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Pokemon fans have always been captivated by the diverse and fascinating creatures that inhabit the Pokemon world. One such Pokemon that has intrigued trainers and collectors alike is Ambipom. With its unique design and playful nature, Ambipom has become a beloved character in the Pokemon franchise. In this article, we will delve into the world of Ambipom and uncover 16 interesting facts about this mischievous simian Pokemon. From its evolution line and abilities to its appearance in the anime series, we will explore everything you need to know about Ambipom. So, grab your Poke Ball and get ready to embark on an adventure to uncover the secrets of Ambipom!

Key Takeaways:

  • Ambipom is a fast and mischievous Pokémon with a unique fur pattern and a tail that acts like a third hand. It’s great at dodging attacks and communicating with other Pokémon through its tail movements.
  • Ambipom loves being part of a team, excels in Pokémon contests, and is fiercely loyal to its trainer. Its soft fur makes it a cuddly companion, and its playful nature adds fun to battles and performances.
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Ambipom is a dual-typed Normal Pokémon.

Ambipom is known for its agility and speed, making it a formidable opponent in battles. With its dual typing of Normal and, it has a wide range of moves at its disposal.

Ambipom evolves from Aipom when exposed to a Double Hit.

To evolve an Aipom into an Ambipom, you must expose it to a Double Hit move. This evolution enhances Aipom’s abilities and introduces new moves for Ambipom to master.

Ambipom has the ability Technician.

The ability Technician boosts the power of Ambipom’s moves with a base power of 60 or less. This allows Ambipom to deal significant damage even with lower-powered moves.

Ambipom is known for its signature move, Double Hit.

Double Hit is a move unique to Ambipom that strikes the target rapidly with its tail. It hits twice in succession, making it a powerful move in Ambipom’s arsenal.

Ambipom is an excellent user of the move Baton Pass.

With its speed and agility, Ambipom is skilled at using the move Baton Pass. This move allows it to switch out of battle while passing on stat boosts to its teammate, giving them an advantage.

Ambipom’s tail acts as a third hand.

Ambipom’s tail is highly dexterous and can be used almost like a hand. It helps Ambipom in climbing trees, grabbing objects, and executing precise movements during battles.

Ambipom is known for its mischievous nature.

Ambipom is playful and mischievous, often using its tail to play pranks on others. Its energetic personality adds an element of fun and unpredictability to its battles.

Ambipom has a unique fur pattern on its face resembling a clown makeup.

One notable feature of Ambipom is the unique fur pattern on its face. The pattern resembles the makeup of a clown, adding to its playful and whimsical appearance.

Ambipom is skilled at stealing and hoarding objects.

Ambipom has a knack for stealing shiny or interesting objects and hoarding them in its long fur. Trainers often need to keep a close eye on their belongings when Ambipom is around.

Ambipom’s swiftness allows it to dodge even the fastest attacks.

Thanks to its incredible speed and agility, Ambipom has the ability to evade even the swiftest of attacks. This makes it a challenging opponent to defeat in battle.

Ambipom’s tail can be used as a means of communication with other Pokémon.

Ambipom can communicate with other Pokémon through the movements and gestures of its long, expressive tail. This non-verbal communication allows it to convey messages and establish understanding.

Ambipom is a popular choice in Pokémon contests.

With its playful nature and acrobatic moves, Ambipom excels in Pokémon contests. It entertains the audience with its energetic performances, earning high scores from the judges.

Ambipom’s long tail assists in maintaining balance during aerial maneuvers.

Ambipom’s long, prehensile tail acts as a stabilizer during aerial movements. It helps Ambipom maintain balance and perform intricate acrobatic maneuvers with ease.

Ambipom’s fur has a soft texture, making it ideal for cuddling.

Ambipom’s fur is incredibly soft and fluffy, making it a favorite among trainers and Pokémon enthusiasts alike. Its cuddly appearance adds to its appeal as a companion.

Ambipom is highly sociable and enjoys being part of a team.

Ambipom thrives in a team environment and enjoys the company of other Pokémon. Its energetic and sociable nature makes it a great addition to any group or Pokémon team.

Ambipom has a strong sense of loyalty towards its trainer.

Once Ambipom forms a bond with its trainer, it becomes fiercely loyal and protective. It will go to great lengths to defend and support its trainer, making it a valuable partner.

From its evolution from Aipom to its mischievous nature and unique abilities, Ambipom is a fascinating and versatile Pokémon. Its agility, speed, and playful demeanor make it a favorite among trainers and a formidable opponent in battles. With its distinct features and charming personality, Ambipom continues to capture the hearts of Pokémon enthusiasts worldwide.


In conclusion, Ambipom is a fascinating Pokémon with a unique appearance and intriguing abilities. It evolves from the mischievous Aipom and gains an additional tail, showcasing its increased agility and dexterity. With its powerful Double Hit move and the ability to use its tails as a means of communication, Ambipom is a force to be reckoned with in battles.Aside from its battling prowess, Ambipom also has a playful and curious nature, often using its tails to explore and interact with its surroundings. Its cheerful personality makes it a popular choice among trainers who seek a energetic and lively companion.Whether you admire Ambipom for its acrobatic skills or simply appreciate its cute and mischievous nature, there’s no denying that this Pokémon deserves a special place in the hearts of trainers and fans alike.


1. How does Ambipom evolve?

Ambipom evolves from Aipom when exposed to a Dawn Stone. This evolution occurs when Aipom is happy and has high friendship with its trainer.

2. What are Ambipom’s unique abilities?

Ambipom has the ability Technician, which powers up its weaker moves. This allows it to deal significant damage even with low power moves. It also has the ability Pickup, which allows it to randomly pick up items after battles.

3. Can Ambipom communicate with its tails?

Yes, Ambipom can use its tails to communicate with other Pokémon. They can express a range of emotions and intentions through various tail movements and gestures.

4. What is Ambipom’s signature move?

Ambipom’s signature move is Double Hit, which allows it to strike the opponent twice in quick succession. This move showcases its incredible speed and agility.

5. Is Ambipom a popular choice among trainers?

Ambipom is quite popular among trainers, especially those who value its playful and energetic nature. Its unique appearance and skills make it an appealing choice for both battling and companionship.

6. How does Ambipom use its tails in battle?

Ambipom uses its tails for a variety of purposes in battle. Besides attacking with moves like Double Hit, it can also use its tails to dodge incoming attacks or distract opponents, showcasing its agility and adaptability.

7. Can Ambipom learn any special moves?

Ambipom can learn moves such as Baton Pass, which allows it to switch out and pass on stat changes to another Pokémon. It can also learn moves like U-turn, which allows it to attack and switch out at the same time.

8. What are some interesting facts about Ambipom?

Ambipom is known for its exceptional climbing abilities, being able to scale vertical walls using the grip of its tails. It has a habit of stealing shiny objects and stashing them in its tree hollow. Additionally, Ambipom’s tails have a strong grip, allowing it to hang from branches or perform acrobatic maneuvers.

9. Can Ambipom be found in the wild?

Ambipom cannot be found in the wild. It can only be obtained by evolving Aipom or by trading with other trainers.

10. How does Ambipom interact with its trainer?

Ambipom is known to be an affectionate and energetic companion. It enjoys playing with its trainer and often uses its tails to show its excitement or express its feelings of joy.

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