Gwynne Milburn

Gwynne Milburn

Published: 14 Jul 2023


Velvet Underground is a legendary rock band that emerged in the 1960s and made a lasting impact on the music industry. Formed in New York City, the band was known for their experimental sound, poetic lyrics, and unique blend of rock, avant-garde, and art rock genres. With Lou Reed as the frontman and songwriter, Velvet Underground became pioneers of underground music, challenging societal norms with their provocative themes and unconventional song structures.

In this article, we will delve into 19 fascinating facts about Velvet Underground, shedding light on their influential career, their iconic albums, and their lasting legacy in the world of music. From their humble beginnings to their collaborations with renowned artists, join us as we explore the captivating journey of one of the most revolutionary bands of all time.

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Vintage Fashion: The Influence of Velvet

Vintage fashion enthusiasts know that velvet has always been a staple fabric, but did you know that the iconic Velvet Underground band drew their name from this luxurious material? The name Velvet Underground perfectly captured the band’s unique blend of artistic experimentation and underground cool.

A Pioneering Sound: Experimental Rock

The Velvet Underground is widely regarded as one of the most influential bands in the history of rock music. With their experimental and avant-garde approach, they pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in popular music. Their innovative sound paved the way for alternative rock, punk, and other genres that followed.

1960s Counterculture: Embracing Rebellion

The Velvet Underground emerged during the tumultuous 1960s, a time of social and political unrest. Their music became an anthem for the counterculture movement, addressing taboo subjects such as drugs, sexuality, and societal norms. Their lyrics and music resonated with a generation seeking to challenge and redefine the status quo.

The “Godfather of Punk”: Lou Reed

Lou Reed, the frontman of the Velvet Underground, is often referred to as the “Godfather of Punk.” His distinctive vocals, poetic lyrics, and gritty guitar playing set him apart as a groundbreaking artist. Reed’s influence on punk, glam, and alternative rock cannot be overstated.

The Warhol Connection: Factory Days

During their early days, the Velvet Underground found a champion in the legendary artist Andy Warhol. He managed and produced the band, and their performances became an integral part of his multimedia art happenings. The iconic collaboration between Warhol and the Velvet Underground marked a merging of music, art, and fashion in the 1960s.

Controversial Lyrics: “Heroin” and “Venus in Furs”

The Velvet Underground’s music often tackled taboo subjects, none more so than their songs “Heroin” and “Venus in Furs.” “Heroin” explored the dark depths of addiction, while “Venus in Furs” delved into themes of BDSM and sexual exploration. These provocative songs challenged societal norms and established the Velvet Underground as fearless musical pioneers.

Cult Status: Underground Fame

The Velvet Underground achieved only moderate commercial success during their active years, but their influence has grown exponentially since then. Their status as a cult band, revered by musicians and critics alike, has solidified their place in music history. Many bands and artists cite the Velvet Underground as a key inspiration for their own work.

Reunion and Recognition

After their initial breakup, members of the Velvet Underground reunited for various performances and collaborations over the years. They were eventually inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, solidifying their legacy as one of the most important bands of all time.

Album Covers: Iconic Artwork

The Velvet Underground’s album covers were just as cutting-edge as their music. From the iconic banana cover of their debut album designed by Warhol to the minimalist elegance of “Loaded,” their artwork perfectly captured the essence of their music and aesthetic.

Influence on Film: From “Trainspotting” to “Juno”

The Velvet Underground’s music has had a lasting impact on the world of film. Their songs have been featured in numerous movies, adding depth and emotion to iconic scenes. From the unforgettable use of “Heroin” in “Trainspotting” to “Sunday Morning” in “Juno,” their music continues to resonate with audiences across generations.

Exploration of Taboos: “Sister Ray”

The epic song “Sister Ray” is a perfect example of the Velvet Underground’s fearless exploration of taboo subjects. Clocking in at over seventeen minutes, the song delves into themes of drugs, violence, and sexual ambiguity, pushing the boundaries of what was accepted in popular music at the time.

Crossover into Pop Culture

The Velvet Underground’s influences extend beyond the realm of music. Their impact on art, fashion, and pop culture as a whole is undeniable. From inspiring fashion trends to shaping artistic movements, the Velvet Underground has left a lasting imprint on the cultural landscape.

Influence on LGBTQ+ Representation

The Velvet Underground’s open and unapologetic exploration of sexuality and gender identity was groundbreaking for its time. Their songs provided a voice for LGBTQ+ individuals, even before the gay liberation movement gained widespread visibility. The band’s influence on LGBTQ+ representation in music cannot be overstated.

Experimental Music Collaborations

The Velvet Underground collaborated with various artists and musicians, pushing the boundaries of what was considered traditional music. Their collaborations with the likes of Nico, John Cale, and Sterling Morrison resulted in innovative and boundary-pushing music that continues to inspire artists to this day.

Legacy of Innovation

The Velvet Underground’s legacy as innovators in the music industry is a testament to their enduring influence. Their willingness to push boundaries, challenge norms, and experiment with sound has inspired countless musicians and shaped the course of rock music for generations to come.

A Symbol of New York City

The Velvet Underground’s connection to New York City is deeply ingrained in their identity. The band captured the spirit of the city in their music, reflecting both its gritty underbelly and its vibrant creativity. The Velvet Underground has become a symbol of the cultural richness and artistic energy of New York City.

Integration of Visual and Sonic Art

The Velvet Underground blurred the boundaries between visual art and music, incorporating elements of both into their performances. Their multimedia shows, often accompanied by avant-garde films and artistic projections, created a unique sensory experience that challenged traditional notions of a live music performance.

A Cult Following: Velvet Underground Fans

Velvet Underground fans, known for their devotion and deep appreciation of the band’s music, have formed a tight-knit community over the years. The band’s enduring popularity is a testament to the profound impact their music continues to have on listeners.

Rebels with a Cause

Perhaps above all else, the Velvet Underground will forever be remembered as a band of rebels, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of art and music. Their legacy as pioneers and provocateurs will continue to inspire generations of artists to challenge conventions and create boundary-breaking work.


In conclusion, the Velvet Underground is a legendary rock band that has left an indelible mark on the music industry. With their experimental sound, provocative lyrics, and unique approach to music-making, they defied conventions and paved the way for countless artists that followed. From their influential albums to their groundbreaking collaborations, the Velvet Underground continues to be celebrated for their artistic vision and innovation.Whether it’s their iconic song “Heroin,” the atmospheric masterpiece “Venus in Furs,” or their collaboration with Andy Warhol on the album “The Velvet Underground & Nico,” their impact can still be felt today. Their blend of rock, avant-garde, and artistry pushed boundaries and challenged societal norms.The Velvet Underground’s enduring legacy serves as a reminder of the power of artistic expression and the importance of taking risks. They will forever be remembered as trailblazers and pioneers in the world of music.


Q: Who were the members of the Velvet Underground?

A: The Velvet Underground consisted of Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, and Maureen Tucker.

Q: When was the Velvet Underground formed?

A: The band was formed in New York City in 1964.

Q: What is the Velvet Underground’s most famous album?

A: Their most famous album is “The Velvet Underground & Nico,” released in 1967.

Q: What makes the Velvet Underground’s music unique?

A: The Velvet Underground combined elements of rock, avant-garde, and art-pop, creating a sound that was ahead of its time.

Q: Did the Velvet Underground achieve commercial success during their time together?

A: No, the Velvet Underground did not achieve significant commercial success during their tenure, but their influence on future generations of musicians cannot be overstated.

Q: What impact has the Velvet Underground had on music?

A: The Velvet Underground’s music paved the way for alternative rock, post-punk, and indie music movements, influencing countless artists who continue to be inspired by their sound and ethos.

Q: Are there any documentaries or films about the Velvet Underground?

A: Yes, there are several documentaries and films that explore the story and impact of the Velvet Underground, including the 2021 documentary directed by Todd Haynes.

Q: Are any of the original members still performing today?

A: Sadly, Lou Reed, John Cale, and Sterling Morrison have passed away, but Maureen Tucker occasionally performs as a solo artist.

Q: Has the Velvet Underground been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

A: Yes, the Velvet Underground was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

Q: Can you recommend any must-listen songs by the Velvet Underground?

A: Some must-listen songs by the Velvet Underground include “Sweet Jane,” “Pale Blue Eyes,” “Rock and Roll,” and “I’m Waiting for the Man.”