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Mobile Legends

When you play a game that you really like, and you are ready to spend hours, days and months and even invest not only emotionally but also financially, turning to services like Skycoach to improve your social status within the project itself.

It is also interesting to learn interesting facts and points related to Mobile Legends itself and to understand the intricacies and gain new knowledge regarding your favorite game.

We will analyze interesting facts, features and bugs of Mobile Legends that may be useful to you or be interesting.

Share Button

Mobile Legends often tries to motivate you to advertise it to your friends through the method of reposting to your social networks, but there is a bug that allows you to receive this award without posting on your social profile. To do this, you just need to press the share button and return back to the menu – the reward will be provided.

Uranus Appearance Kit

A kit for the character Uranus can be purchased in the game store, but if you spend time collecting special coins – conqueror’s medals in the special event Conquest of the Dawn.

Emblems, Pumping and Additional Features

If you upgrade all your emblems to level 60, you will get the opportunity for additional power-up for dust and the opportunity to buy new effects of return, revival and a special emotion for your hero.

Mobile Legends

Hero Links, Hidden Buffs and Boosts

Mobile Legends has its own history and relationship between many heroes who exchange passive effects and phrases when meeting for one, or enemy teams.

For example, if Darius and Sylvanas meet in the same duel in opposing teams, then their allies will receive 1% attack speed up, regardless of the main parameters.

If Leslie and Harley play on the same team, they get an increase in their health due to family ties, since the characters are brother and sister to each other.

Heroes of the East – if you collect the characters from this set together, then for each unit everyone will receive a bonus to speed, which can be maximized by assembling a team of four heroes of the east. It’s hard to call it an imba, just an interesting mechanic.


An interesting play on words, or rather letters – if you read the name of the hero backwards, you get Dracula, and despite the fact that the character does not have a single reference to the Transylvanian count, the idea is still interesting.

Roger and Ruby

Two characters that are a reference to the classic Little Red Riding Hood are the image of a wolf and a girl in a signature red headdress.


The character is a project of ideological inspiration for the cult anime Attack on Titan. The hero uses the mechanism of slings and hooks to move quickly and rises up due to compressed gas.

Rewards for Players Who Return After a Long Absence

Mobile Legends has an adoption and reward system for players who decide to return to the project.

If you have not logged into your account for 59 days, you will receive a free hero and will receive additional rewards every day for a week. On the seventh day, it will be a free skin for a random hero.

Mobile Legends

Changing Not Only Your Name In ML

You can arbitrarily and at any time change your game nickname as you please, of course, if the terminology does not contain swearing and insults, but you can also rename your friends. Of course, the information will be visible only to you, and will not affect the real nickname of another user, but this is a great way to sign others so that you immediately understand who they are talking about.

You Can Prevent the Hero Biter From Throwing You Up At Will

In the mechanics of the character, it is possible to toss an ally and even throw him into an active battle without asking permission.

You can buy a free item that disables this mechanic. The item will only appear if you have Biters on your team.

Siselion and Carmila

The character Cecelion can absorb the hero Carmila if they are on the same team.

In this way, Siselion receives additional protection, and Carmila can at any time exit the absorption state and deal damage to all surrounding enemies.

If you’re playing Carmel and don’t want Cecerion to have the absorption option, then just get a free item, but keep in mind that unlike Biter, you lose the strong mechanics and combination of damage and defense between these heroes.


A forgotten and almost unused hero who receives 60 gold every time one of the allies kills an enemy, and if the character himself kills the enemy, then the allies will receive 15 gold.

The hero is practically not chosen in matches, so meeting him is quite problematic, as well as learning about this feature to help yourself and your allies financially.

Bug with Nana’s Ultimate

As you know, the mechanics of the hero’s ultimate create an explosion at the specified point and two additional ones in front of the first one, drawing a conditional line.

If you hold your finger on the ultimate for a long time, then the hero will use the skill for himself and exactly at the same point, which allows you to deal good damage to targets and protect yourself with damage to enemies.

But such a bug is difficult to implement due to auto-targeting on the target if it appears in the visibility radius and then the ultimate starts to activate as it should – one at the point and two further behind it. Therefore, you need to use the skill of hiding from enemies and quickly run out on them and stay as close to your opponents as possible.

Two Organizations

There are two organizations in Mobile Legends, Sabre and Venom, who recruit more than 6 heroes from each side and compete with each other for control of the universe.


Contrary to most MMO and MOBA games in which many heroes and destinies inherit mythology and fairy tales and do not have a close relationship with each other, except perhaps the interaction from the history of two heroes, in Mobile Legends almost all heroes have family, competitive and even romantic ties and connections.


If we compare MOBA projects, then Mobile Legends is similar to both League of Legends and Dota, but released in the mobile game network so that players can play it anywhere in the world with the Internet and a normal smartphone or tablet.

The project will appeal to fans of short and dynamic matches, with bright animation and pleasant sound and visual accompaniment.

Unlike conditional Dota, where interactive occurs only once at a certain time, in ML there is always the opportunity to get something, earn money and modify your hero with new items and sets.

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