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Peggy Hill, the beloved character from the animated television show “King of the Hill,” has become an icon in the world of cartoons. With her confident personality, unique quirks, and unforgettable catchphrases, Peggy has captured the hearts of fans around the globe. In this article, we will delve into 14 fascinating facts about Peggy Hill that showcase her complexity as a character and shed light on her important role in the series. From her questionable Spanish skills to her misguided confidence in her various talents, Peggy Hill never fails to entertain and amuse viewers. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to learn more about this dynamic and hilarious character from the world of “King of the Hill.

Key Takeaways:

  • Peggy Hill is a confident, competitive, and quirky character from “King of the Hill” who loves her family and Texas, but struggles with cooking and driving.
  • Despite her flaws, Peggy Hill’s unique personality, catchphrases, and misadventures make her a memorable and entertaining character in the world of animated television.
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Peggy Hill is voiced by Kathy Najimy.

Peggy Hill, a character from the animated TV show “King of the Hill,” is expertly voiced by the talented actress Kathy Najimy.

Peggy Hill is a substitute Spanish teacher.

One of Peggy’s occupations in the show is being a substitute Spanish teacher at Tom Landry Middle School. Despite her lack of proficiency in the language, Peggy is confident in her teaching abilities.

Peggy Hill has an inflated sense of self-importance.

Peggy often considers herself superior to others, boasting about her skills and intelligence. However, her self-centeredness often leads to comical situations and misunderstandings.

Peggy Hill is fiercely competitive.

Peggy’s competitive nature is evident in various episodes of the show. Whether it’s a baking contest or a game of Boggle, Peggy always strives to win and be the best.

Peggy Hill is known for her unique fashion sense.

Peggy’s wardrobe choices are unconventional and often eccentric. She is often seen sporting outfits with bold patterns and mismatched colors, making her stand out in the neighborhood.

Peggy Hill is dedicated to her family.

Despite her flaws, Peggy genuinely loves her husband, Hank Hill, and their son, Bobby. She is always there to support them, even if her methods are sometimes misguided.

Peggy Hill is an aspiring writer.

Peggy has aspirations of becoming a successful author. Throughout the series, she attempts to write a book, often narrating her thoughts and experiences in a misguided attempt at literary greatness.

Peggy Hill is known for her unique catchphrase.

One of Peggy’s most notable catchphrases is “I am Peggy Hill, and I have taken care of my family for 20 years!” She often uses this line to assert herself and emphasize her role as a matriarch.

Peggy Hill is an enthusiastic member of several community groups.

Peggy is actively involved in various community organizations, such as the Arlen Bystander and the Order of the Straight Arrow. She takes pride in her participation and believes in making a difference.

Peggy Hill is a terrible driver.

In the show, Peggy’s lack of driving skills is a recurring theme. She is known for her reckless maneuvers, frequent accidents, and misguided attempts to teach others how to drive.

Peggy Hill is passionate about her Texas heritage.

Peggy takes great pride in being from Texas and often boasts about the state’s culture, food, and traditions. She sees herself as a true Texan and encourages others to embrace their Texan identity.

Peggy Hill has a strong sense of justice.

Peggy is quick to intervene when she perceives an injustice. She often takes on causes she believes in, sometimes leading to unexpected consequences and humorous situations.

Peggy Hill is notoriously known for her bad cooking.

Despite Peggy’s confidence in her culinary skills, her cooking is consistently subpar. Her attempts at making traditional dishes often end in disaster, providing comedic relief throughout the show.

Peggy Hill has a complex relationship with her neighbors.

Peggy’s interactions with her neighbors, particularly Dale Gribble and Nancy Hicks-Gribble, are filled with a mixture of friendship, rivalry, and comical misunderstandings. Their dynamic adds a layer of humor to the show.


In conclusion, Peggy Hill is one of the most iconic and intriguing characters from the animated television series “King of the Hill.” With her unique quirks, unwavering confidence, and unforgettable personality, Peggy has left a lasting impression on viewers worldwide.Throughout the series, Peggy’s journey as a wife, mother, and substitute Spanish teacher has provided countless hilarious and heartwarming moments. From her infamous Spanish mispronunciations to her endless pursuit of becoming “the best at everything,” Peggy’s self-assured and ambitious nature never fails to entertain.Whether you love her or find her antics somewhat endearing yet baffling, Peggy Hill remains an integral part of the “King of the Hill” legacy. Her character is a testament to the show’s ability to create deeply flawed yet lovable individuals that resonate with audiences.No matter how many times you watch the show, Peggy Hill’s unique personality and unforgettable moments are sure to keep you laughing and enamored with her for years to come.


1. Who voices Peggy Hill in “King of the Hill”?

Peggy Hill is voiced by actress Kathy Najimy.

2. How many seasons did “King of the Hill” run for?

King of the Hill” ran for a total of 13 seasons, from 1997 to 2010.

3. What are some of Peggy Hill’s most memorable catchphrases?

Some of Peggy Hill’s most memorable catchphrases include “I speak fluent Spanish” and “I’m not one to brag, but people say I’m a pretty big deal.”

4. What are Peggy Hill’s hobbies and interests?

Peggy Hill has various hobbies and interests, including writing for the local newspaper, entering competitions, and participating in community events.

5. Is Peggy Hill a good cook?

Peggy Hill believes she is an excellent cook, but her culinary skills often leave something to be desired, resulting in humorous mishaps and unexpected outcomes.

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