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Ava Michelle, the talented and stunning actress, has taken the world by storm with her incredible talent and undeniable beauty. With her towering height of 6 feet 1 inch, Ava Michelle stands out among her peers and has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Born on April 10, 2002, Ava Michelle Cota hails from Fenton, Michigan. She first gained recognition as a dancer, wowing audiences with her graceful moves and undeniable stage presence. However, her career took a major turn when she landed the lead role of Jodi Kreyman in the hit Netflix film “Tall Girl.”

Since then, Ava Michelle has been a rising star, captivating audiences with her magnetic performances and charming personality. In this article, we’ll dive into 37 fascinating facts about Ava Michelle that you may not know, giving you a closer look into the life and journey of this extraordinary celebrity.

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Ava Michelle is an American actress, model, and dancer.

She gained widespread recognition for her role as Jodi Kreyman in the Netflix film “Tall Girl.”

She was born on April 10, 2002, in the United States.

Since a young age, Ava Michelle had a passion for the performing arts and showed exceptional talent in dance.

Ava Michelle stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch (186 cm).

Her tall stature became one of her defining characteristics, playing a significant role in her rise to fame.

She started her dance training at the age of 3.

Ava Michelle demonstrated exceptional skills in various dance styles, including ballet, jazz, and contemporary.

Ava Michelle competed in the reality TV show “Dance Moms” at the age of 9.

Her talent and dedication quickly made her stand out among the other young dancers on the show.

She appeared in several music videos as a dancer.

Companies like Sia, Katy Perry, and Meghan Trainor recognized her talent and featured her in their music videos.

Ava Michelle made her acting debut in the TV series “Dance Moms: The Music Video” in 2019.

This marked the beginning of her journey into the world of acting.

She gained international fame for her role as Jodi Kreyman in “Tall Girl.”

The Netflix film addressed issues of body image and self-acceptance, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Ava Michelle has a strong presence on social media.

Through platforms like Instagram, she connects with her fans and shares updates about her personal and professional life.

She is passionate about using her platform to spread positivity and inspire others.

Ava Michelle frequently advocates for body positivity and self-confidence.

Ava Michelle has a diverse range of talents.

She is not only an accomplished dancer and actress but also a skilled singer and model.

She has worked with renowned fashion brands and appeared in numerous magazines.

Ava Michelle’s unique look and towering height have made her sought-after in the world of modeling.

Ava Michelle has received several awards and nominations for her performances.

Her talent and versatility have been recognized by industry professionals and audiences alike.

She has a close-knit relationship with her family.

Ava Michelle often expresses gratitude for the support and love she receives from her parents and siblings.

Ava Michelle is a dedicated advocate for arts education.

She believes in the power of the arts to inspire and empower individuals of all backgrounds.

She is actively involved in charitable work.

Ava Michelle supports various causes related to children, education, and mental health.

Ava Michelle’s favorite pastime is traveling.

She loves exploring new places, immersing herself in different cultures, and creating lasting memories.

She is an avid reader and enjoys diving into books of various genres.

Ava Michelle believes in the power of storytelling and its ability to broaden one’s horizons.

Ava Michelle aspires to use her platform to create positive change in the entertainment industry.

She hopes to inspire more diversity and inclusivity in film and television.

She has a strong work ethic and is known for her professionalism on set.

Cast and crew members often praise Ava Michelle for her dedication and collaborative spirit.

Ava Michelle has overcome challenges throughout her career.

From facing rejection to balancing a demanding schedule, she has persevered with determination.

She values authenticity and believes in staying true to oneself.

Ava Michelle encourages others to embrace their uniqueness and embrace their individuality.

Ava Michelle is a role model for many aspiring young artists.

Her journey from a young dancer to an accomplished actress inspires others to pursue their dreams.

She enjoys collaborating with other creatives.

Ava Michelle believes that the magic of storytelling comes to life through teamwork and collective creativity.

Ava Michelle is passionate about environmental conservation.

She actively supports initiatives that aim to protect the planet and promote sustainable living.

She has a loyal fanbase that admires her talent, beauty, and empowering personality.

Ava Michelle’s fans often express their support and admiration through social media and fan art.

She enjoys exploring different artistic mediums.

Ava Michelle expresses herself through painting, photography, and writing.

Ava Michelle is currently working on new projects.

Her fans eagerly anticipate her upcoming roles and performances.

She values the importance of self-care.

Ava Michelle finds time for activities that rejuvenate her, such as practicing yoga and meditation.

She has a close circle of friends who support and uplift her.

Ava Michelle treasures the bonds she has formed with fellow artists and peers in the industry.

Ava Michelle has a versatile taste in music.

She appreciates various genres, from pop and rock to classical and R&B.

She believes in continuous growth and self-improvement.

Ava Michelle engages in regular workshops and classes to enhance her skills and expand her artistic abilities.

Ava Michelle loves animals and is an advocate for animal rights.

She supports organizations dedicated to animal welfare and promotes responsible pet ownership.

She enjoys participating in outdoor activities.

Ava Michelle finds solace in nature and embraces opportunities to connect with the great outdoors.

Ava Michelle has a positive and infectious energy.

Her radiant personality and optimistic outlook inspire those around her.

She acknowledges the influence of her fans on her journey.

Ava Michelle expresses gratitude for their unwavering support and constant encouragement.

Ava Michelle dreams of a future filled with meaningful and impactful projects.

She aspires to leave a lasting legacy and touch the lives of many through her art.


In conclusion, Ava Michelle is a remarkable and talented celebrity who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. With her impressive height and graceful dance moves, she has become a role model for many aspiring performers. From her breakthrough role in “Tall Girl” to her captivating performances on stage, Ava has proven that she has what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry. With her determination, passion, and undeniable talent, Ava Michelle is undoubtedly destined for even greater success in the years to come.


Q: How tall is Ava Michelle?

A: Ava Michelle stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 centimeters).

Q: What movies or TV shows has Ava Michelle appeared in?

A: Ava Michelle gained popularity with her lead role in the Netflix film “Tall Girl” released in 2019. She has also made appearances in TV shows like “Dance Moms” and “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Q: Is Ava Michelle a trained dancer?

A: Yes, Ava Michelle is a highly trained dancer with years of experience. She has studied various dance forms such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop.

Q: Does Ava Michelle have any upcoming projects?

A: While there hasn’t been any official announcement about Ava Michelle’s upcoming projects, it’s safe to say that she is likely to have more exciting opportunities in the world of entertainment.

Q: Where can I follow Ava Michelle on social media?

A: You can follow Ava Michelle on Instagram (@ava.michelle) to keep up with her latest updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life.