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Chief Quimby, a prominent character in the classic animated series “Inspector Gadget,” is a fan favorite known for his mysterious and comical role. As the chief of police in Metro City, Chief Quimby often finds himself delivering crucial information to the bumbling Inspector Gadget, usually in the most unconventional manner. With his signature trench coat, hat, and sunglasses, Chief Quimby embodies the quintessential 80s detective archetype while adding a humorous twist to the mix.

In this article, we dive deep into the world of Chief Quimby and explore 20 fascinating facts about this beloved cartoon character. From his secret gadget-dispensing briefcase to his hilariously repetitive catchphrase, “This message will self-destruct,” we’ll uncover the unique traits and quirks that make Chief Quimby an unforgettable part of Inspector Gadget’s adventures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chief Quimby is Inspector Gadget’s boss and a secret agent with a gadget-filled trench coat. He’s known for his catchphrase “This message will self-destruct” and his comedic moments with Inspector Gadget.
  • Chief Quimby, voiced by Maurice LaMarche, is a resourceful leader and mentor to Inspector Gadget. His character emphasizes teamwork and remains a beloved and iconic figure in pop culture.
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Chief Quimby is the boss of the main character, Inspector Gadget.

Chief Quimby is a recurring character in the popular animated series, Inspector Gadget. He is the head of the police agency that Inspector Gadget works for, and he often assigns him missions to solve various crimes.

Chief Quimby is known for his iconic appearance.

Chief Quimby is typically depicted as a middle-aged man wearing a trench coat and a hat. He is often seen carrying a stack of papers or a briefcase, symbolizing his important role as a police chief.

Chief Quimby has a secret gadget-filled trench coat.

Despite his seemingly ordinary appearance, Chief Quimby is actually a highly skilled agent himself. He often surprises Inspector Gadget by revealing various gadgets hidden within his trench coat, which he uses to assist in their missions.

Chief Quimby is known for his catchphrase, “This message will self-destruct.”

Whenever Chief Quimby needs to deliver a crucial message to Inspector Gadget, he does so in a unique and dramatic way. He hands him a device that contains the message and then warns him that it will self-destruct after being read.

Chief Quimby is a resourceful and intelligent leader.

Chief Quimby is highly respected for his sharp intellect and quick thinking. He often strategizes and provides crucial information to help Inspector Gadget solve cases and catch the notorious Dr. Claw.

Chief Quimby is voiced by the talented actor, Maurice LaMarche.

Maurice LaMarche brings Chief Quimby to life with his distinctive voice acting skills. His portrayal adds depth and humor to the character, making Chief Quimby a fan favorite among viewers of the show.

Chief Quimby’s relationship with Inspector Gadget is filled with comedic moments.

Throughout the series, Chief Quimby often finds himself in amusing situations due to Inspector Gadget’s bumbling nature. Their interactions provide lighthearted moments that add to the overall comedic tone of the show.

Chief Quimby is a master of disguise.

In addition to his role as a police chief, Chief Quimby frequently goes undercover to gather valuable information for their missions. His disguises are often hilarious and help him blend in with the environment.

Chief Quimby’s character evolved throughout the series.

In the early seasons of Inspector Gadget, Chief Quimby was portrayed as a serious and no-nonsense character. However, as the show progressed, his comedic attributes were further emphasized, adding more depth to his personality.

Chief Quimby’s real name is never revealed in the series.

Despite being an integral part of the show, Chief Quimby’s full name remains a mystery. This adds an air of intrigue to his character, as viewers are left to wonder about his backstory and personal life.

Chief Quimby is a constant source of support for Inspector Gadget.

Despite the challenges they face, Chief Quimby stands by Inspector Gadget’s side and provides encouragement when needed. His belief in Inspector Gadget’s abilities is unshakeable, even in the face of failure.

Chief Quimby has an uncanny ability to appear unexpectedly.

Chief Quimby has a knack for surprising Inspector Gadget by appearing in the most unexpected places. This adds an element of intrigue and humor to their interactions, keeping viewers entertained throughout the show.

Chief Quimby’s character has become an iconic part of pop culture.

Chief Quimby, along with Inspector Gadget, has left a lasting impact on popular culture. Their unique dynamic and memorable moments have made them beloved characters among fans of the show.

Chief Quimby is praised for his dedication to justice.

Chief Quimby is known for his unwavering commitment to upholding the law and protecting society from criminals. His determination serves as an inspiration to both Inspector Gadget and the viewers.

Chief Quimby is often the target of mishaps caused by Inspector Gadget.

Due to Inspector Gadget’s clumsiness, Chief Quimby often finds himself in comical situations, such as being unintentionally hit by Inspector Gadget’s gadgets or caught in his gadget-related chaos.

Chief Quimby can be a bit forgetful at times.

Despite his intelligence, Chief Quimby occasionally forgets important details or gets caught up in his own thoughts. This adds a relatable and humorous aspect to his character.

Chief Quimby’s role extends beyond Inspector Gadget.

Chief Quimby has made appearances in other Inspector Gadget-related media, including movies and spin-off series. This highlights his significant role and enduring popularity as a character.

Chief Quimby is a mentor figure to Inspector Gadget.

Beyond being a boss, Chief Quimby serves as a guide and mentor to Inspector Gadget. He provides valuable advice and helps him navigate through the challenges they face in their missions.

Chief Quimby’s character showcases the importance of teamwork.

Throughout the series, Chief Quimby emphasizes the value of teamwork and collaboration. He stresses the need for everyone to work together in order to achieve success and bring criminals to justice.

Chief Quimby’s character remains a fan favorite to this day.

Even years after the original series aired, Chief Quimby continues to hold a special place in the hearts of fans. His memorable personality and contributions to the show have solidified his status as an iconic character.


In conclusion, Chief Quimby is a beloved and iconic character from the popular animated series “Inspector Gadget.” Although he is often portrayed as a comical, bumbling character, Chief Quimby plays a crucial role in the series as the liaison between Inspector Gadget and the police force. With his iconic phrase “Hey, Chief! Message from headquarters!” and his habit of delivering important mission instructions in unconventional ways, Chief Quimby has become a memorable figure in cartoon history.Whether it’s his constant encounters with explosive gadgets or his knack for appearing in the most unexpected places, Chief Quimby’s character adds an extra layer of humor and excitement to the adventures of Inspector Gadget. So next time you watch an episode of “Inspector Gadget,” keep an eye out for Chief Quimby and appreciate the entertaining chaos he brings to the show.


1. Who is Chief Quimby in Inspector Gadget?

Chief Quimby is a character in the animated series “Inspector Gadget.” He serves as the chief of police and is responsible for assigning missions to Inspector Gadget, often delivering messages in unconventional and comical ways.

2. Why does Chief Quimby always deliver messages in unusual ways?

Chief Quimby delivers messages in unusual ways to add a comedic element to the show. This recurring gag became a trademark for the character and added to the humor and chaos of Inspector Gadget’s missions.

3. Does Chief Quimby have any special abilities?

No, Chief Quimby does not possess any special abilities. He relies on his wit and resourcefulness to navigate the challenges that arise during Inspector Gadget’s missions.

4. Does Chief Quimby ever interact with other characters in the show?

Chief Quimby often interacts with other characters in the show, particularly Inspector Gadget and Penny. He serves as their point of contact and frequently appears at the beginning or end of missions to deliver important information.

5. Is Chief Quimby a popular character in the Inspector Gadget series?

Yes, Chief Quimby is a popular character in the Inspector Gadget series. His comical and unconventional way of delivering messages has made him a fan favorite and a memorable part of the show’s nostalgia.

Chief Quimby's character has captivated audiences for decades, but he's not the only fascinating figure in the world of Inspector Gadget. Dive into the sinister mind of Dr. Claw, uncover the brilliance of Penny, and explore the futuristic adventures of Agent Honeydew and the Gadgetinis. Each character brings unique traits and quirks to the beloved animated series, making them all worth exploring in greater detail.

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