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goldfish facts
  1. Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
  2. Classification: Actinoptergii
  3. Family: Cyprinidae
  4. Habitat: Freshwater
  5. Diet: Omnivorous
  6. Weight: at most, 7 pounds
  7. Size: at most, 12 inches long
  8. Speed: 0.85 MPH
  9. Lifespan: 30 years
  10. Types: More than 500
  1. Species: Goldfish Are Made Up of Over 500 Species
  2. Functions: Goldfish Don’t Urinate
  3. Reproduction: Female Goldfish Lay Hundreds of Eggs
  4. Anatomy: Goldfish Don’t Have Stomachs
  5. Color: Goldfish Will Change Color Depending on The Light
  6. Survival: Goldfish Can Survive in Freezing Water
  7. Size: Goldfish Can Grow to A Very Large Size
  8. Life Span: Goldfish Can Live for Up To 40 Years
  9. Diet: Goldfish Are Omnivores with Teeth
  10. Anatomy: Goldfish Can’t Close Their Eyes
  1. Goldfish Have A Memory Of At Least 3 Months
  2. Goldfish Can’t Be Touched
  3. Goldfish Were Once Given as Anniversary Presents
  4. Goldfish Were Banned as Carnival Prizes in Italy in 2005
  5. Goldfish Need to Be A Year Old Before They Can Be Sexed
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Goldfish Facts Infographics

goldfish facts infographics

Goldfish Are Made Up Of Over 500 Species

Goldfish Species
Goldfish Species

Goldfish facts show that here are hundreds of types of goldfish but they can all be traced back to the gibel carp, native to the streams of ancient China. Goldfish have been breed to take on different characteristics, such as size and color. They can be split into four main groups, known as single tailed goldfish, double tailed goldfish, double tailed with dorsal fin goldfish and double tailed with no dorsal fin goldfish.

Goldfish Don’t Urinate

Fish in general do not produce urine. The reason that mammals urinate is to rid the body of ammonia. Goldfish still need to do this but they filter ammonia from their systems through their gills.

Female Goldfish Lay Hundreds Of Eggs

Goldfish Eggs
Goldfish Eggs

Goldfish facts show us that a female goldfish will lay hundreds and sometimes thousands of eggs in a single spawning to let the male goldfish fertilize. Usually only a small percentage of the eggs are actually fertilized. Eggs hatch within three days.

Goldfish Don’t Have Stomachs

Goldfish Body Parts
Goldfish Body Parts

A goldfish digestive track does not include a stomach. They need to eat small quantities of food at a time, which is why it is so important never to overfeed a goldfish. They eat at least five times a day. Because they lack a stomach to digest food, their produce a lot of waste. If a goldfish is kept as a pet, their tank needs to have a filter because of the amount of waste. A simple goldfish tank is no longer recommended.

Goldfish Will Change Color Depending On The Light

Goldfish are usually brown when they are born and then develop their well known orange hue as they mature. But goldfish require an adequate amount of sunlight. If left in the dark for too long or in dirty water, a goldfish can start to turn white. Goldfish can also change color as they age.

Goldfish Can Survive In Freezing Water

If a goldfish finds itself in very cold waters, it will go into a hibernating state. Just because a goldfish can survive cold water does not mean that is where they should be kept though. The recommended water temperature for a goldfish’s tank is between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Goldfish Can Grow To A Very Large Size

Goldfish facts show that goldfish can grow to be a foot long or more. Typically, a goldfish that is kept as a pet will not grow to be this size because their tanks are too small and the water quality is usually poor, which stunts their growth. The largest goldfish ever caught was in England and weighed 5 pounds!

Goldfish Can Live For Up To 40 Years

The Planets Longest Living Animals
The Planets Longest Living Animals

While most domesticated goldfish only live a few years, a goldfish named Tish lived to be 43 years old. He was won at a carnival by his owner Peter Hand in England in 1956. It is speculated that in the wild there have been cases of goldfish that have lived to be much older though.

Goldfish Are Omnivores With Teeth

Goldfish Anatomy
Goldfish Anatomy

While pet goldfish can survive solely on goldfish food flakes, by nature goldfish are omnivores. This means that they will eat plants, algae, snails and even small fish. Pet goldfish can even eat lettuce, raspberries and carrots if prepared properly. To help them eat this food, goldfish have teeth located in the back of their throats. These teeth fall out regularly and new ones grow in to replace them. It is common to find these lost teeth in a goldfish’s tank.

Goldfish Can’t Close Their Eyes

Goldfish facts prove that goldfish can’t close their eyes because they don’t have eyelids. Because they live underwater, there is no reason for them to close their eyes. They are still perfectly capable of sleeping and do so with their eyes open.

Goldfish Have A Memory Of At Least 3 Months

A popular myth says that goldfish only have a memory of a few seconds. This has been debunked and goldfish actually have a memory of at least three months. They can learn patterns and even recognize people’s faces.

Goldfish Can’t Be Touched

If a goldfish is touched by human hands there can be serious consequences. Oils or chemicals can be transferred to the fish’s delicate slime coat from a human’s fingers. In extreme cases, they could irritate the fish or leave the fish more vulnerable to infections.

Goldfish Were Once Given As Anniversary Presents

During the early 1600s, goldfish symbolized fortune and good luck. It became customary for men to give their wives a goldfish on their one-year anniversary, as a symbol of a great future. Once goldfish became more available, this tradition faded.

Goldfish Were Banned As Carnival Prizes In Italy In 2005

Goldfish are a common prize to give away at carnivals. Italy banned this in 2005 to prevent the mistreatment of the fish. England passed a similar law where goldfish cannot be given away to an unaccompanied minor.

Goldfish Need To Be A Year Old Before They Can Be Sexed

A goldfish is unable to produce until they are at least a year old and they must have enough water and proper nutrition to reach this stage. A goldfish’s sex cannot be determined until they reach this maturity either.

Goldfish Facts – Facts about Goldfish Summary

Goldfish FactsGoldfish facts point out some unique characteristics of goldfish. They can grow much larger than people think. They don’t have eyelids or stomachs but surprisingly have teeth. There are hundreds of types of goldfish and most of them live in the wild, where they eat a wide range of foods. Laws have been passed to protect goldfish and they were once considered a great symbol of luck and fortune.

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