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Meg Griffin, the eldest daughter of the Griffin family in the hit animated television show Family Guy, is a character that has captured the attention and curiosity of viewers for years. Although often overshadowed by the antics of her more eccentric family members, Meg has developed a dedicated fanbase who appreciate her unique personality and relatable struggles.

In this article, we will explore 22 fascinating facts about Meg Griffin that showcase her growth as a character and shed light on her impact within the Family Guy universe. From her voice actor to memorable episodes, we will dive into the depths of Meg’s character development and the behind-the-scenes details that make her such a beloved part of the show.

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Meg Griffin – The Unappreciated Oddball

Meg Griffin, a character from the acclaimed animated series “Family Guy,” is often portrayed as the unappreciated oddball within the dysfunctional Griffin family.

Meg’s Voice Actor

Meg Griffin is voiced by the talented actress Mila Kunis, who has lent her voice to the character since the show’s second season.

The Inspiration behind Meg Griffin

The character of Meg Griffin was inspired by the experiences of the show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane, who himself felt like an outsider during his teenage years.

Meg’s Appearance

Meg is depicted as a typical teenage girl with short brown hair, glasses, and a plain sense of style. Her appearance contrasts with the rest of her family, who are more exaggerated in their physical characteristics.

Meg’s Personality Traits

Meg is often portrayed as insecure, socially awkward, and constantly seeking validation from her peers. Despite her flaws, she possesses a strong moral compass and a desire to fit in.

Meg’s Love Life

Meg’s romantic interests on the show are often depicted as unsuccessful and filled with awkward encounters. However, she has occasionally experienced moments of genuine connection and even had a few boyfriends.

Meg’s Talents

While Meg may not receive recognition within her family, she does possess some talents. She is shown to have a talent for writing and has displayed creativity in various artistic endeavors.

Meg’s Unfortunate Fate

Meg’s character frequently suffers from physical and emotional abuse within the storylines of “Family Guy,” often being the target of cruel jokes and mistreatment from her own family members.

Meg’s Struggle for Independence

As the series progresses, Meg strives to break free from the confines of her family and seek independence. She pursues her own dreams and attempts to distance herself from her dysfunctional household.

Meg’s Unusual Interests

Meg is often depicted as having an affinity for unusual hobbies and interests, such as opera, knitting, and even becoming a devotee of cults.

Meg’s Friends

Despite her sometimes difficult social life, Meg has managed to form friendships outside of her family circle. Her friends include characters like Neil Goldman and Connie D’Amico.

Meg’s Academic Achievements

Meg has displayed intelligence and academic potential throughout the series. Unfortunately, her achievements often go unnoticed or unacknowledged by her family.

Meg’s Bullying Experience

Meg frequently falls victim to bullying, both at school and at home. This reflects the harsh realities that many teenagers face in real life.

Meg’s Role Reversal

In some episodes, Meg has been portrayed in a position of power and superiority over her family members, highlighting the unexpected dynamics within the Griffin household.

Meg’s Musical Talents

Despite her lack of appreciation within the family, Meg has demonstrated musical talent on several occasions, whether it be singing or playing an instrument.

Meg’s Diaries

Meg is known for keeping diaries in which she pours out her thoughts and feelings. These diaries often provide insight into her hidden complexities and struggles.

Meg’s Dream Career

Meg has expressed aspirations to pursue a career in journalism or writing, showcasing her desire for intellectual and creative pursuits.

Meg’s Popularity in Fan Cultures

Outside of the show, Meg has gained a cult following with fans praising her relatability and resilience despite the constant challenges she faces.

Meg’s Journey of Self-Discovery

Throughout the series, Meg embarks on a journey of self-discovery, attempting to find her place in the world and develop her own identity separate from her family’s expectations.

Meg as a Reflection of Society

Meg’s character represents the struggles and challenges that many individuals face in real life – feeling like an outcast and striving to find acceptance.

Meg’s Catchphrases

Meg is not particularly known for catchphrases, but one that occasionally appears is her exasperated sighs and sarcastic comments in response to the dysfunction around her.

Meg’s Impact on Pop Culture

Meg Griffin has left a lasting impact on pop culture as a relatable and sympathetic character, whose experiences resonate with viewers across the world.


In conclusion, Meg Griffin from Family Guy is a complex and multidimensional character who has captured the hearts of many fans. Despite being the family’s punching bag and often overlooked, Meg has her own unique qualities and struggles that make her relatable and endearing. From her unrequited crushes to her desire for acceptance, Meg embodies the universal experiences of adolescence. With her distinct sense of humor and resilience, Meg Griffin continues to be an integral part of the Family Guy series.


1. Who voices Meg Griffin in Family Guy?

Meg Griffin is voiced by actress Mila Kunis.

2. Why is Meg always the target of ridicule in Family Guy?

Meg is portrayed as the family’s punching bag for comedic effect. Her constant misfortunes serve as a running gag in the show.

3. Does Meg have any redeeming qualities?

Absolutely! Despite her often awkward and unappreciated presence, Meg is caring, intelligent, and creative. She is also known for her resilience and ability to bounce back from difficult situations.

4. Has Meg ever had a love interest?

Throughout the series, Meg has had several love interests, including popular characters such as Neil Goldman and Joe Swanson’s son, Kevin.

5. Does Meg ever find happiness in the show?

Although Meg faces numerous challenges, she occasionally experiences moments of happiness and self-discovery. The show explores her journey towards self-acceptance and finding her place in the world.

6. Are there any episodes centered specifically around Meg?

Yes, there are episodes that focus on Meg’s character and delve deeper into her experiences. These episodes shed light on her relationships, aspirations, and inner struggles.

7. Does Meg ever confront her family about the way they treat her?

Throughout the series, Meg occasionally confronts her family about the way they treat her. However, due to the comedic nature of the show, her struggles are often played for laughs rather than resulting in serious resolutions.