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Facts About Lois Griffin

In the popular TV animated series Family Guy, you’ll be familiar with Peter Griffin and his wife, Lois Griffin. As the deuteragonist of the series, Lois appears in the majority of the episodes, with some of them also putting her into the spotlight. Additionally, Lois is typically neutral to the members of her family and often comes across as sadistic in some manner. Throughout the series, fans become more interested in her background as more information about this character. Here are some of the most interesting and unnoticed facts about Lois Griffin.

  1. Lois Griffin is 48 years old.
  2. According to her driver’s license, she is 5”8 in height.
  3. Her birthday is on June 3, 1958.
  4. Her dress size is a size 4 as revealed by her husband Peter Griffin. 
  5. She weighs around 115 pounds. 
  1. Lois Griffin is voiced by an American actress named Alex Borstein. 
  2. She is also voiced by other voice actors such as Tatum Hentemann when she appears as a young girl.
  3. Her full legal name is Lois Patrice Griffin. 
  4. Lois Griffin is legally married to the show’s main protagonist, Peter Griffin. 
  5. The voice style of Lois Griffin is modeled after one of the cousins of her voice actress. 
  6. Lois Griffin was born as Lois Pewterschmidt of the Pewterschmidt empire. 
  7. Lois Griffin stated that she met her husband while working for her aunt as a towel boy. 
  8. Currently, Lois Griffin is seen working full time as a mother to her three children. 
  9. Lois Griffin and her mother are revealed to be Jewish. 
  10. During her early years, she once worked as a professional piano instructor.
  1. She lives with her family at 31 Spooner Street in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. 
  2. Alex Borstein was asked if she wanted the voice role of Lois Griffin after a live stage show in Los Angeles, California. 
  3. Lois Griffin comes from an extremely wealthy family.
  4. Lois Griffin has a sister named Carol and a brother named Patrick. 
  5. The eye color of Lois Griffin is green and her hair color is naturally orange.
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In the 3-episode Star Wars parody, Lois Griffin plays the role of Princess Leia.

In the Family Guy parody special of the original Star Wars trilogy, Lois Griffin plays the role of Princess Leia Organa Solo who is also revealed to be the twin sister of Luke Skywalker. However, many of Lois Griffin’s usual mannerisms are shown to remain constant during the three-episode special such as her monotone speech pattern and demeanor towards other characters. 

In the parody episodes, Lois Griffin also wears the same hairstyles and as well as other outfits that Princess Leia was famously noted for wearing such as her space slave costume and her white robe. Additionally, the character Jabba the Hutt is introduced as a basis for the Griffin family ancestry. 

Facts About Lois Griffin
Source: YouTube

In several episodes of the show, Lois Griffin commonly shows a non-caring personality.

Throughout the show, Lois Griffin’s personality has been noted to have changed over time from appearing to be a doting housewife to a non-caring and dark personality. In a few episodes of the series, Lois has also been noted to have a much more aggressive and often showed signs of Sadomasochism (S&M) behavior. 

During the later seasons of the series, more of Lois Griffin’s past is slowly revealed and the audience is shown that Lois Griffin often hung around the wrong crowd during her youth and took part in rebellious activities. In some episodes, Lois Griffin has also harmed other people in a violent manner such as pointing a gun at them or physically harming them.

Lois Griffin was once selected to be a part of an Olympic diving team.

In the episode Stewie B Goode, Lois Griffin, and her husband Peter Griffin attempt to teach their youngest child, Stewie Griffin how to swim by signing him up for a swimming class. Later on, in the episode, it is revealed that Lois Griffin was once offered a spot to join the American Olympic diving team but later on dropped out due to unexpected circumstances.

According to the deuteragonist of the series, Lois Griffin quit the Olympic diving team due to becoming pregnant with her first daughter, Meg. This episode is marked as the 28th episode in the fourth season of the animated series and was aired in May 2006.

Facts About Lois Griffin
Source: YouTube

In the episode A Fish Out of Water, Lois Griffin reveals that she never intended to become a mother.

In this episode of the series, Lois Griffin takes her daughter Meg Griffin out to spend some time together during Spring Break at the spa. However, Meg Griffin insists that she would rather spend time at the beach and party than at a spa to which Lois agrees to and they change their plans for the day accordingly. 

Once at the beach, Lois shows to fit in better with the party crowd compared to her daughter which leads Meg to a series of events that gets both her and her mother arrested by local authorities. Sometime during their Spring Break adventure, Lois Griffin reveals to her daughter that she had originally never intended on being a mother during her youth but now is happy with the family that she has now. 

Lois Griffin is ranked as a black belt in the martial art Tae-Jitsu.

In the episode Lethal Weapons, Lois Griffin earns her black belt in Tae-Jitsu after being invited to sign up at a local dojo by her friend Bonnie. During her time at the dojo, Lois is noted to quickly progress in martial art and quickly earns the rank of black belt and uses it later on to help her husband, Peter Griffin get out of trouble with a New Yorker at a bar. 

Later on in the episode, Peter Griffin slowly takes advantage of his wife’s newfound skills and has her drive all invading New Yorkers out of their town but only for it to backfire and cause Lois to go out of control. This episode is the 7th release in the third season of the animated series which aired in August 2001.

Facts About Lois Griffin
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Lois Griffin also speaks Klingon, a language from the Star Trek universe.

In the 18th season of the animated series, Lois Griffin revealed that she can fluently speak the fictional language of Klingon in the episode Undergrounded. In this episode, Lois Griffin states that she learned the fictional language to identify if the women at the nail salon she regularly goes to was secretly talking about her since they were noted to always be gossiping about something. 

Klingon is a fictional language famous for its use in the 1979 Star Trek film and many other films in the same universe or franchise. In other episodes, Lois is also noted to know how to speak in Ukrainian which makes her trilingual. 

There have been many hints in the animated series that Lois Griffin may be bisexual.

Throughout the animated series, Lois Griffin is predominantly straight in terms of her sexual orientation. However, in a few episodes of the earlier seasons, Lois Griffin has been noted to show signs of possibly being bisexual such as in the episode Brian Sings and Swings where Lois kisses one of her daughter’s lesbian friends during a kissing demonstration.

In the pilot episode of The Cleveland Show, Lois is also dared by Cleaveland to kiss Bonnie to which she gladly accepts. Additionally, Lois Griffin has also revealed that she had once dated a few girls during her time in college when she was younger. 

Facts About Lois Griffin
Source: YouTube

Before marrying Peter Griffin, Lois was noted to have had several relationships with other men.

Apart from her relationships with other women during her youth, Lois griffin was considerably active in the dating scene as well. According to the character, she has both dated and slept with several celebrity figures such as Gene Simmons from the well-known band KISS, and J. Geils from the band Whitesnake.

In the 13th episode of the series’s 5th season, Lois Griffin is also shown to have an affair with the former United States president, Bill Clinton. Later on, Peter Griffin learns about the affair and is left in shock but later on chooses to forgive Lois in the end. 

Lois Griffin is revealed to have an obsession over the singer Daughtry.

During the 5th episode of the fifteenth season of the animated series, Lois Griffin reveals that her favorite singer is the finalist from the 5th season of American Idol, Chris Daughtry. Lois Griffin claims to be one of his biggest fans and is considered to be obsessed with the famous singer. 

Lois Griffin also went as far as using the handle DaughtryMom for her Instagram account which shows off her love for the singer. However, despite the character’s enthusiasm shown in the show, the singer has yet to make a guest appearance in the animated series. 

Facts About Lois Griffin
Source: YouTube

In the episode The Perfect Castaway, Lois Griffin marries the dog Brian after assuming that her husband was dead.

After being stranded on a deserted island with his friends, Peter Griffin returns to Quahog to find that his wife Lois is now married to their anthropomorphic dog, Brian. According to Lois, she married Brian as a means to support her family during Peter’s absence but noted that she and their dog still sleep in separate beds. 

In an attempt to win his wife back, Peter makes several romantic advances towards Lois to which she, later on, takes part in and the two have an affair together. Brian, later on, learns of this affair from the youngest child of the family, Stewie, and divorces Lois. 


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