortune and a call to action. It usually describes the presence of higher beings supporting your decisions and actions. The purpose of the 1111 number is to represent hope for those who need support. It reminds people that you are not alone, whether because of the spiritual aid you receive, or the relationships you have formed.

It can also mean that you are manifesting a situation you prefer. Whether it’s a person’s affection towards you, the dream job you want, or a healthier body. However, the number can also be a warning for serious situations heading your way. This could mean sudden changes in your life, cutting ties with someone you love, or becoming aware of your health deteriorating.

Since 1111 has many meanings, we decided to split these variations into four parts: as an angel number, as a chakra number, as a sign of spiritual and physical health, and as a historical symbol.  We also put in the instructions to manifest the 1111 number and how to strengthen its hold onto your future goals.

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The 1111 Angel Number

Most people associate the 1111 meaning as an angel number. That is why we must first learn about numerology, also known as angel numbers, before proceeding through its description. There are times you notice a series of repetitive numbers coming into your line of sight throughout your days. People believe this is a sign of divine beings watching over humans. Each number represents a particular meaning or advice for the person it consistently shows itself to. Angel numbers can bring good omens, warnings, and even life-saving advice to the person they contact.

People who believe in angel numbers can be separated into two ways: those who believe angel numbers are only repetitive numbers (such as 000 or 2222) and those who believe all number combinations can be one (such as 6250 or 2349). However, the 1111 angel number meaning is equally considered a form of divine communication.

The 1111 angel number, also known as God’s number, is one of the most well-known angel numbers out there. This is because it’s the angel number for manifestations. Angel number meanings always have different things to say to a person. That is why the 1111 angel number, which is said to be a sign that your wishes are going to come true, sprouts the desires of a person and brings them hope.

Angel number 1111 also symbolizes a boost for innovation, creativity, and intuition. Many psychics and new age believers think that seeing 1111 is the best time to make life choices that lead towards the path you want to take.


The number 1111 can also be a manifestation of relationships. Numerologists believe that seeing 1111 is referencing a person in your life. This person can be a love interest, a family member, or a friend with whom your relationship is at a standstill. If you go about your day seeing the number 1111 repeatedly, the angels are telling you that things are alright and this situation will soon end.

Most people assume that this would mean you would reconcile with this person. However, an 1111 number doesn’t give you what you want but assures you that you will obtain what you need. If the person you are thinking about will only bring your growth down, the 1111 number may be telling you that you will soon learn to live without them.


Just like 1111 for relationships, your luck is also boosted. When it comes to luck, you will be receiving spiritual aid for things you wish to obtain or gain from. An example would be a higher salary, your plant to start budding, or even winning the lottery. The 1111 number is a sign of hope when becoming unsure of something you have been dedicating yourself to. This is because the angels are telling you that your hard work will soon be rewarded.

This can also be interpreted in another way. You could be the type of person who declines rewards and gifts in your daily life. There are many reasons to reject good luck. Whether it’s because you believe you don’t deserve it or prefer to believe you are taking things for granted. However, once the 1111 number shows itself to you, divine beings are already permitting you to accept such gifts. They are even telling you that once you accept them, you will bring about more good luck in your life.

1111 in terms of luck can also refer to your career. Whether or not it’s a good sign for you, a transformation in your career will soon come. If you are stuck in a dead-end job and wish to leave, the 1111 number is the spirits telling you that now is your time to do so. However, if you are happy with your job and receive this number, it doesn’t mean you have to leave. Instead, it’s telling you better opportunities are coming your way in your field of choice.

Spiritual and Physical Meaning

The meaning of 1111 in terms of spiritual and physical terms lines up with health. This might sound alarming, especially since it refers to something that can weaken you both mentally and physically. However, the 1111 number is trying to tell you to check your current status rather than warning you of impending doom.

Have you been resting well? Or have you been burning yourself out too much with work, relationships, and other responsibilities? The 1111 meaning for spiritual and physical health is reminding you to prioritize yourself to be able to function properly.

1111 Meaning With Chakras

The number 1111 doesn’t always have to do with numerology or biblically accurate angels sending you messages. It also has something to do with chakras, which are focal points in your body needed when practicing ancient meditation. Chakras were born under early Hinduism traditions. Mastering the flow of your chakra in your body allows the subtle negative and positive energy to cleanly filter themselves inside and outside of you.

seven chakras symbols
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The 1111 number is connected with two well-known chakras: the Muladhara, which is the root chakra, and the Anahata, which is the heart chakra.

Muladhara – The Root Chakra

The Muladhara is represented with red energy. This chakra is known as the first chakra of the seven chakras. It is the very foundation of our instinct. The Muladhara is the source of our will to survive. It allows us to process our traumas and core memories properly for a secure, humble, and calm lifestyle. You can find your root chakra at the bottom of your spine. This chakra is associated with the number 1111 because of our need to feel safe in an environment. A jumbled root chakra describes a lost and tired soul. With the number 1111 acting as God’s divine mercy and message for healing, it allows you to focus on the causes of your pain to heal.

Anahata – The Heart Chakra

The Anahata, also known as the heart chakra, is the green-colored energy that allows us to reciprocate love, learn acceptance, and grow spiritually. Spiritual beings will use the 1111 number to remind you to grow with compassion by using your heart chakra. When experiencing a blockage inside the heart chakra, you will find yourself depressed, filled with anxiety, and alone. The heart chakra is also an important chakra to flow out higher needs and earthly needs.

The angels are communicating with you through the 1111 number by allowing you to receive the love you may be seeking for. This process will allow you to be strengthened by your understanding and become able to return the love you received to others.

Wish-Granting Number 1111

All the 1111 meanings listed resulted in the suspicion that it’s a wish-granting number. There are two big reasons behind this: the first one is the good fortune that emanates from being the divine beings’ number. The second one is that the number 11 is considered an idealistic number associated with clarity.

People tend to wish for 60 seconds when 11:11 strikes on the clock. Believers of new-age science think that psychic vibrations are heightened during this time. This allows a person to manifest their desires using their boosted psychic awareness. The rules of wishing during 11:11 are simple:

  • Stop whatever you are doing first.
  • Place your hands together and close your eyes.
  • Think about the wish you want to be granted.
  • Stay like this until 11:12.
  • Do not tell your wish to anyone else.

Sometimes the wish can be granted. While other times, you receive what you need rather than what you wanted.

Historical References of 1111

Some people have noticed the number 1111 way before it became popular on the Internet. In fact, Pythagoras of Samos, who lived as an Ancient Greek philosopher, was the first to make sense of numerical values. Pythagoras is a well-known founder of mathematics, music theory, and astronomy. Other famous philosophers such as Aristotle also gave credit to Pythagoras’ contribution. In other words, he was smart enough to create the building blocks of all three of his interests.

Pythagoras was the founder of numerology, which we also know as angel numbers. He believed that the universe could be explained by using numbers in general. Pythagoras’ statement holds true even today. Modern scientists can predict disasters and create quick advancements in technology and medicine through the use of science.

Pythagoras describes 1111 under his Pythagoras Square. This calculation allows a person’s characteristics and quality to be accurately described through the numbers of their birth. The number 1 in particular describes strong-willed, courageous, and ambitious people. However, the 1111 number represents a person with a stubborn nature and a desire to be loved without lies. 1111 characters are also experts in parenting and military exploits.

1111 is also present in the Bible. God declares that the Jews who have been worshipping pagan deities were to experience evil unlike no other in his absence in Jeremiah 11:11 of the James Kings Version. It describes the consequences of a person’s choice when they choose to deny God and serve deities that pretend to be him. Additionally, the number 1111 is also God and the Holy Spirit’s number exclusively.

Jeremiah 11
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While Pythagoras Square believes that 1111 describes strong leaders, the Bible describes the 1111 number as a symbol of abandonment and eventual destruction or salvation and hope. We can safely deduce that history paints the 1111 number in different ways.

What Should You Do To Manifest 1111?

You begin thinking about 1111 to manifest it. Whether you willingly manifest it or have it come to you naturally doesn’t change its effectiveness. However, it does make it easier when you manifest it on your own. This is because you know what you wish to get from the number itself: a sign of whether or not you are on the right path.

What if you don’t know why you keep seeing 1111? You will only need to keep in touch with your intuition. Since it’s also boosted because of the divine beings aiding you, it will be easy for you to pinpoint what the number is referring to.

Once you learn what the number 1111 is trying to tell you, it’s time to accept whatever is heading your way. If you see any opportunities that might be risky while the number 1111 repeats itself to you, most of the time the opportunity will turn in your favor.

The final step to manifest 1111 correctly is to take action with the intentions you have set yourself during this time. Manifesting your wishes and goals isn’t enough. You will have to try your best to achieve it as well.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the 1111 meaning, its uses, and symbolisms. 1111 is a fairly new concept in comparison to other numerical values with representations. However, the number has grown a significant amount of believers since its conception.

While it’s not easy to notice the pattern for angel numbers, it’s still a great way to connect with your intuitions and beliefs. On the other hand, seeing 1111 may also boost your confidence in difficult situations. However, keep in mind that it’s still possible to fail despite seeing the 1111 number everywhere.

This doesn’t mean you have to live your life actively looking for the 1111 number. The same could be said when trying to manifest the number in your life. Psychics, believers of new age science, and astrology lovers will advise you to use the rare chance to manifest and remain positive and dedicated without its presence.

While it’s common for believers to attempt to manifest the 1111 number, there are still a handful of people who don’t believe it works. It’s all a matter of who believes in numerology and who doesn’t. Given the choice, would you go and manifest the number? Or maybe you already have and are hoping for a meaning behind it. Either way, the practices regarding 11:111 is an interesting habit to add to your daily life.

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