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Tom and Jerry, the iconic cartoon duo, have entertained audiences for decades with their hilarious antics. One of the standout characters in this beloved animated series is Nibbles, the adorable and mischievous little mouse. Nibbles, also known as Tuffy, made his first appearance in the episode “The Milky Waif” in 1946, and quickly became a fan favorite.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Nibbles and uncover 23 fascinating facts about this pint-sized troublemaker. From his adorable appearance to his playful personality, Nibbles has left a lasting impression on viewers of all ages. So, get ready to relive some childhood memories and discover some new nuggets of information about this lovable character!

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Nibbles is a cute little gray mouse.

Nibbles, also known as Tuffy, is an adorable and mischievous mouse character who often appears alongside Tom and Jerry.

Nibbles made his first appearance in the 1946 Tom and Jerry cartoon, “The Milky Waif.”

In this classic episode, Nibbles is an orphan mouse who is taken under Jerry’s wing. The two work together to outwit Tom and find food.

Nibbles has a distinct speaking style.

In most of his appearances, Nibbles speaks with a cute, high-pitched voice and often adds the word “Sire” at the end of his sentences.

Nibbles is known for his insatiable appetite.

Whether it’s cheese, cake, or any other tasty treat, Nibbles can’t resist indulging in his favorite snacks.

Nibbles has appeared in over 30 Tom and Jerry episodes.

His playful nature and comedic antics have made him a beloved character in the Tom and Jerry franchise.

Nibbles often gets into trouble alongside Jerry.

Together, they brave various challenges and find clever ways to outsmart their feline nemesis, Tom.

Nibbles has a signature red bowtie.

This stylish accessory adds to his adorable and playful appearance.

Nibbles has a close bond with Jerry.

The two mice share a deep friendship and often team up against their common enemy, Tom.

Nibbles is known for his bravery.

Despite his small size, he fearlessly faces any obstacle in his path, demonstrating courage beyond his years.

Nibbles has a knack for getting into tight spots.

His small size allows him to squeeze into places that Tom and Jerry often cannot reach.

Nibbles loves adventure.

He is always ready to embark on new escapades and explore the exciting world around him.

Nibbles is voiced by several different actors.

Over the years, numerous voice actors have portrayed Nibbles, adding their unique touch to the character.

Nibbles is often seen wearing a diaper.

This cute and playful addition to his wardrobe further adds to his innocent and childlike persona.

Nibbles has a big heart.

He cares deeply for his friends, family, and especially for Jerry, and is always there to lend a helping paw.

Nibbles is an expert in stealth.

His tiny size enables him to move quietly and unseen, making it easier for him to outwit Tom in their never-ending chase.

Nibbles has a mischievous side.

While he may be cute and innocent, Nibbles also enjoys playing pranks on Tom and creating chaos in their encounters.

Nibbles has a keen sense of smell.

He can sniff out food from a distance, leading him to many delicious adventures.

Nibbles is a fast learner.

He picks up new tricks and techniques from Jerry quickly, often surprising Tom with his cleverness.

Nibbles has a contagious laughter.

His cheerful chuckles can brighten up even the gloomiest of situations.

Nibbles has appeared in various spin-off media and merchandise.

His popularity has extended beyond the original Tom and Jerry series, leading to his inclusion in books, comics, and toys.

Nibbles is admired for his adorable appearance.

With his big round eyes and innocent smile, he has won the hearts of fans young and old.

Nibbles is known for his funny catchphrases.

From “Sire, I’m famished!” to “Oh, what a mouse I am!” he has delivered many memorable lines throughout the series.

Nibbles continues to entertain audiences worldwide.

Even after decades, this lovable mouse remains a beloved character, capturing the imaginations of fans and bringing joy with his playful adventures.


In conclusion, Nibbles, the adorable little mouse from the Tom and Jerry cartoon series, has captured the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. With his mischievous nature and undeniable charm, Nibbles has become an iconic character in the realm of cartoons.Throughout the years, Nibbles has provided us with countless moments of laughter and entertainment. Whether it’s his hilarious attempts to outsmart Tom or his keen sense of adventure, Nibbles has proven to be a truly memorable character.From his debut in the 1940s to his continued presence in modern-day episodes, Nibbles has become an integral part of the Tom and Jerry universe. With his small stature and big personality, he serves as a constant reminder that even the smallest among us can make a big impact.So, next time you tune in to watch Tom and Jerry, keep an eye out for Nibbles and be prepared to be charmed by his antics. Nibbles is an enduring testament to the power of cartoons to bring joy and laughter into our lives.


Q: Who voices Nibbles in the Tom and Jerry series?

A: Nibbles is voiced by legendary voice actor, Billy Bletcher. He brings the character to life with his distinctive voice and comedic timing.

Q: When was Nibbles first introduced in the Tom and Jerry series?

A: Nibbles made his debut in the 1946 animated short film titled “The Milky Waif. Since then, he has become a beloved character in the Tom and Jerry universe.

Q: What is Nibbles’ personality like?

A: Nibbles is known for his mischievous and adventurous nature. He is often seen getting into playful and comedic situations with Tom, leading to hilarious outcomes.

Q: Does Nibbles have any special abilities?

A: While Nibbles may not possess any superpowers, his small size and quick thinking often help him outsmart Tom and stay one step ahead.

Q: What is Nibbles’ relationship with Jerry?

A: Nibbles is often portrayed as Jerry’s adorable nephew. The two share a close bond and often team up to outsmart Tom, forming a dynamic duo.

Q: What makes Nibbles a memorable character in the Tom and Jerry series?

A: Nibbles’ lovable personality, comedic antics, and adorable appearance make him a fan favorite. His presence adds a touch of innocence and humor to the overall storyline of the series.