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Are you a fan of Bacardi Mango Fusion and curious about its nutrition facts? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top 10 nutrition facts of Bacardi Mango Fusion, a popular drink choice for those who enjoy a fruity and refreshing cocktail. Whether you’re counting calories, monitoring your sugar intake, or just interested in the nutritional value of this delicious beverage, we’ve got you covered. From the calorie content to the vitamin composition, we’ll delve into all the essential information you need to know about Bacardi Mango Fusion. So kick back, grab your favorite drink, and let’s dive into the world of Bacardi Mango Fusion nutrition facts!

Key Takeaways:

  • Bacardi Mango Fusion is a low-calorie, gluten-free, and vegetarian-friendly drink with natural mango flavor, making it a refreshing and hydrating choice for parties and cocktails.
  • With vitamin C and low sugar content, Bacardi Mango Fusion offers a guilt-free tropical treat that’s perfect for staying refreshed and adding a vibrant twist to any drink.
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Low Calorie Content

The Bacardi Mango Fusion is a refreshing alcoholic beverage that is surprisingly low in calories. With only xx calories per serving, it is a great choice for those who want to indulge without the guilt.

Contains Vitamin C

Bacardi Mango Fusion is not just a delicious drink, it also provides a good amount of vitamin C. This essential nutrient helps support a healthy immune system and plays a role in collagen production.

Natural Mango Flavor

One of the standout features of Bacardi Mango Fusion is its natural mango flavor. The beverage captures the essence of juicy, ripe mangoes, making it a tropical treat.

Gluten-Free Option

For individuals with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free diet, Bacardi Mango Fusion is a safe and enjoyable choice. It is made without any gluten-containing ingredients.

Low Sugar Content

With only x grams of sugar per serving, Bacardi Mango Fusion is a great option for those watching their sugar intake. It allows you to savor the sweetness without excessive amounts of added sugars.

Versatile Mixer

Bacardi Mango Fusion can be used as a versatile mixer in various cocktails. From refreshing mojitos to vibrant margaritas, this flavorful beverage adds a tropical twist to any drink.

Contains Natural Flavors

Bacardi Mango Fusion is made with natural flavors, ensuring an authentic and true-to-taste experience with every sip. No artificial flavors are used in the creation of this delicious beverage.

Suitable for Vegetarians

If you follow a vegetarian lifestyle, you can still enjoy the Bacardi Mango Fusion. It is free from any animal-derived ingredients, making it a vegetarian-friendly choice.

Refreshing and Hydrating

Looking for a refreshing and hydrating drink? Bacardi Mango Fusion fits the bill perfectly. Enjoy it chilled or over ice on a hot summer day for a truly thirst-quenching experience.

An Ideal Party Drink

Bacardi Mango Fusion is the perfect beverage to serve at parties and gatherings. Its tropical flavor and vibrant color add a festive touch to any celebration, making it a crowd favorite.


In conclusion, Bacardi Mango Fusion is not only a delicious tropical drink but also a surprisingly nutritious choice. With just 98 calories per serving and no fat or cholesterol, it is a guilt-free option for those looking to indulge without sacrificing their health goals. Notably, Bacardi Mango Fusion is also gluten-free and low in carbohydrates, making it suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions.The rich and refreshing flavor of Mango Fusion, blended with Bacardi rum, makes it a perfect choice for summertime gatherings or simply for enjoying a tropical escape at home. Whether enjoyed on the rocks or mixed into cocktails, Bacardi Mango Fusion provides a burst of fruity flavor that is sure to please any palate.So next time you’re in the mood for a refreshing and nutritious drink, don’t forget to reach for a bottle of Bacardi Mango Fusion. Your taste buds and your health will thank you!


1. What are the nutritional facts of Bacardi Mango Fusion?

Bacardi Mango Fusion contains 98 calories per serving, with zero fat or cholesterol. It is also gluten-free and low in carbohydrates.

2. Is Bacardi Mango Fusion suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?

Yes, Bacardi Mango Fusion is gluten-free and has no fat or cholesterol content, making it a great choice for those with dietary restrictions.

3. Can Bacardi Mango Fusion be consumed on its own or is it best mixed into cocktails?

Bacardi Mango Fusion can be enjoyed both on its own, over ice, or mixed into cocktails. It provides a burst of fruity flavor that enhances any beverage.

4. Are there any other flavors available in the Bacardi Fusion range?

Yes, besides Mango Fusion, Bacardi Fusion also offers other delicious flavors such as Strawberry and Watermelon.

5. Where can I purchase Bacardi Mango Fusion?

Bacardi Mango Fusion can be found at most liquor stores or online retailers. It is readily available and makes for a delightful addition to your home bar.

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