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Itzy, the sensational K-pop girl group, has taken the music industry by storm with their catchy tunes, energetic performances, and unique style. Comprising of members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna, Itzy made their debut in 2019 under JYP Entertainment and quickly became one of the hottest acts in the industry. Known for their powerful vocals, fierce dance moves, and empowering lyrics, Itzy has captured the hearts of fans around the world.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Itzy and explore 46 fascinating facts about the group. From their pre-debut experiences to their rise to stardom, we’ll uncover interesting tidbits about their personal lives, music career, and achievements. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the exciting world of Itzy!

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Itzy debuted on February 12, 2019.

Marking their official entry into the K-pop scene, Itzy burst onto the stage with their debut single album, “IT’z Different.” The title track, “Dalla Dalla,” garnered immense attention for its empowering message of self-love.

The members of Itzy are Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna.

Each member brings their unique personality and talents to the group, creating a dynamic and charismatic ensemble. Itzy showcases their diverse skillset through their performances, ranging from powerful rap verses to mesmerizing vocals.

Itzy’s fandom name is “Midzy.”

The loyal and dedicated fanbase of Itzy is lovingly referred to as Midzy. The name represents the strong bond between the group and their fans, signifying unity and support.

Their debut music video surpassed 17 million views within 24 hours.

The music video for “Dalla Dalla” achieved incredible success right from the start. It broke records and quickly became a viral sensation, further solidifying Itzy’s status as a rising force in the K-pop industry.

Itzy’s official colors are “Neon” and “Violet.”

Neon represents their vibrant energy and passion, while Violet symbolizes their harmonious unity as a group. The colors reflect Itzy’s youthful and bold image.

They have a YouTube reality show called “Itzy? Itzy!”

Itzy charms fans with their fun and candid personalities through their reality show, “Itzy? Itzy!” The show offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their lives, showcasing their friendship and day-to-day activities.

Itzy won the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Award for Best New Female Artist.

The group’s remarkable debut year was acknowledged with this prestigious award, highlighting their immense talent and potential.

Their second extended play (EP) is titled “IT’z Icy.”

Continuing their streak of chart-topping releases, Itzy dropped their second EP, “IT’z Icy,” in July The title track, “Icy,” exudes confidence and serves as an anthem for embracing your unique self.

Itzy’s official light stick is called the “Midzy Stick.”

To show their support during concerts and fan meetings, Midzy waves the Midzy Stick, a light stick designed to represent their love and dedication to Itzy. The unique design adds to the overall fan experience.

They were the fastest girl group to win a music show award.

Itzy achieved a significant milestone by winning their first music show award just nine days after their debut, solidifying their rapid rise to stardom. They continue to dominate charts and captivate audiences with their subsequent releases.

Itzy is known for their strong visuals and fierce stage presence.

With their striking beauty and powerful performances, Itzy captivates audiences with their signature style. Their charismatic stage presence commands attention and leaves a lasting impression.

They have a combined social media following of over 20 million.

Itzy’s popularity transcends borders, as evidenced by their massive following on various social media platforms. Their engaging content and connection with fans contribute to their global appeal.

Itzy collaborated with ZEPETO for a virtual fan meeting.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the group held a virtual fan meeting with their fans through the popular avatar app, ZEPETO. It provided an interactive and safe way for Midzy to connect with Itzy.

Their third EP is titled “IT’z ME.”

Itzy continued their streak of chart-topping success with their third EP, “IT’z ME,” released in March The title track, “Wannabe,” showcases their determination to break free from societal expectations.

Itzy’s music is known for its empowering and self-confident lyrics.

Itzy’s discography is filled with anthems that inspire self-love, individuality, and going against the norm. Their lyrics resonate with listeners, encouraging them to embrace their true selves.

They won the 2020 Golden Disc Award for Best New Artist.

The group’s exceptional achievements were recognized once again as they were crowned Best New Artist at the 2020 Golden Disc Awards. Itzy’s talent and impact on the industry continue to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Itzy has their own reality show called “Itzy’s Diary.”

In “Itzy’s Diary,” fans get an exclusive look into the daily lives of the members. The show provides a more personal and intimate perspective, showcasing their genuine interactions and individual charms.

Itzy’s debut showcase sold out within a minute.

The overwhelming demand for Itzy’s debut showcase demonstrated the group’s immense popularity. Tickets were in high demand, and fans eagerly anticipated their first live performance.

They recorded the theme song for the Korean animation film “Frozen 2.”

Itzy lent their voices to the Korean version of the theme song “Into the Unknown” for Disney’s blockbuster film, “Frozen 2.” Their unique rendition added a refreshing twist to the popular song.

Itzy made their U.S. debut with “ICY.”

Recognizing their growing international fanbase, Itzy made their official U.S. debut with the English version of their hit single, “ICY.” This marked their entry into the American music market.

They won multiple awards at the 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards.

Itzy’s impact and achievements were commemorated at the 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards, where they received prestigious awards such as the New Korean Wave Icon and Soribada Hallyu Rookie Award.

Itzy’s fans are known for their creativity and support.

Midzy stands out for their immense creativity and dedication. They create beautiful fan art, organize fan projects, and consistently support Itzy through various initiatives.

They released an English version of their hit single “Not Shy.”

Expanding their global presence, Itzy unveiled an English version of their popular single, “Not Shy.” The release aimed to connect with their international fans and showcase their versatility as artists.

Itzy’s music videos often achieve millions of views within the first 24 hours.

Itzy’s captivating visuals and compelling performances attract a massive audience. Their music videos consistently garner millions of views within the first day of release, showcasing their worldwide popularity.

They have performed on renowned music shows such as “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Itzy’s talent has earned them the opportunity to perform on prestigious platforms worldwide. Their performance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” introduced their music to a wider audience.

Itzy promotes self-love and empowers their fans to embrace their unique qualities.

The group’s heartfelt messages of self-acceptance and confidence resonate deeply with their fanbase. Itzy encourages fans to love themselves unconditionally and celebrates individuality.

They have released several successful albums and extended plays.

Itzy’s discography boasts a collection of hit albums and EPs that have topped charts domestically and internationally. Each release showcases their growth as artists and their ability to captivate listeners.

Itzy members have individual talents and skills.

While each member contributes to Itzy’s overall success, they also possess unique talents in various areas such as singing, rapping, dancing, and more. Their diverse skill set adds depth to the group’s performances.

They actively engage with fans through social media.

Itzy understands the importance of connecting with their fans and regularly updates their social media accounts to keep fans informed and entertained. They share behind-the-scenes moments and interact directly with Midzy.

Itzy’s choreography is known for its intricate and energetic moves.

Itzy’s dance routines feature complex formations, powerful movements, and precise synchronization. Their choreography captivates audiences and contributes to their electrifying performances.

They advocate for mental health awareness.

Itzy uses their platform to promote mental health awareness and encourage open discussions on the topic. They aim to create a supportive environment for their fans to address their mental well-being.

Itzy has topped various music charts worldwide.

Their music consistently reaches top positions on charts, both in South Korea and internationally. Itzy’s catchy melodies and relatable lyrics resonate with listeners of all ages.

They have appeared on multiple variety shows.

Itzy has showcased their entertaining personalities on various Korean variety shows, further endearing themselves to audiences. Their charisma and humor shine through their appearances.

Itzy merchandise is highly sought after.

Fans eagerly collect Itzy merchandise, which includes albums, clothing, accessories, and more. The group’s unique branding and design aesthetic contribute to the popularity of their merchandise.

They have collaborated with international brands such as Maybelline.

Itzy has expanded their reach globally by collaborating with renowned brands like Maybelline. Their promotions and endorsements allow them to represent K-pop on an international stage.

They performed at the 2019 Time 100 Next event.

Itzy’s rising influence led to their invitation to perform at the prestigious Time 100 Next event, which celebrates the next generation of influential individuals in various fields.

Itzy frequently communicates with their fans through V Live broadcasts.

The group interacts with fans through live broadcasts on the V Live platform, providing them with an opportunity to connect on a more personal level and answer questions directly.

They were featured in the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list in 2020.

Itzy’s growing popularity and influence earned them a spot on the esteemed Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list. This recognition further solidifies their position as one of the most influential groups in the industry.

Itzy’s music transcends language barriers.

The universality of Itzy’s music allows them to connect with fans from different parts of the world, regardless of language. Their catchy beats and captivating performances are enjoyed by music enthusiasts globally.

They have guest-starred on various variety and talk shows.

Itzy has made memorable appearances on popular Korean variety and talk shows, where they showcase their entertaining personalities, engage in fun challenges, and interact with other celebrities.

Itzy has a strong international fanbase.

The group’s magnetic charm has attracted a large and devoted international fanbase. Itzy’s global influence continues to grow as they captivate hearts around the world.

They have won multiple awards at the Gaon Chart Music Awards.

Itzy’s musical prowess and achievements were celebrated at the prestigious Gaon Chart Music Awards, where they won awards such as the New Artist of the Year and the World Hallyu Star Award.

Itzy has been featured in various international media outlets.

The group’s rise to prominence has garnered attention from international media outlets. Itzy’s talent and impact on the global music scene have been acknowledged through features and interviews.

They have significant influence on fashion trends.

Itzy’s unique sense of style has made them trendsetters in the fashion industry. Fans eagerly await their fashion choices, which often inspire new trends and influence the K-pop fashion scene.

They frequently engage in charity work and philanthropic efforts.

Itzy uses their platform to give back to society, participating in charitable initiatives and spreading awareness about important causes. They encourage their fans to join them in making a positive impact.

Itzy continues to break records and achieve milestones.

The journey of Itzy has been a remarkable one, filled with countless achievements and new milestones. As they push boundaries and captivate audiences with their music and performances, the future holds even greater success for this extraordinary girl group.

These 46 facts about Itzy showcase their rise to fame and the immense impact they have made in the K-pop industry. With their empowering messages, captivating performances, and dedicated fanbase, Itzy’s influence continues to grow, cementing their status as one of the most prominent girl groups in the world.


Itzy is a rising K-pop girl group that has taken the world by storm. With their incredible talent, catchy songs, and fierce performances, it’s no wonder they have gained a massive fanbase in such a short span of time. Through this article, we have delved deep into 46 fascinating facts about Itzy, getting to know more about their formation, members, achievements, and more.

From their pre-debut project to their successful debut and subsequent comebacks, Itzy has proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. They have become an inspiration for many young fans and have consistently delivered energetic and empowering music that resonates with their audience.

As the future holds endless possibilities for Itzy, we can expect to see even greater achievements from this talented group. With their infectious energy and unwavering determination, Itzy is poised to continue making waves in the K-pop industry and leave a lasting impact on the global music scene.


Q: When was Itzy formed?
A: Itzy was formed in early 2019 under JYP Entertainment.

Q: Who are the members of Itzy?
A: Itzy consists of five members: Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna.

Q: What is Itzy’s debut song?
A: Itzy made their debut with the song “Dalla Dalla” on February 12, 2019.

Q: What are some of Itzy’s popular songs?
A: Along with “Dalla Dalla,” Itzy’s popular songs include “ICY,” “Wannabe,” and “Not Shy.”

Q: Have Itzy won any awards?
A: Yes, Itzy has won several awards, including the Rookie of the Year award at various music award shows.

Q: What is the concept of Itzy’s music?
A: Itzy’s music carries a powerful and girl-crush concept, empowering their audience to embrace their individuality and confidence.

Q: Have any Itzy members participated in survival shows before debut?
A: Yes, Lia participated in the survival show “Finding Momoland” before joining Itzy.

Q: What are Itzy’s official fanclub and fandom name?
A: Itzy’s official fanclub is called “MIDZY,” which represents the combination of “Mid” (middle) and “ZY” (Itzy).