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Kesley Behm

Modified & Updated: 30 Jan 2024


Pokémon fans, get ready to dive into the enchanting world of Aromatisse! This captivating and elegant Fairy-type Pokémon has undoubtedly captured the hearts of trainers with its graceful appearance and unique abilities. Aromatisse made its first appearance in the sixth generation in the Kalos region, and has since become a beloved member of many trainers’ teams.

In this article, we will explore 15 interesting facts about Aromatisse that will surely enhance your knowledge about this charming Pokémon. From its intriguing evolutionary line to its powerful moveset, there is so much to discover about Aromatisse. So, buckle up and get ready to delve into the enchanting world of this stylish Fairy Pokémon!

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Aromatisse is a Fairy-type Pokémon.

Aromatisse is known for its elegant appearance and its ability to emit pleasing aromas that have a calming effect on those around it.

Aromatisse is the evolved form of Spritzee.

When a Spritzee is exposed to a Sachet, it evolves into Aromatisse. This evolution enhances its fairy abilities and gives it a more refined and graceful presence.

Aromatisse has the ability to heal itself and others.

With its Aroma Veil ability, Aromatisse can create a protective barrier that prevents itself and its allies from being affected by moves that limit their healing abilities.

Aromatisse is known for its unique scent-based moves.

One of its signature moves is Aromatic Mist, which releases a soothing fragrance that raises the Special Defense stat of its allies. It also has the move Aromatherapy, which can cure status conditions of its team members.

Aromatisse can be found in the Kalos region.

Aromatisse is native to the Kalos region, specifically in areas with rich floral environments. It can often be seen in gardens and flower fields.

Aromatisse is highly sought after for its medicinal properties.

The aroma emitted by Aromatisse has been found to have healing properties, and its feathers are often used in traditional medicine to create potent remedies.

Aromatisse is known for its luscious and vibrant colors.

With its pink and purple color scheme, Aromatisse stands out among other Pokémon. Its elegant design reflects its graceful nature.

Aromatisse has a signature Ability called Healer.

The Healer Ability allows Aromatisse to have a chance of healing an ally’s status condition at the end of each turn in battle.

Aromatisse is often seen in Pokémon Contests.

Due to its elegant appearance and enchanting aroma, Aromatisse is a popular choice among trainers participating in Pokémon Contests. Its graceful movements and captivating presence can capture the judges’ attention.

Aromatisse has a unique relationship with Meowstic.

In the Pokémon anime, Aromatisse is shown to have a calming effect on the often-aggressive Meowstic. This dynamic duo is known for their powerful synergy in battle.

Aromatisse is inspired by the concept of perfume.

The design of Aromatisse is based on the idea of perfume, with its elegant appearance and aromatic abilities mirroring the allure and enchantment associated with fragrances.

Aromatisse is a popular choice for competitive battling.

Thanks to its impressive Special Attack stat and support moves, Aromatisse is often included in competitive teams for its ability to heal and disrupt the opponent’s strategy.

Aromatisse is known for its alluring dance moves.

During battles and performances, Aromatisse showcases its elegant movements, captivating the audience with its graceful twists and turns. Its dance routines often leave a lasting impression.

Aromatisse is said to bring good luck.

In some cultures, it is believed that encountering an Aromatisse brings good fortune and positive energy. Its enchanting aroma is thought to dispel negative vibes and attract prosperity.

Aromatisse is a popular choice among collectors.

Trainers and Pokémon enthusiasts often seek out Aromatisse to add to their collections. Its unique appearance, enchanting fragrance, and overall charm make it a highly coveted Pokémon.


Aromatisse is truly a captivating Pokemon with its elegant appearance and unique abilities. From its captivating fragrance to its healing powers, this Fairy type Pokemon has won the hearts of many trainers. Its role as a support Pokemon in battles further adds to its charm.

With its fascinating evolution and captivating moves, Aromatisse offers a refreshing experience in the world of Pokemon. Whether you’re collecting for your Pokedex or planning a strategic team for battles, Aromatisse is definitely a Pokemon worth considering.

So, go ahead and explore the enchanting world of Aromatisse. Catch one for yourself and experience the magic that this delightful Pokemon brings!


1. How can I evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse?

To evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse, you need to trade it while it is holding a Sachet item. The Sachet item can be obtained in various locations throughout the Pokemon games.

2. What are Aromatisse’s abilities?

Aromatisse has the ability Healer or Aroma Veil. Healer has a chance to heal a status condition of its ally in Double Battles. Aroma Veil protects Aromatisse and its allies from moves that disable their moves or abilities, such as Taunt or Encore.

3. Can Aromatisse learn moves of other types?

Yes, Aromatisse can learn moves of various types like Psychic, Fairy, Normal, and Grass. It has an extensive move pool that allows it to use a variety of moves to support its team or deal damage to opponents.

4. What is Aromatisse’s role in battles?

Aromatisse is primarily a support Pokemon in battles. Its supportive abilities like healing status conditions and providing protection to the team make it a valuable asset. Additionally, it can also learn damaging moves to hold its own in battle if needed.

5. Can Aromatisse be shiny?

Yes, Aromatisse can have a shiny variant. Shiny Aromatisse has a different color scheme than its regular form, with its body being mostly yellow instead of pink. Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare and sought after by collectors.