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Ranch Water is a refreshing and popular cocktail that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Made with just three simple ingredients – tequila, lime juice, and Topo Chico mineral water – it is a low-calorie and refreshing drink that is perfect for those looking for a light and refreshing beverage option. In this article, we will explore the nutrition facts of Ranch Water and delve into its health benefits. Whether you are a tequila lover, a health-conscious individual, or just curious about the nutritional content of this trendy cocktail, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of Ranch Water and its nutrition facts.

Key Takeaways:

  • 18 Ranch Water is a guilt-free, low-calorie, and zero-sugar beverage that keeps you hydrated, supports weight management, and enhances digestion with its natural flavors and essential nutrients.
  • Whether enjoyed alone or as a mixer, 18 Ranch Water is a refreshing, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly option that quenches thirst rapidly, supports a strong immune system, and is suitable for all occasions.
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Low Calorie Beverage

The 18 Ranch Water is a refreshing and low-calorie beverage option. With only a few ingredients, it provides a guilt-free choice for those watching their calorie intake.

Hydrating Properties

The 18 Ranch Water is known for its hydrating properties. With a combination of mineral water and natural flavors, it helps to quench your thirst and keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Zero Sugar

One of the great things about 18 Ranch Water is that it contains zero sugar. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing flavor.

Rich in Vitamin C

The 18 Ranch Water is infused with a burst of citrus flavors, making it a good source of vitamin C. This essential nutrient supports a strong immune system and promotes overall health and well-being.


If you have gluten sensitivities or allergies, you’ll be happy to know that 18 Ranch Water is gluten-free. It’s a safe and enjoyable option for those with dietary restrictions.

All-Natural Ingredients

When it comes to 18 Ranch Water, you can be confident that it contains only natural ingredients. With no artificial flavors or preservatives, you can enjoy a beverage that is both tasty and wholesome.

Low Sodium Content

For those watching their sodium intake, 18 Ranch Water is a great choice. It has a low sodium content, making it suitable for individuals who need to be mindful of their salt consumption.

No Artificial Sweeteners

Unlike many other beverages on the market, 18 Ranch Water is free from artificial sweeteners. It gets its delicious taste from natural flavors, giving you a healthier alternative to satisfy your thirst.


Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or simply prefer plant-based options, you’ll be glad to know that 18 Ranch Water is vegan-friendly. You can enjoy a refreshing and flavorful drink without compromising your dietary choices.

Loaded with Electrolytes

The 18 Ranch Water contains essential electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium. These nutrients play a vital role in maintaining proper hydration and supporting overall bodily functions.

Suitable for Weight Management

With its low-calorie and zero-sugar composition, 18 Ranch Water can be incorporated into a weight management plan. It provides a refreshing and satisfying beverage option without contributing excess calories.

Packed with Natural Flavors

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the natural flavors found in 18 Ranch Water. From zesty citrus notes to hints of refreshing herbs, every sip will invigorate your senses.

No Artificial Colors

When enjoying 18 Ranch Water, you can rest assured that it contains no artificial colors. Its vibrant and enticing appearance is derived solely from the high-quality natural ingredients used in its formulation.

Ideal for All Occasions

Whether you’re at a backyard barbecue, hiking in the great outdoors, or simply relaxing at home, 18 Ranch Water is the perfect beverage companion. Its light and refreshing nature make it suitable for any occasion.

Quenches Thirst Rapidly

Feeling parched? Look no further than 18 Ranch Water. With its combination of hydrating mineral water and thirst-quenching flavors, it provides rapid relief to your dehydration woes.

Enjoyable Alone or as a Mixer

While 18 Ranch Water is delicious on its own, it also serves as an excellent base for cocktails. Whether you prefer it neat or mixed with other spirits, it adds a refreshing twist to your favorite drink creations.

Caffeine-Free Option

If you’re in need of a caffeine break, 18 Ranch Water is the perfect choice. It provides a caffeine-free alternative to keep you hydrated without the stimulating effects of caffeine.

Enhances Digestion

The blend of natural flavors found in 18 Ranch Water can help enhance digestion. The citrus and herbal notes can provide a soothing effect on the digestive system, making it an excellent after-meal beverage.


In conclusion, Ranch Water is not only a refreshing and invigorating beverage but also a low-calorie and nutritious choice. With its main ingredients being tequila, lime juice, and sparkling water, Ranch Water offers a variety of health benefits. Tequila, made from the blue agave plant, contains antioxidants that can help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Lime juice is rich in vitamin C, which supports immune health and aids in digestion. Sparkling water provides hydration and can be a great alternative to sugary sodas or high-calorie mixers.

So, when you reach for that glass of Ranch Water, not only will you be enjoying a delicious drink, but you’ll also be treating your body to a hydration boost and a dose of beneficial nutrients. Cheers to a guilt-free, refreshing beverage option!


1. Are there any nutritional benefits to drinking Ranch Water?

Yes, Ranch Water offers some nutritional benefits. Tequila contains antioxidants, lime juice is rich in vitamin C, and sparkling water provides hydration without any added calories or sugar.

2. Is Ranch Water a low-calorie drink?

Yes, Ranch Water is a low-calorie drink. It typically contains around 100 calories per serving, making it a healthier option compared to many other alcoholic beverages or sugary mixers.

3. Can Ranch Water help with digestion?

Yes, Ranch Water may aid in digestion. The lime juice in Ranch Water is known for its digestive properties and can help stimulate the production of digestive enzymes.

4. Are there any potential health risks associated with drinking Ranch Water?

As with any alcoholic drink, moderation is key. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can have negative effects on health. It is also essential to be mindful of personal tolerance and any existing health conditions.

5. Can I customize the ingredients in Ranch Water to suit my taste?

Absolutely! Ranch Water is a versatile drink, and you can adjust the proportions of tequila, lime juice, and sparkling water to suit your preferences. You can also add garnishes like mint or jalapenos for an extra kick of flavor.

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