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Science and technology is ingrained in our everyday life. Governments dedicate entire departments to science and technology. In the U.S., the presidents appoint a Science Czar when they get into office – a position that John Holdren held for 8 consecutive years. Discover his life’s work with these facts.

  1. John Holdren is an American scientist/physicist.
  2. Sewickley, Pennsylvania is the birthplace of John Holdren.
  3. John Holdren grew up in San Mateo, California.
  4. John Holdren trained in plasma physics,  aeronautics, and astronautics.
  5. John Holdren got his bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1965.
  1. In the year 1970, John Holdren got his Ph.D. from Stanford University.
  2. Accordingly, John Holdren served as the senior advisor to former President Barack Obama about science and technology matters.
  3. For 13 years, John Holdren taught at Harvard.
  4. John Holdren also thought at the University of California, Berkeley for over 20 years.
  5. In particular, John’s work focuses on the consequences of global environmental change and ways to reduce the dangers from nuclear weapons.
  6. Moreover, John’s “mission & vision” revolves around improving the environment such as population control, energy technologies, and science & technology policy.
  7. Accordingly, John Holdren gauged and took measures to contextualize the United State’s energy problems.
  8. In particular, John Holdren is not discounting the use of nuclear energy could solve the energy problems.
  9. However, John’s general view about nuclear energy is best described as cautiously skeptical.
  10. Over the years, John Holdren reiterated that “more research needs to be done aimed at finding ways to reduce the initial costs of nuclear power plants”.
  1. John Holdren is called the President’s Bizarre “Science Czar”.
  2. Accordingly, John Holdren has connections at different foundations and non-profit organizations.
  3. He co-authored a textbook that commented on the advisability of compulsory abortion as a response to global population growth.
  4. John Holdren participated in the famous Simon–Ehrlich wager in 1980.
  5. John Holdren received the MacArthur Fellowship award in 1981, or also known as the “Genius Grant”.
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John Holdren believes that "Overpopulation can lead to misery."

One of John Holdren’s main concerns was overpopulation. He predicts that overpopulation will peak in 2040. However, he doesn’t support government-sanctioned sterilization, despite false claims.

John Holdren is the longest-serving presidential science adviser in U.S. history.

Holdren was appointed by President Barack Obama as Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in 2009.

The former president expected that John Holdren will make an impact on climate change. Holdren then became the longest-serving presidential science adviser in U.S. history.

John Holdren advocated for sustainable energy.

Throughout his term, John Holdren  spearheaded key energy issues with former President Barack Obama. Overall, their plans spanned eight years.

John Holdren has a broad range of work.

Holdren served to ensure the competitiveness of the United States as a whole by generating more jobs, improving public health, energy, environmental advocacy, and space programs.

John Holdren advised an advisor.

John Holdren first became an advisor during Bill Clinton’s term. From 1994 to 2001, John Holdren served as an advisor to one of President Bill Clinton’s science advisors for the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology or PCAST.

John Holdren served as a chairman of the Pugwash Conferences.

From 1987 to 1997, John Holdren served as a chairman of the Executive Committee of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs.

Pugwash Conferences' primary objective is to remove all the weapons of mass destruction

Pugwash Conferences’ primary objective is to eradicate all the weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. It aims for a peaceful resolution for disputes, conflicts, disagreements through peace talks and mutual understanding.

John Holdren was elected as the President of the AAAS.

From the year 2006 to 2007, John was elected as the President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The AAAS is the world’s biggest general scientific society that serves over 250 affiliated societies and academies of science and engineering. The organization publishes the Science journal to over 1 million paid readers. It is the biggest paid circulation of any peer-reviewed general science journal in the world.

John Holdren won a genius award.

In 1981, Holdren received a MacArthur Fellowship award for his contributions to promoting world peace through energy management.

John Holdren resides in Massachusetts.

As of today, John Holdren lives in Massachusetts and enjoys the company of his wife and family. John has two children and five grandchildren. After serving as the advisor of former President Barack Obama, John Holdren came back at Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University where all of his journeys started as a young professor of environmental policy.

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