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DeMarcus Cousins, the towering center known for his dominant presence on the basketball court, has captivated fans and pundits alike with his remarkable skills and undeniable talent. From his early days as a high school sensation to his successful career in the NBA, Cousins has left an indelible mark on the world of basketball. But there is more to this larger-than-life figure than meets the eye. In this article, we will delve into 13 astounding facts about DeMarcus Cousins that showcase his journey, achievements, and the fascinating details that have shaped his career. From his impressive statistics to his philanthropic endeavors, prepare to be astounded by the remarkable story of DeMarcus Cousins.

Key Takeaways:

  • DeMarcus Cousins, a towering 6’11” basketball star, overcame injuries and showcased his skills for multiple NBA teams, earning four All-Star selections and a reputation as a versatile and passionate player.
  • Known for his fiery demeanor and philanthropic efforts, DeMarcus Cousins is celebrated for his impressive career statistics and exceptional skills as a center, solidifying his status as an NBA powerhouse.
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DeMarcus Cousins has a towering height of 6 feet 11 inches.

Standing tall at 6 feet 11 inches, DeMarcus Cousins commands a powerful presence on the basketball court.

Cousins was born on August 13, 1990, in Mobile, Alabama.

DeMarcus Cousins, born on August 13, 1990, hails from the vibrant city of Mobile, Alabama.

He was a dominant force in college basketball.

During his time at the University of Kentucky, Cousins showcased his exceptional skills and led the Wildcats to a successful season.

DeMarcus Cousins was drafted fifth overall in the 2010 NBA Draft.

In 2010, the Sacramento Kings selected Cousins as the fifth overall pick in the NBA Draft, recognizing his immense potential.

He is a four-time NBA All-Star.

Cousins’ outstanding performances have earned him the honor of being selected to the NBA All-Star Game four times.

DeMarcus Cousins is known for his versatility on the court.

With his ability to score inside and outside the paint, rebound, and defend, Cousins is a multi-dimensional player.

Cousins has represented the United States in international basketball competitions.

DeMarcus Cousins proudly donned the USA jersey and competed in prestigious tournaments such as the Olympic Games and the FIBA World Cup.

He has overcome various injuries throughout his career.

Cousins has faced numerous challenges with injuries but has shown resilience and determination in his journey to recovery.

DeMarcus Cousins has a philanthropic side.

Beyond basketball, Cousins actively participates in charitable initiatives, supporting communities and organizations in need.

Cousins has played for multiple NBA teams.

Throughout his career, Cousins has showcased his skills for teams including the Sacramento Kings, New Orleans Pelicans, Golden State Warriors, and Houston Rockets.

He is known for his passionate and sometimes fiery demeanor on the court.

Cousins’ intensity on the court is evident in his animated displays of emotion, which often fuels his competitive drive.

DeMarcus Cousins has achieved impressive career statistics.

From points scored to rebounds collected, Cousins’ career statistics place him among the elite players in the NBA.

He is considered one of the most skilled centers in the NBA.

Cousins’ exceptional skill set as a center has earned him recognition as one of the most talented players in his position in the league.


DeMarcus Cousins is without a doubt one of the most talented and remarkable personalities in the world of professional basketball. His journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the best centers in the NBA is truly inspiring. With a unique blend of size, skill, and agility, Cousins has consistently amazed fans with his astounding performances on the court.

Throughout his career, Cousins has achieved numerous milestones and left a lasting impact on the teams he has played for. From his dominant scoring ability to his exceptional rebounding and playmaking skills, he has consistently proved himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Off the court, Cousins has also been involved in various philanthropic endeavors, showing his commitment to giving back to the community. His charismatic and engaging personality has made him a beloved figure among fans and teammates alike.

In conclusion, DeMarcus Cousins is a true basketball superstar, a versatile and formidable player who continues to make waves in the NBA. With his immense talent and dedication, he has etched his name among the legends of the game.


Q: How many NBA All-Star appearances does DeMarcus Cousins have?

A: DeMarcus Cousins has been selected for the NBA All-Star game four times in his career.

Q: Has DeMarcus Cousins won any NBA championships?

A: As of now, Cousins has not won an NBA championship. However, he has had successful playoff runs with various teams.

Q: What teams has DeMarcus Cousins played for?

A: DeMarcus Cousins has played for the Sacramento Kings, the New Orleans Pelicans, the Golden State Warriors, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Q: Has DeMarcus Cousins faced any significant injuries throughout his career?

A: Unfortunately, Cousins has endured several injuries, including an Achilles tendon tear and a torn quadriceps muscle, which have limited his playing time in recent seasons.

Q: Is DeMarcus Cousins known for his versatility on the court?

A: Yes, DeMarcus Cousins is highly regarded for his versatility. He possesses the ability to score from inside and outside, rebound effectively, and distribute the ball with ease.

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