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Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane to the beloved children’s show, The New Zoo Revue? In this delightful series, a host of colorful and captivating characters entertained and educated children around the world. One such character is Henrietta Hippo, whose charming personality and unforgettable antics made her a fan favorite.

In this article, we will dive deep into the world of Henrietta Hippo and discover 19 fascinating facts about this lovable cartoon character. From her origins in The New Zoo Revue to her enduring legacy, there’s so much to learn about Henrietta.

So, grab a seat and get ready to reminisce about the delightful adventures of Henrietta Hippo. Let’s explore the world of this iconic cartoon character and celebrate the joy she brought to children everywhere.

Key Takeaways:

  • Henrietta Hippo from “The New Zoo Revue” was a fun-loving, water-loving, and foodie hippo who taught kids about friendship and the importance of being yourself. Her contagious laughter and catchy catchphrases made her a beloved character for generations.
  • Henrietta Hippo’s impact extended beyond the TV screen, inspiring kids to embrace their unique qualities, stay active, and spread joy. Her timeless appeal continues to bring happiness to children worldwide.
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Henrietta Hippo was one of the main characters on “The New Zoo Revue.”

Designed to educate and entertain children, “The New Zoo Revue” was a popular television show that aired from 1972 to Henrietta Hippo, along with her friends, Freddy the Frog and Charlie the Owl, formed the lively trio at the heart of the show.

Henrietta Hippo had a distinctive personality.

With her cheerful tone and contagious laughter, Henrietta Hippo was known for bringing joy to the screen. Her optimistic and playful nature made her a favorite among young viewers.

Henrietta Hippo’s catchphrase was “Hip, hip, hippo-ray!”

Whenever something exciting or fun happened, Henrietta Hippo would exclaim her signature line, “Hip, hip, hippo-ray!” This catchphrase became synonymous with her character and added to her charm.

Henrietta Hippo loved to dance.

One of Henrietta Hippo’s passions was dancing. Her graceful moves and infectious enthusiasm made her dance sequences a highlight of the show. Children would often join in, imitating her entertaining routines.

Henrietta Hippo was known for her love of water.

True to her species, Henrietta Hippo had an affinity for water. Whether it was swimming, splashing, or simply enjoying a nice cool drink, she always found ways to incorporate water into her adventures.

Henrietta Hippo had a vibrant and colorful wardrobe.

Henrietta Hippo was a fashion icon in her own right, with a wardrobe that reflected her fun-loving personality. She could be seen sporting different outfits, ranging from bright dresses to accessorized hats.

Henrietta Hippo was voiced by actor Sharon Baird.

Sharon Baird provided the voice and the physical performance for Henrietta Hippo on “The New Zoo Revue.” Her talented portrayal brought the character to life and added depth to Henrietta’s endearing traits.

Henrietta Hippo’s love for food was evident.

A true foodie at heart, Henrietta Hippo never missed an opportunity to indulge in her favorite treats. Whether it was enjoying a picnic or exploring new culinary adventures, her love for food was always present.

Henrietta Hippo taught children valuable lessons.

“The New Zoo Revue” was not just about entertainment; it was also about imparting important life lessons to young viewers. Henrietta Hippo played a key role in teaching children about friendship, kindness, and the importance of sharing.

Henrietta Hippo had a strong bond with her friends.

Henrietta Hippo’s friendship with Freddy the Frog and Charlie the Owl was a central theme of the show. Together, they would embark on various adventures and learn valuable lessons while emphasizing the power of teamwork and cooperation.

Henrietta Hippo’s popularity led to merchandise.

Due to her immense popularity, Henrietta Hippo became a sought-after character, leading to the production of merchandise such as toys, clothing, and accessories featuring her likeness. This allowed young fans to interact with their favorite hippo beyond the TV screen.

Henrietta Hippo’s influence extended beyond television.

Henrietta Hippo’s impact went beyond “The New Zoo Revue.” Her cheerful and optimistic character resonated with children and even inspired them to embrace similar traits in their daily lives.

Henrietta Hippo was a role model for embracing individuality.

Henrietta Hippo taught children to embrace their unique qualities and to celebrate what makes them special. Her confident and outgoing personality encouraged young viewers to be themselves and to have the courage to stand out.

Henrietta Hippo’s dance moves encouraged physical activity.

Through her energetic dance routines, Henrietta Hippo subtly promoted the importance of physical activity and exercise. Children would often find themselves dancing along, getting up and moving to the beat.

Henrietta Hippo’s laughter was contagious.

Henrietta Hippo’s infectious laughter never failed to lighten the mood. Her genuine joy and laughter would bring a smile to the faces of both children and adults alike.

Henrietta Hippo had a positive impact on generations of viewers.

For over four decades, Henrietta Hippo has remained a beloved character, captivating the hearts of generations. Her timeless appeal continues to inspire and entertain children with her positive attitude and adventurous spirit.

Henrietta Hippo’s legacy lives on.

Henrietta Hippo’s impact on popular culture can still be felt today. Her presence, both on-screen and in the hearts of fans, serves as a reminder of the enduring power of beloved childhood characters.

Henrietta Hippo’s popularity led to appearances in other media.

Henrietta Hippo’s popularity transcended “The New Zoo Revue” and led to her appearing in various other media, including books, comics, and even guest appearances in different television shows.

Henrietta Hippo continues to bring joy to children worldwide.

Henrietta Hippo’s infectious spirit lives on as she continues to captivate and bring joy to children worldwide. Her positive influence and enduring charm make her a beloved character cherished by all.

As we reflect on these 19 fabulous facts about Henrietta Hippo from “The New Zoo Revue,” we can’t help but appreciate the impact she has had on generations of young viewers. From her catchy catchphrases to her memorable dance moves, Henrietta Hippo has left an indelible mark in the hearts of fans around the world. So, in the words of Henrietta herself, “Hip, hip, hippo-ray!”


Henrietta Hippo is a beloved character from The New Zoo Revue, capturing the hearts of millions with her fun-loving personality. With her vibrant purple hue and signature hat, Henrietta quickly became an iconic cartoon character. Throughout the series, she taught children valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork, and the importance of kindness.

From her catchy theme song to her hilarious antics, Henrietta Hippo is a character that will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who grew up watching The New Zoo Revue. With her unique charm and lovable nature, she continues to inspire and entertain new generations of fans.

So, let’s celebrate the whimsical world of Henrietta Hippo and reminisce about the joyful memories she has brought to our lives.


1. Who created the character of Henrietta Hippo?

The character of Henrietta Hippo was created by Doug Momary for The New Zoo Revue.

2. What is Henrietta Hippo known for?

Henrietta Hippo is known for her purple color, her distinctive hat, and her fun-loving and friendly personality.

3. When did The New Zoo Revue featuring Henrietta Hippo first air?

The New Zoo Revue, with Henrietta Hippo as one of the main characters, first aired in 1972.

4. What life lessons did Henrietta Hippo teach in The New Zoo Revue?

Henrietta Hippo taught children valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork, and the importance of kindness.

5. Is Henrietta Hippo still popular today?

While The New Zoo Revue may no longer be on the air, Henrietta Hippo remains a beloved character, continuing to inspire and entertain fans old and new.

Henrietta Hippo's charming adventures on "The New Zoo Revue" have captivated audiences for generations. Her vibrant personality, catchy catchphrases, and valuable life lessons continue to resonate with viewers of all ages. As you've discovered the delightful world of Henrietta Hippo, why not explore more fascinating facts about other beloved characters from children's television? Dive into the whimsical realm of the Teletubbies and uncover intriguing details about the lovable Laa-Laa. Each character has a unique story to tell, and their impact on young minds is truly remarkable.

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