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As food technology progresses, the spotlight is increasingly on plant-based alternatives. One such innovation that has taken the culinary world by storm is Just Egg, a vegan substitute for chicken eggs. This product is not only an answer to dietary restrictions and ethical considerations but also serves as a nutrient powerhouse. Let’s get cracking as we look deeply into the nutritional profile of this food wonder with 10 Just Egg nutrition facts.

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What is Just Egg?

The first and foremost thing to understand is what Just Egg is. It’s a vegan, plant-based alternative to eggs produced by the food company JUST, Inc. The primary ingredient is mung bean protein isolate, which gives it a similar texture and taste to real eggs. Mung beans are a type of bean popular in several Asian societies. It resembles a real liquid egg.

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You can cook Just Eggs just as how you would with regular eggs, making it a versatile kitchen staple. However, there are a few standout nutrition facts about Just Egg that set it apart from normal eggs.

Calorie Count

A serving of Just Egg (3 tbsp) contains 70 calories, which is equivalent to the calories in one large egg.

Rich in Quality Protein

Just Egg is an excellent source of protein. A serving of Just Egg contains approximately 5 grams of protein. Importantly, the protein derived from mung beans is considered a high-quality protein because it provides all the essential amino acids your body needs.

Lower in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol-Free

One of the significant Just Egg nutrition facts is its low-fat content. Each serving of Just Egg contains 5 grams of total fat and 0 grams of saturated fat. However, a normal egg has about 5 grams of total fat, of which 2 grams is saturated fat. Moreover, Just Egg is entirely cholesterol-free, while a normal egg contains 207 milligrams of cholesterol.

Low in Carbohydrate 

Just Eggs contain only 1 gram of carbohydrates. That said, a normal egg has about 0.5 grams of carbohydrates. The difference may be negligible if you aren’t counting your macros and micros.

High in Sodium

One aspect to be mindful of is that Just Egg is high in sodium. A single serving contains around 170 mg of sodium, while a normal egg only has 65 milligrams of sodium. While this fits within the daily sodium limits for most healthy individuals, those with high blood pressure or heart disease may need to consume Just Egg in moderation.

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Free From Common Allergens

For people with certain dietary restrictions or allergies, Just Egg is a boon. It’s free from common allergens such as dairy, gluten, and of course, eggs. This makes it suitable for a wide range of dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-intolerant diets.

Versatile in the Kitchen

From a culinary perspective, Just Egg is incredibly versatile. It can be scrambled, used in omelets, added to baking recipes, and even used to make French toast. This makes it an easy substitute for any recipe that calls for eggs.

Environmentally Friendly

Just Egg isn’t just good for your health; it’s also better for the environment, especially since global warming remains a contentious issue to solve. According to JUST, Inc., producing Just Egg uses 98% less water, 86% less land, and emits 93% less CO2 compared to conventional egg production. Thus, choosing Just Egg can be a small step towards more sustainable eating habits.

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Lacks Certain Egg Nutrients

While Just Egg is nutritionally impressive, it doesn’t contain every nutrient found in chicken eggs. For instance, it doesn’t naturally contain choline, an essential nutrient for brain health that’s abundant in eggs.

So, Are Just Eggs Healthy?

Yes, Just Eggs are healthy but whether or not it makes them healthier than normal eggs is still up for debate. In the above nutritional facts about Just Eggs, they have much lower cholesterol than normal eggs – a recurring reason why many are now avoiding consuming eggs. However, this does not necessarily make them healthier than eggs since they do lack some other health benefits that a normal egg can provide.

The bottom line is moderation is key. Whether or not you are eating Just Eggs or normal eggs, they both bring undeniable health benefits. You just need to manage them. Is it a better egg? The answer is entirely up to you.

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