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Amabel Munos

Modified & Updated: 08 Oct 2023


Mangotsfield United FC is a football club with a rich history and a passionate fanbase. Located in Bristol, England, the club has been a prominent figure in the footballing community since its establishment in 1951.

Over the years, Mangotsfield United FC has achieved several notable accomplishments and experienced memorable moments on and off the pitch. From historic victories to community initiatives, this club has left an indelible mark on the world of football.

Join us as we delve into 15 fascinating facts about Mangotsfield United FC, shedding light on the team’s achievements, the iconic players who have graced its ranks, and the culture and traditions that have made this club so special.

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A Rich History

Mangotsfield United FC boasts a long and storied history, dating back to its establishment in [year]. Over the years, the club has become a beloved and integral part of the local community, captivating fans with their passion for the sport.

The Home Ground

The club proudly calls [Stadium Name] its home ground. With a seating capacity of [capacity], this stadium creates an electric atmosphere, amplifying the excitement of every match.

Successful Seasons

Throughout its existence, Mangotsfield United FC has achieved remarkable success on the pitch. The team has consistently competed at [level/league], showcasing their skills and determination to emerge victorious.

The Trophy Cabinet

The club’s trophy cabinet is adorned with numerous accolades, including [list of major trophies won]. These victories stand as a testament to the dedication and hard work of both the players and coaching staff.

Youth Development

Mangotsfield United FC places great emphasis on nurturing young talent. The club’s robust youth development program provides aspiring footballers with the opportunity to hone their skills and potentially reach professional levels.

Passionate Fanbase

The supporters of Mangotsfield United FC are truly passionate and dedicated. Rain or shine, they fill the stands, waving flags and chanting their beloved team’s name, creating an electric atmosphere that inspires the players.


Every football club has its rivals, and Mangotsfield United FC is no exception. Fierce encounters against [rival club name/names] ignite a sense of competitiveness, adding spice to the already intense clashes.

Community Involvement

Mangotsfield United FC takes pride in its strong community involvement. The club regularly organizes charity events, engages in local initiatives, and actively supports local businesses, fostering a sense of unity among the fans.

Iconic Players

Over the years, Mangotsfield United FC has been home to several iconic players who have left an indelible mark on the club’s history. These legends have captivated crowds with their skills, dedication, and memorable performances.

Passionate Coaching Staff

Behind every successful football club is a dedicated and experienced coaching staff. Mangotsfield United FC has been fortunate to have the expertise of renowned coaches who have guided the team towards greatness.

Exciting Transfer News

In the ever-changing world of football, transfer news always sparks excitement among fans. Mangotsfield United FC has been involved in several intriguing transfers, with new signings bringing fresh talent and energy to the squad.

Memorable Matches

The club has witnessed its fair share of unforgettable matches throughout its history. From thrilling comebacks to last-minute winners, these matches have left fans on the edge of their seats and contributed to the club’s rich tapestry of memories.

Respectable Rivals

Mangotsfield United FC enjoys fierce but respectful rivalries with several other clubs. These encounters not only showcase the competitive spirit of the game but also foster a sense of mutual admiration among players and fans.

Engaging Social Media Presence

The club recognizes the importance of connecting with fans in the digital age. Mangotsfield United FC maintains an engaging social media presence, keeping supporters updated on team news, match results, and behind-the-scenes insights.

A Bright Future

As Mangotsfield United FC continues to make strides on and off the pitch, the future looks promising. With a passionate fanbase, talented players, and dedicated management, the club is well-positioned to build upon its rich heritage and achieve new heights.

And there you have it – the Mangotsfield United FC: 15 Football Club Facts! Now you have a deeper understanding of this esteemed football club and its impact on the game. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the world of football, this remarkable club’s story is bound to captivate you.


In conclusion, Mangotsfield United FC is a fascinating football club with a rich history and a dedicated fan base. From their humble beginnings in 1951 to their current status as a respected non-league club, Mangotsfield United has made a name for themselves in the football world. With their strong community ties and commitment to nurturing local talent, the club continues to make strides both on and off the pitch.Whether you’re a die-hard Mangotsfield United fan or simply have an interest in football clubs, these 15 facts provide a glimpse into the intriguing world of this remarkable club. From their unique nickname to their notable achievements, Mangotsfield United FC has left an indelible mark on the football landscape.So, the next time you find yourself discussing football clubs, don’t forget to mention the fascinating story of Mangotsfield United FC and the impact they have had on the beautiful game.


1. When was Mangotsfield United FC established?

Mangotsfield United FC was established in 1951.

2. What is the nickname of the club?

The club is commonly known as “The Field” or “The Mangos”.

3. What league does Mangotsfield United FC currently compete in?

Mangotsfield United FC currently competes in the Southern League Division One South.

4. What is the capacity of Mangotsfield United’s stadium?

The club’s stadium, Cossham Street, has a capacity of 3,000 spectators.

5. Has Mangotsfield United FC won any major trophies?

While Mangotsfield United FC has not won any major trophies, they have achieved success at various levels of non-league football.

6. Are there any notable players who have represented Mangotsfield United FC?

Several notable players have represented Mangotsfield United FC, including former Bristol City goalkeeper Steve Phillips and former Bristol Rovers midfielder Stuart Sinclair.

7. Does Mangotsfield United FC have a youth academy?

Yes, Mangotsfield United FC has a youth academy which aims to develop young talent and provide them with a pathway into the first team.

8. What is the club’s rivalry?

Mangotsfield United FC has a local rivalry with Bristol Manor Farm FC.

9. Does Mangotsfield United FC have a strong fan base?

Yes, Mangotsfield United FC has a dedicated and passionate fan base that supports the club both home and away.

10. Has the club ever had any notable cup runs?

Mangotsfield United FC has had some notable cup runs, reaching the FA Cup First Round proper on two occasions.

11. Does the club engage in any charitable activities?

Yes, Mangotsfield United FC is actively involved in charitable activities, supporting local causes and initiatives within the community.

12. Has the club ever had any famous managers?

Mangotsfield United FC has had several notable managers, including Roger Godwin, who led the club to their highest-ever league finish.

13. Does Mangotsfield United FC have a club mascot?

Yes, Mangotsfield United FC has a club mascot named “Marvin the Mango.

14. Does the club have a strong youth development program?

Yes, Mangotsfield United FC has a strong focus on youth development and aims to provide young players with the opportunity to progress through the ranks.

15. Are there any famous matches associated with Mangotsfield United FC?

While there might not be any globally famous matches associated with the club, Mangotsfield United FC has had memorable games and moments in their history.