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Fearow, the evolved form of Spearow, is a majestic and powerful bird Pokémon that has engraved its name in the hearts of trainers worldwide. With its sharp beak, impressive wingspan, and keen eyesight, Fearow is not only a formidable opponent in battles but also a fascinating creature to study. In this article, we will delve into 14 intriguing facts about Fearow that will leave you awestruck and eager to learn more about this extraordinary avian Pokémon. From its unique characteristics to its remarkable abilities, Fearow’s fascinating world is waiting to be explored. So, get ready to spread your wings and embark on a journey through the captivating realm of Fearow!

Key Takeaways:

  • Fearow is a speedy and powerful Pokémon with a sharp beak and keen eyesight, making it a formidable hunter and a valuable choice for trainers in battles.
  • Fearow’s evolution from Spearow at level 20 brings increased power, new abilities, and a distinctive cry, making it a fascinating and courageous Pokémon to study and admire.
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Fearow is a Flying and Normal type Pokémon.

Fearow belongs to two different Pokémon types, making it versatile in battles.

It is known for its exceptional speed.

Fearow can fly at incredible speeds, allowing it to swiftly navigate through the skies.

Fearow’s beak is incredibly sharp.

Its beak is strong enough to pierce through tough prey and even defend itself against other Pokémon.

Fearow has keen eyesight.

With its sharp vision, Fearow can spot its prey from great distances, making it an adept hunter.

It is a territorial Pokémon.

Fearow fiercely guards its nesting grounds and will attack any intruders without hesitation.

Fearow’s wingspan can reach over seven feet.

Its large wings allow Fearow to soar effortlessly through the skies, giving it an advantage in aerial battles.

It can learn various powerful moves.

Fearow can be trained to use moves such as Drill Peck, Sky Attack, and Brave Bird, making it a formidable opponent.

Fearow is known for its distinctive cry.

Its cry resembles a sharp screech that echoes through the air, adding to its intimidation factor.

It is a common sight in grasslands and open fields.

Fearow prefers expansive areas where it can freely fly and hunt for prey.

Fearow’s evolution is triggered by reaching a certain level.

Spearow evolves into Fearow when it reaches level 20, gaining increased power and new abilities.

Fearow is a popular choice among trainers for its speed and offensive capabilities.

Many trainers appreciate Fearow’s agility and strong attacks, making it a valuable Pokémon in battles.

It has a long lifespan in the wild.

Fearow can live for several years, allowing it to establish dominance in its territory.

Fearow is known for its courageous nature.

It fearlessly takes on opponents larger than itself to protect its flock or trainer.

The color of Fearow’s plumage can vary.

While most Fearow have brown feathers, some individuals may have variations of coloration, adding to their unique appearance.

So there you have it, 14 fascinating facts about Fearow. Whether you’re a Pokémon trainer or just a fan of these amazing creatures, Fearow’s speed, strength, and unique characteristics make it an intriguing Pokémon to study and admire.


Fearow is a fascinating Pokémon with a variety of unique traits and abilities. From its impressive wingspan to its exceptional speed, Fearow has captured the hearts of Pokémon trainers around the world. With its fierce nature and powerful attacks, Fearow is a force to be reckoned with in battle.Whether you are a fan of the Pokémon games, a collector of trading cards, or simply enjoy watching the animated series, Fearow is a Pokémon that stands out. Its distinct appearance and aerial prowess make it a memorable addition to any team.As you continue your Pokémon journey, don’t overlook the power and potential that Fearow brings. With its sharp beak and keen eyesight, this avian Pokémon is ready to soar to new heights and take on any challenge that comes its way.Remember, the world of Pokémon is vast and filled with unique creatures like Fearow. So, embrace the excitement, embrace the adventure, and let Fearow be your loyal companion as you explore the ever-expanding universe of Pokémon.


1. What type of Pokémon is Fearow?

Fearow is a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokémon.

2. How does Fearow evolve?

Fearow evolves from Spearow starting at level 20.

3. What are some notable abilities of Fearow?

Fearow has the ability “Keen Eye,” which prevents opponents from lowering its accuracy. It also has the ability “Sniper,” which powers up its critical hits.

4. What moves can Fearow learn?

Fearow can learn a variety of moves, including Aerial Ace, Drill Peck, Mirror Move, and Roost.

5. Where can Fearow be found in the Pokémon games?

Fearow can typically be found in various locations throughout the Pokémon games, such as grassy areas, forests, and routes.

6. Is Fearow a strong Pokémon in battle?

Fearow possesses high Speed and Attack stats, making it a formidable opponent in battles. Its flying abilities also give it an advantage against certain types of Pokémon.

7. Can Fearow Mega Evolve?

No, Fearow does not have a Mega Evolution.

8. Are there any unique features or trivia about Fearow?

Fearow is known for its impressive wingspan and keen eyesight, which allows it to locate and catch prey from great distances. Additionally, in the Pokémon anime series, Ash once owned a Fearow briefly before it was released back into the wild.

9. How popular is Fearow among Pokémon trainers?

Fearow has gained a significant following among Pokémon enthusiasts, mainly due to its unique design and strong battle capabilities. It is often a popular choice for players looking to add a Flying-type Pokémon to their teams.

10. Can Fearow be shiny?

Yes, it is possible to encounter a shiny Fearow in the Pokémon games. Shiny Fearow has a different coloration, with its normally brown feathers appearing as a vibrant shade of purple.

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