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Kirk Cousins, the charismatic and talented NFL quarterback, has become a household name in the world of American football. With his impressive performances on the field and his engaging personality off it, Cousins has captivated fans and opponents alike. But beyond his athletic prowess, there are many extraordinary facts about Kirk Cousins that often go unnoticed. From his unique record-breaking achievements to his philanthropic endeavors, there is so much more to discover about this extraordinary athlete. In this article, we will delve into 23 fascinating facts about Kirk Cousins that will not only take you on a journey through his professional career but also provide insight into his personal life. So, buckle up and get ready to learn some surprising and awe-inspiring information about one of the NFL’s brightest stars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kirk Cousins, the NFL quarterback, is not only known for his impressive on-field performances but also for his charity work, family values, and leadership qualities.
  • With a strong work ethic, dedication to his craft, and a fan-favorite personality, Kirk Cousins has made a significant impact both on and off the football field.
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Kirk Cousins was born on August 19, 1988.

Known for his incredible talent and leadership skills, Kirk Cousins burst onto the NFL scene on this day in 1988.

Kirk Cousins played college football at Michigan State University.

Before his professional career, Cousins showcased his skills as the starting quarterback for the Michigan State Spartans.

Kirk Cousins was selected in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Despite being chosen outside of the first round, Cousins proved his worth and went on to have a successful career in the NFL.

Kirk Cousins has played for multiple NFL teams.

Throughout his career, Cousins has played for the Washington Football Team and is currently the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

Kirk Cousins is known for his charity work.

Off the field, Cousins has made a positive impact through his philanthropy, supporting various causes and organizations.

Kirk Cousins is a devoted family man.

Cousins prioritizes his family and often speaks about the importance of balancing his career with spending time with his loved ones.

Kirk Cousins is a devout Christian.

His religious faith plays a significant role in his life and has helped shape his values and beliefs.

Kirk Cousins holds an impressive NFL record.

He is the fastest quarterback in NFL history to record 5,000 passing yards, achieving this milestone in just 36 games.

Kirk Cousins has earned several accolades.

His outstanding performances have earned him Pro Bowl selections and nominations for various NFL awards.

Kirk Cousins is known for his work ethic.

He is renowned for his dedication to the game, constantly striving to improve and push himself to new heights.

Kirk Cousins is a skilled golfer.

Off the field, Cousins enjoys spending time on the golf course and has showcased his talent in various charity tournaments.

Kirk Cousins has a strong social media presence.

He actively engages with his fans through platforms like Twitter, providing an inside look into his life and career.

Kirk Cousins is an avid reader.

Cousins has expressed his love for reading and how it helps him gain knowledge and perspective beyond the football field.

Kirk Cousins has a passion for cooking.

He enjoys experimenting with recipes and is often seen sharing his culinary creations on social media.

Kirk Cousins is a mentor to young athletes.

He recognizes the importance of giving back and frequently offers advice and guidance to aspiring football players.

Kirk Cousins is known for his clutch performances.

He has a knack for delivering in pressure-packed situations, often leading his team to victory in critical moments.

Kirk Cousins has a strong arm.

His exceptional throwing ability allows him to make precise and powerful throws on the football field.

Kirk Cousins is involved in community outreach initiatives.

He actively contributes to his local community and is dedicated to making a positive impact beyond the football field.

Kirk Cousins is highly respected by his peers.

His professionalism, leadership qualities, and team-first mentality have earned him the admiration and respect of fellow players.

Kirk Cousins is a team captain.

Leading by example, Cousins has been selected as team captain by his teammates, showcasing his ability to inspire and motivate.

Kirk Cousins is known for his accuracy.

His precise throwing ability allows him to complete passes with exceptional accuracy, placing the ball exactly where it needs to be.

Kirk Cousins is committed to his craft.

He puts in the necessary time and effort to continuously enhance his skills and knowledge of the game.

Kirk Cousins is a fan favorite.

His charisma, talent, and genuine personality have endeared him to football fans across the nation.


In conclusion, Kirk Cousins is undoubtedly an extraordinary NFL quarterback. His talent, work ethic, and determination have helped him achieve great success on and off the field. From his record-breaking performances to his charitable contributions, Cousins has proven to be more than just a football player. Whether it’s his meticulous preparation or his ability to lead his team, there’s no denying that Cousins brings a unique set of skills to the game. As he continues to excel in his career, it’s no surprise that fans and fellow players alike admire and respect him. Kirk Cousins is a living testament to what hard work and dedication can achieve, and his future in the NFL looks exceptionally promising.


1. How many years has Kirk Cousins been playing in the NFL?

Kirk Cousins has been playing in the NFL for 9 years. He was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

2. What are some of Kirk Cousins’ career achievements?

Kirk Cousins has achieved several notable milestones in his career. He has been selected to the Pro Bowl twice (2016, 2019) and has set multiple NFL records, including the highest completion percentage in a single season.

3. Is Kirk Cousins involved in any philanthropic work?

Yes, Kirk Cousins is actively involved in philanthropic work. He established the “Kirk Cousins Foundation,” which supports organizations focusing on youth education and health issues.

4. How does Kirk Cousins prepare for games?

Kirk Cousins is known for his meticulous preparation. He spends countless hours studying game tapes, analyzing opponents’ strategies, and working with his coaches to develop a game plan.

5. What is Kirk Cousins’ current team?

Kirk Cousins currently plays for the Minnesota Vikings. He signed a three-year contract with the team in 2018 and has been their starting quarterback since then.

6. Has Kirk Cousins won any championships?

As of now, Kirk Cousins has not won any championships in the NFL. However, he has had successful seasons and has led his teams to the playoffs multiple times.

Kirk Cousins' extraordinary journey from college standout to NFL star is truly inspiring. Fans of professional football will undoubtedly enjoy exploring more NFL facts and trivia. Cousins' current team, Minnesota Vikings, also boasts a rich history and fascinating details waiting to be discovered. Before his NFL career began, Cousins honed his skills at Michigan State, where countless other interesting stories and tidbits about the university abound.

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