Mario Mushroom Facts



Modified: 07 Jun 2022

Mario Mushroom Facts

The Super Mario Bros game franchise is one of the Nintendo game company’s most famous and popular game series of all time. It’s so iconic that this video game franchise’s main protagonist also doubles as Nintendo’s primary mascot.

Over the course of the series, a number of characters and figures have appeared and become famous among fans everywhere. One of these is notably the super mushrooms the player consumes in the game that grants special abilities and more. Find out things you may have missed about this special item with these Mario Mushroom facts.

  1. Mario mushrooms make characters double in size.
  2. Green and white Mario mushrooms grant the player 1 extra life. 
  3. Alternatively, the player can collect a total of 100 coins to get an extra life instead of using the mushroom.
  4. 1-Up Mario mushrooms used to be yellow and green, but are now changed to white and green colors.
  5. There are approximately 78 different mushroom types in the Super Mario games.
  1. The super mushrooms first appeared in the Super Mario franchise in Super Mario Bros
  2. The Mario mushrooms originally had a red and yellow color scheme instead of red and white.
  3. The shape of the Mario mushrooms was made to look as such due to graphical limits at the time.
  4. Originally, the first manual for the Super Mario Bros game referred to it as the Magic Mushroom.
  5. 1-Up mushrooms can be found in all of the Super Mario games.
  6. However, they are considered to be quite uncommon. 
  7. Originally, the mushrooms in the Super Mario games did not have eyes included in their design.
  8. The kingdom of the Super Mario World is themed around mushrooms and other creatures.
  9. They are often referred to as the Power Up Mushroom or simply just The Mushroom.
  10. The idea for the Mario mushroom was inspired by the cake that Alice eats in Alice in Wonderland.
  1. The Mario mushroom is officially known as the Super Mushroom.
  2. The 1-Up Mario mushrooms are typically found hidden in the bricks found in dangerous areas.
  3. Some mushrooms found in the Super Mario series can cause harm instead of giving power-ups. 
  4. The Mario mushrooms are now considered to be an iconic and famous video game item.
  5. Some mushrooms found in the Super Mario games appear to be angry.
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Mario Mushroom Facts Infographics

Mario Mushroom Facts Infographics

The mushroom head creature in Mario is named Toad.

In the Super Mario Bros. games, the main population of the Mushroom Kingdom is made up of Toads. These creatures are famously notable for their mushroom-like headgear or hats that come in the same colors as the Mario mushrooms throughout the game.

While Toad can refer to a single character, it is also used to describe the species of the Mushroom Kingdom’s inhabitants. In the Japanese version of the games, Toad’s name is changed to Kinopio, which translates to ‘Mushroom-like’ in English. All Toad characters also wear the same outfit which consists of a small open vest and white bottom.

The red and white mushrooms in the Super Mario Brothers games are based on real mushrooms.

One of the little-known Mario Mushroom facts is how it’s based on a real mushroom called the Amanita Muscaria. This mushroom has the same red color and white spots like the one seen in the Super Mario games and is noted for its unique side effect when consumed. 

The people who consume these mushrooms often feel as if they are growing in size which is a feature also seen in the game. These mushrooms can be mainly found in the northern hemisphere in temperate areas and have been referenced in other fictional works such as Alice in Wonderland as well. 

Mario Mushroom Facts
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The mushroom people in the Super Mario games were turned into brick blocks.

According to the storyline of the Super Mario Bros. game, the villain of the series, Bowser, magically transformed the Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom into the famous brick blocks. In the game, these brick blocks can be destroyed to gain coins and as well as useful power-ups needed to clear the stage of the game. 

The Mushroom people were turned into these bricks when the Koopa invaded their land, which caused the Mushroom Kingdom to fall into ruins. While many of the brick blocks in the game are breakable, some also turn solid when they are hit a certain amount of times. How’s that for dark Mario Mushroom facts?

The brown mushroom enemies in the Super Mario Bros. games are referred to as Goomba.

Goombas in the Super Mario game series are known as small brown creatures that resemble fungi and are one of the enemies the player faces when clearing stages of the game. First introduced in 1985, goombas have served as minor antagonists on Super Mario Bros

Typically, these creatures can be defeated by jumping on them and squishing them from the impact, or by hitting them after eating a super mushroom. In other games, these enemies can also be ignored and jumped over or defeated by throwing fireballs at them as well. Relive the nostalgia of beating goombas when you grab a copy of the latest Super Mario title here

Mario Mushroom Facts
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There is a secret mushroom house you can unlock in the game New Super Mario Bros U.

In the game New Super Mario U, a secret level allows access to a secret Mushroom House. After players defeat Bowser, the Mushroom House can be unlocked by jumping into a pipe which leads to a secret island 

Inside the purple Mushroom House, players can see their game statistics such as the number of deaths, applauses, as well as the extra lives gained from flag poles. Once a player has unlocked this, they have successfully finished the games and the ending sequence will play on the screen.

The golden mushroom is considered to be one of Toad’s special items.

In the Super Mario Bros. games, the item can grant the user temporary invincibility status which allows the player to defeat small enemies simply by running straight into them. More often, this item is also called the gold mushroom and is considered to be a rare item to find in the game. 

The gold mushroom is entirely colored gold and wears a crown on top of its head. Depending on the game, the gold color differs a bit, but still holds the same special effect throughout the franchise. 

Mario Mushroom Facts
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The mushroom people are playable characters in Super Mario games such as Mario Kart.

The mushroom people, also known as Toad, are often playable characters in the main Super Mario Bros games and other sideline games in the franchise. In the main games, Toad can be played to complete specific missions and side quests to help Mario and his companions finish the storyline. 

In other co-op games, Toad can be played as one of the many characters to play against others such as in Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Paper Mario, and more. In some games, Toad is also used as an assistant role to Princess Peach’s neutral special move which can be used to counter the attacks of enemy players and characters. 

The king of the Mushroom Kingdom is called the Mushroom King.

The Mushroom King is also often referred to as King Toadstool or the King of the Mushroom Land and is often mentioned as part of the introduction of the Super Mario game world. The Mushroom King is the father of Princess Peach and is described to be a bearded human who wears a blue or purple robe and a large kufi hat with circular symbols on its design. 

Although he has never appeared in any of the main Super Mario Bros games, he has been introduced in the Nintendo Adventure Books and in the comic How to Win at Super Mario Bros. Apart from these, he has also made appearances and mentioned in official coloring books, published comics, and also a few graphic novels.

Mario Mushroom Facts
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The blue mushroom gives the player the ability to shrink down in size.

This mushroom is referred to as the mini mushroom and is considered to be the opposite of the mega mushroom or red mushroom. When a player consumes this blue mushroom, they can shrink down in size which allows them to enter smaller terrains found within the game and complete tasks and clear specific levels. 

While this mushroom is typically blue, it is colored pink in the game Mario Party 4 and includes a baby pacifier of the same color in the game. Often, this item costs more expensive and is considered rare to find during gameplay.

The mushroom people in the Super Mario games are officially stated to be genderless.

For many years before its official confirmation, many believed Toad to be a male due to its character design and choice of clothing. However, in 2014, Nintendo has officially announced that Toad is genderless which neither makes him male or female. 

In the Japanese version of the game, Toad also tends to use gender-neutral pronouns to refer to themselves when they show up on the screen and chat with the player.