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When it comes to the world of Pokémon, there are countless fascinating creatures to discover and learn about. One such Pokémon that has captured the hearts of trainers worldwide is Shelgon. Shelgon is the evolved form of Bagon and eventually evolves into Salamence, a powerful Dragon and Flying type Pokémon.

In this article, we will delve into 12 intriguing facts about Shelgon that will not only expand your knowledge of this unique Pokémon but also enhance your understanding of its abilities and characteristics. From its evolution process to its distinctive physical features, we will explore every aspect of Shelgon’s existence. So, whether you’re a dedicated trainer or simply a Pokémon enthusiast, get ready to dive into the world of Shelgon and uncover the secrets of this remarkable creature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shelgon, the evolved form of Bagon, has a super tough shell, learns powerful moves, and evolves into the mighty Salamence. It’s loyal, stubborn, and an excellent climber, making it a formidable Pokémon!
  • With its durable shell, energy-storing ability, and strong-willed nature, Shelgon is a tough and determined Pokémon. It evolves from Bagon and evolves into the powerful Salamence, making it a force to be reckoned with!
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Shelgon evolves from Bagon.

Shelgon is the second form of the Dragon-type Pokémon Bagon, who evolves from it at level This evolution marks a significant growth in power and physical appearance for the Pokémon.

Its shell is incredibly durable.

Shelgon is known for its extremely sturdy and hard outer shell. This shell helps protect it from attacks and allows it to withstand even the most powerful strikes from other Pokémon.

Shelgon can learn a variety of powerful moves.

As a Dragon-type Pokémon, Shelgon can learn a wide range of moves that make it a formidable opponent in battle. Some of the moves it can learn include Dragon Claw, Crunch, Flamethrower, and Earthquake.

It has the ability to intimidate its opponents.

Shelgon possesses the ability “Intimidate,” which lowers the Attack stat of its opponent upon entering battle. This ability allows Shelgon to weaken its opponents before striking with its own powerful moves.

Shelgon has a strong connection to its trainer.

Once a strong bond is formed between a trainer and Shelgon, it becomes incredibly loyal and will fiercely protect its trainer from any harm. This loyalty makes Shelgon a beloved partner for many trainers.

Shelgon spends most of its time in caves.

Naturally found in rocky and mountainous areas, Shelgon prefers to dwell in caves. It feels most secure and comfortable in these dark and secluded environments.

Shelgon’s eyes are protected by its shell.

Shelgon’s shell extends over its eyes, providing them with extra protection. This allows Shelgon to maintain clear vision even during intense battles or harsh weather conditions.

It evolves into Salamence.

After reaching a certain level of experience and power, Shelgon further evolves into the powerful Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon, Salamence. This final evolution grants Salamence immense strength and speed.

Shelgon possesses incredible endurance.

Thanks to its rigorous training and naturally tough constitution, Shelgon is capable of enduring long battles without tiring easily. This endurance gives it an advantage in prolonged conflicts.

Shelgon can store energy within its shell.

Shelgon has the ability to store energy within its shell, allowing it to release bursts of power during intense battles. This stored energy can give Shelgon the upper hand in critical moments.

It is known for its stubborn and determined nature.

Shelgon is often described as stubborn and determined, never backing down from a challenge. This strong-willed nature makes it a challenging Pokémon to train but ultimately leads to great rewards.

Shelgon is an excellent climber.

With its strong claws and muscular legs, Shelgon is skilled at climbing steep cliffs and navigating challenging terrains. This ability allows it to access hard-to-reach locations in its natural habitat.


In conclusion, Shelgon is a fascinating Pokémon with a unique evolutionary line. From its origins as a timid Bagon, to its powerful and imposing form as Shelgon, this Dragon-type Pokémon has captured the hearts of trainers all over the world. With its impressive defensive capabilities and intense physical strength, Shelgon is a force to be reckoned with in battles.Remember that evolving Shelgon into its final form, Salamence, requires time and patience. By nurturing and training Shelgon in the right way, you can unlock its full potential and witness its magnificent transformation. So, if you’re looking for a strong and dependable Dragon-type Pokémon for your team, consider adding a Shelgon to your roster!With its unique set of abilities, the journey with Shelgon promises to be exciting and rewarding. So go out there and embark on your quest to train this incredible Pokémon!


Q: How do you evolve Bagon into Shelgon?

A: To evolve Bagon into Shelgon, you need to level it up to level 30.

Q: What type is Shelgon?

A: Shelgon is a Dragon-type Pokémon.

Q: What are Shelgon’s abilities?

A: Shelgon has the abilities Rock Head and Overcoat. Rock Head prevents recoil damage, and Overcoat protects against weather-related damage.

Q: How strong is Shelgon?

A: Shelgon has impressive defensive capabilities, making it a formidable opponent in battles.

Q: Can Shelgon learn any special moves?

A: Yes, Shelgon can learn a variety of moves through leveling up, TMs, and breeding.

Q: What is the best strategy for battling with Shelgon?

A: Shelgon’s high defense makes it suitable for tanking hits while dishing out damage. Focus on moves that capitalize on its strength and consider pairing it with Pokémon that can cover its weaknesses.

Q: Can Shelgon mega evolve?

A: No, Shelgon cannot mega evolve. However, it can evolve into Salamence, which has a Mega Evolution form.

Q: Where can I find Shelgon in the wild?

A: Shelgon is not typically found in the wild. You’ll need to evolve a Bagon, which can be found in various areas in select Pokémon games.

Q: Can I breed Shelgon?

A: Yes, Shelgon can breed with compatible Pokémon in its Egg Group, which includes other Dragon-type Pokémon.

Q: Can Shelgon learn any special hidden abilities?

A: No, Shelgon does not have any hidden abilities.

Q: Is Shelgon a popular choice among trainers?

A: Yes, Shelgon is a popular choice among trainers who seek a dependable and strong Dragon-type Pokémon for their teams.

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