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Andrew Rannells is a celebrated American actor and singer known for his incredible talent and captivating performances. With a career spanning over two decades, Rannells has established himself as a household name in the entertainment industry. From his breakthrough role in the hit musical “The Book of Mormon” to his memorable appearances on popular TV shows like “Girls” and “Black Monday,” Rannells has proven time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Andrew Rannells and explore 31 intriguing facts about his life and career. From his early beginnings to his rise to stardom, we will uncover the lesser-known aspects of this talented artist. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering his work, get ready to be amazed by the incredible talent and remarkable journey of Andrew Rannells.

Key Takeaways:

  • Andrew Rannells, from Omaha, Nebraska, is a versatile actor and singer known for his roles in “The Book of Mormon” and TV shows like “Girls. He’s also an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and mental health awareness.
  • With his magnetic stage presence and comedic timing, Andrew Rannells has captivated audiences on Broadway and the small screen. His journey from the heartland to stardom inspires aspiring performers worldwide.
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Andrew Rannells was born on August 23, 1978, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Andrew Rannells, the talented actor and singer, hails from the heartland of America, born and raised in Omaha.

Rannells began his career in theater.

With a passion for the arts from a young age, Rannells pursued his love for theater, performing in various productions during high school and college.

He gained widespread recognition for his role in the musical “The Book of Mormon”.

Rannells originated the role of Elder Price in the critically acclaimed and Tony Award-winning musical “The Book of Mormon,” which catapulted him into the spotlight.

Rannells received a Tony Award nomination for his performance in “The Book of Mormon”.

His outstanding portrayal as Elder Price earned him a Tony Award nomination for Best Leading Actor in a Musical in 2011.

Andrew Rannells has an impressive television career.

Aside from his success on stage, Rannells has made a name for himself in the television industry, starring in popular shows like “Girls” and “Black Monday.

He provided the voice for a character in the animated film “The Secret Life of Pets”.

Rannells showcased his versatility by lending his voice to the character of Tiberius in the highly successful animated film “The Secret Life of Pets.

Rannells has appeared in several Broadway productions.

Throughout his career, Andrew Rannells has graced the stages of Broadway in shows such as “Hairspray,” “Jersey Boys,” and “Falsettos.

He has released his own solo album titled “Andrew Rannells Live at 54 Below”.

Rannells is not only a talented actor but also a gifted singer. He released his solo album, showcasing his vocal abilities to the world.

Andrew Rannells has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

As an openly gay actor, Rannells has been actively involved in supporting and promoting LGBTQ+ rights, using his platform to raise awareness and create change.

He starred in the Broadway revival of “Falsettos”.

Rannells took on the role of Whizzer in the 2016 revival of the Tony Award-winning musical “Falsettos,” solidifying his place as a Broadway favorite.

Rannells has appeared in multiple episodes of the hit TV show “The New Normal”.

His role as Bryan Collins in “The New Normal” brought him critical acclaim and further showcased his talent on the small screen.

In addition to acting, Andrew Rannells has also written a memoir.

Released in 2019, Rannells’ memoir, “Too Much Is Not Enough,” provides an intimate glimpse into his life and journey to success.

Rannells has received numerous awards and nominations for his outstanding performances.

Throughout his career, Andrew Rannells has been recognized for his exceptional talent, receiving nominations and awards from prestigious institutions.

He is known for his comedic timing and ability to deliver witty lines.

Rannells has a natural gift for comedy, captivating audiences with his impeccable comedic timing and ability to bring humor to any role he portrays.

Rannells has made guest appearances on popular TV shows like “The Simpsons” and “Big Mouth”.

His unique voice and versatile acting skills have led to memorable guest appearances on widely loved animated shows.

Andrew Rannells made his film debut in the comedy-drama “Bachelorette”.

In 2012, Rannells took on the role of Manny in the film “Bachelorette,” showcasing his acting prowess on the big screen.

He has a strong social media presence and engages with his fans regularly.

Rannells understands the importance of connecting with his fans and has embraced social media platforms to interact with them on a personal level.

Rannells has appeared in music videos for popular artists like The Lonely Island.

His captivating presence extends beyond the stage and screen, as he has made memorable appearances in music videos, adding another dimension to his career.

Andrew Rannells is a vocal supporter of mental health awareness.

With a growing emphasis on mental health, Rannells uses his platform to raise awareness and promote conversations around mental well-being.

He voiced the character of Big Mouth in the animated series “Big Mouth”.

Rannells’ distinct voice brings life to the character of Matthew MacDell in the popular coming-of-age animated series “Big Mouth”.

Rannells has been praised for his ability to portray complex and multi-dimensional characters.

His nuanced performances have garnered critical acclaim, earning him the reputation of an actor with incredible range and depth.

Andrew Rannells has appeared in national tours of popular Broadway shows.

His talent has taken him across the country, captivating audiences in national touring productions of well-known Broadway musicals.

He has collaborated with renowned theater composers such as Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Rannells’ passion for theater has led him to collaborate with some of the most influential composers in the industry, including the legendary Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Rannells starred in the TV series “Avenue 5” alongside Hugh Laurie.

In the science fiction sitcom “Avenue 5,” Rannells played the role of Ryan Clark, showcasing his versatility in yet another genre.

He made his West End debut in the musical “Hamilton”.

Rannells delighted British audiences with his portrayal of King George III in the West End production of the hit musical “Hamilton.

Rannells has been recognized as a Broadway icon.

His numerous successes on Broadway and contributions to the theater community have solidified his status as a beloved and respected figure.

Andrew Rannells has a strong stage presence and captivates audiences with his performances.

When Rannells steps onto the stage, his energy and charisma command the attention of the audience, leaving a lasting impression.

He has made appearances on late-night talk shows like “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

His charm and wit have made him a sought-after guest on popular late-night talk shows, where he engages in entertaining and insightful conversations.

Rannells has provided vocal performances for animated films like “Trolls World Tour”.

In the animated sequel “Trolls World Tour,” Rannells lent his voice to the character of Guy Diamond, showcasing his talent in yet another medium.

He has participated in charity events and fundraisers.

Rannells uses his platform for a good cause, participating in various charity events and fundraisers to make a positive impact on the world.

Andrew Rannells continues to inspire aspiring performers with his talent and success story.

With his incredible talent, dedication, and passion for the arts, Rannells serves as an inspiration to aspiring performers, proving that dreams can be achieved with hard work and determination.


In conclusion, Andrew Rannells is an incredibly talented and versatile actor who has showcased his skills and charisma in various roles throughout his career. From his breakout performance in “The Book of Mormon” to his memorable appearances on television shows like “Girls” and “Black Monday,” Rannells has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.With a captivating stage presence and a knack for bringing complex characters to life, Rannells has garnered a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. His ability to effortlessly transition between comedic and dramatic roles has made him a sought-after talent in both theater and television.Beyond his acting prowess, Rannells is also an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has used his platform to raise awareness and support for the community. His openness about his own experiences has inspired and resonated with many.As Andrew Rannells continues to captivate audiences with his talent and charm, it is clear that he is a rising star with a bright future ahead. We can’t wait to see what incredible performances he has in store for us next.


Q: How old is Andrew Rannells?

A: Andrew Rannells was born on August 23, 1978, making him currently 43 years old.

Q: What is Andrew Rannells’ most famous role?

A: Andrew Rannells gained widespread recognition and critical acclaim for his role as Elder Price in the Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon.”

Q: Has Andrew Rannells won any awards?

A: Yes, Andrew Rannells has received several award nominations and won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album for his role in “The Book of Mormon.”

Q: Has Andrew Rannells appeared in any movies?

A: Yes, Andrew Rannells has appeared in several movies, including “The Intern,” “Bachelorette,” and “The Boys in the Band.

Q: Is Andrew Rannells involved in any philanthropic work?

A: Yes, Andrew Rannells is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has used his platform to raise awareness and support for the community.

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