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The Portland Timbers are a professional soccer team based in Portland, Oregon. They compete in Major League Soccer (MLS) and have a passionate fanbase known as the “Timbers Army.” Loyal spectators fill Providence Park, the team’s home stadium, to cheer on their beloved green and gold. But the Timbers are more than just a team; they are an institution deeply ingrained in the fabric of Portland’s sports culture.

This article will delve into 18 fascinating facts about the Portland Timbers that showcase their rich history, achievements, and community involvement. From their humble beginnings to their MLS Cup triumph, the Timbers have left an indelible mark on the soccer landscape in the United States.

Key Takeaways:

  • Portland Timbers, founded in 1975, won their first MLS Cup in 2015 and have a passionate fan base known as the Timbers Army. Their iconic goal celebrations and unique traditions make them a beloved MLS franchise.
  • With their army green and gold colors representing the Pacific Northwest’s logging history, the Timbers have intense rivalries with Seattle Sounders FC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC, competing for the Cascadia Cup.
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Founded in 1975

The Portland Timbers, an American professional soccer team, was founded in 1975 as part of the original North American Soccer League (NASL).

MLS Expansion Team

In 2011, the Timbers joined Major League Soccer (MLS) as an expansion team, becoming the league’s 18th franchise.

The Timbers Army

The Timbers Army is the passionate and dedicated fan group of the Portland Timbers, known for their vibrant support and enthusiastic chants during home games.

Providence Park

Providence Park is the iconic stadium that serves as the home ground for the Timbers. It has a seating capacity of over 25,000 for soccer matches.

2015 MLS Cup Champions

In 2015, the Portland Timbers won their first-ever MLS Cup, beating the Columbus Crew SC 2-1 in the final. The victory brought immense joy to the fans and the city.

Cascadia Cup Rivalries

The Timbers have intense rivalries with fellow Pacific Northwest teams, the Seattle Sounders FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, competing for the coveted Cascadia Cup.

Timber Joey and the Log Slab

One of the unique traditions of the Timbers is Timber Joey, a lumberjack mascot who celebrates every Timbers goal by chainsawing off a slice of a log slab as a symbol of the team’s unity and strength.

Diego Valeri – All-Time Leading Scorer

Diego Valeri is the Timbers’ all-time leading scorer. Since joining the club in 2013, he has consistently displayed exceptional skill and contributed numerous goals.

Soccer City, USA

Portland has earned the nickname “Soccer City, USA” due to the city’s passionate soccer culture and the overwhelming support the Timbers receive from the community.

Army Green and Gold

The Timbers’ team colors are army green and gold, representing their connection to the rich logging history of the Pacific Northwest.

Portland Thorns FC

The Timbers’ organization also includes a women’s soccer team, the Portland Thorns FC, which competes in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

Stand Together Community Outreach

The Timbers and Thorns organization actively engages in community outreach programs through their “Stand Together” initiative, supporting local youth, environmental causes, and social equity.

US Open Cup Success

The Timbers have experienced success in the US Open Cup, winning the prestigious tournament in 2015 and reaching the final twice in their history.

Fan Participation in Decision-making

The Timbers have implemented unique initiatives to involve fans in decision-making processes, such as allowing supporters to choose jersey designs and select goal celebration songs.

International Players

The Timbers have had a diverse roster of talented international players, representing various countries from around the world.

Notable Timbers Head Coaches

Throughout its history, the Timbers have been managed by notable head coaches such as Caleb Porter and Giovanni Savarese, who have made significant contributions to the team’s success.

Iconic Goal Celebrations

The Timbers are known for their creative and memorable goal celebrations, often involving choreographed group dances and vibrant interactions with the Timbers Army.

Timbers vs. Sounders Rivalry

The rivalry between the Timbers and the Seattle Sounders FC is one of the fiercest in MLS, with matches between the two teams known as the “Cascadia Cup” clashes generating intense excitement among fans.

Overall, the Portland Timbers have made their mark in the soccer world with their passionate fan base, rich traditions, and success both on and off the field. The 18 Facts About Portland Timbers showcase the team’s history, culture, and achievements, making them a beloved and respected franchise in Major League Soccer.


The Portland Timbers is a team steeped in history and tradition. From their humble beginnings in 1975 to their current success in Major League Soccer, the Timbers have captured the hearts of fans in Portland and beyond. With a passionate fan base and a strong commitment to community involvement, the Timbers are more than just a soccer team – they are a symbol of pride and unity. As we’ve explored in this article, the Timbers have a rich and storied history, boasting numerous accomplishments and milestones. From winning the MLS Cup in 2015 to their iconic logo and stadium, the Timbers continue to leave a lasting impact on the world of soccer. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just getting to know the team, one thing is for sure – the Portland Timbers are here to stay.


1. When was the Portland Timbers team established?

The Portland Timbers were established in 1975.

2. What league do the Portland Timbers play in?

The Portland Timbers play in Major League Soccer (MLS).

3. What is the home stadium of the Portland Timbers?

The Portland Timbers play their home matches at Providence Park.

4. What are some of the notable achievements of the Portland Timbers?

The Portland Timbers won the MLS Cup in 2015 and have also won the Western Conference Championship twice.

5. How many championships have the Portland Timbers won?

The Portland Timbers have won one MLS Cup championship.

6. Who is the current head coach of the Portland Timbers?

The current head coach of the Portland Timbers is Giovanni Savarese.

7. What is the team’s official mascot?

The team’s official mascot is Timber Joey, a lumberjack who celebrates goals by cutting a slab of wood from a log.

8. How can I buy tickets to a Portland Timbers game?

You can purchase tickets to Portland Timbers games through the team’s official website or authorized ticketing platforms.

9. Are there any supporter groups associated with the Portland Timbers?

Yes, there are several supporter groups for the Portland Timbers, including the Timbers Army and the Rose City Riveters.

10. Are there any rivalries between the Portland Timbers and other teams?

Yes, the Portland Timbers have a fierce rivalry with the Seattle Sounders, known as the Cascadia Cup rivalry.

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